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What's the Fastest Way to Send Money to Pakistan from Europe?

Quickest Method for Remit Funds from Europe to Pakistan

20 Jan 2023

Are you one of the 9 million Pakistanis living abroad who are struggling to find the best way to send money home? Remittances remain a lifeline for millions of households in Pakistan as they manage to live with the help of every money transfer to Pakistan made by their loved ones working abroad. Several factors impact a global money transfer where speed, security, and costs are the key concerns for every expat customer.

The market has become more innovative and competitive as a result of the growth of digital technologies and fintech alliances. When picking a money transfer firm in the past, there were limited choices accessible, but today, many money transfer organisations offer a wide range of services to meet all demands. Contemporary digital remittance providers have greatly boosted the remittance volumes to Pakistan. The fastest method of sending money to Pakistan from Europe is described here. 

Best Ways to Send Money to Pakistan

The answer to “what is the best way to send money to Pakistan” entails several factors that you must consider. Here are a few commonly used methods to help you decide the best method to fulfil your money transfer needs.

Bank Transfers

The most frequent way to access financial services in Pakistan is through standard bank transfers. Before transferring into their accounts, consumers fill out papers at banks. This method is preferred in Pakistan since it is regarded as the safest.

Additionally, users can make bank transfers online by logging into their online banking account and completing the required documents. The recipient's name, bank branch name, and account number are typically all required.

They can then click send, verify their information, and wait for the transaction to close. Usually, bank transfers take place between customers of the same bank. This is not a practical or simple way to send money internationally.

Wire Transfers 

A wire transfer is an illustration of an electronic payment transfer. A SWIFT code is often utilised when sending a standard wire transfer from one bank to the other. This technique of money transfer is also regarded as the safest. Customers in Pakistan have access to wire transfers through several banks.

In comparison to bank transfers, wire transfers are more expensive. A wire transfer typically takes one to five business days to complete. You can do it offline or online, just like a bank transfer. All that is needed is the recipient's banking details and enough money in your bank account to meet the sending fees and the value you desire to send. If you need a cost-effective yet safest and quick method to transfer funds, send money to Pakistan online via ACE Money Transfer, which is trusted by millions of overseas Pakistanis.

Online Money Transfers through Mobile Apps 

The most effective way to transmit digital currency is determined by various elements, including cost, speed of transfer, and interoperability. The best way to send money online to Pakistan from Canada, the UK, Europe, Switzerland, and Australia is by using the ACE Money Transfer mobile app. It stands out from the competitors' thanks to its wide, versatile, safe, and user-friendly money transfer capabilities. Both iOS and Android cell phones can download the app.

Payment Options in Pakistan 

ACE Money Transfer provides comfort to expats and overseas Pakistani workers from various countries, including Canada, the UK, Europe, Switzerland, and Australia, to meet their financial requirements. 

Using the sophisticated financial services of ACE Money Transfer, expats can easily send money to Pakistan for various recipient payment choices. Check out the payment choices that ACE Money Transfer provides for Pakistan:

Cash Pickup

Any branch of Pakistan's major commercial banks offers immediate money collection to receivers. Here’s a list of banks where your recipients can pick up the cash:

  • Habib Bank Limited 
  • Bank Alfalah 
  • Allied Bank Limited 
  • JS Bank 
  • Faysal Bank Limited
  • Bank AL Habib 
  • Muslim Commercial Bank 
  • United Bank Limited 
  • The Bank of Punjab 
  • Meezan Bank 
  • National Bank of Pakistan 

Bank Transfer

Pakistani expatriates can use ACE Money Transfer's remittance services to send money back home with the best exchange rates available on the web market and the cheapest transaction costs. Additionally, if the initial transfer is for more than GBP 85 or its equivalent, there are no fees required. So, you can quickly make an economical online money transfer to Pakistan into your beneficiary’s bank account whenever needed.

Bill Payments

Whether you're sitting on your couch or travelling, you can pay your utility bills halfway around the world! ACE Money Transfer offers the most effective electricity bill payment services internationally from Pakistan. We guarantee the fastest and most efficient banking services without compromising your comfort.

Air-Time Top-Up

Top up any mobile phone network service provider offered in Pakistan with some taps within a few seconds. Utilise the most dependable services for Pakistan from abroad to manage your cell top-ups.

Why Choose ACE Money Transfer?

When choosing a money transfer firm, taking into account hidden fees, exchange rate volatility, and customer support is the most reliable option. The easiest way to send money instantly, securely, and affordably to Pakistan from abroad is through ACE Money Transfer, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.

Thanks to our powerful, inventive, and sophisticated application, you can transfer money quickly, easily, and pleasantly. By using ACE's remittance solutions to send money to Pakistan online, you get the quickest, most affordable, and safest transactions possible, giving you complete peace of mind. So, to send money to Pakistan instantaneously using ACE Money Transfer, download the app right away or register on the website.


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