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What is Smart Access and How to Toggle It in the ACE Mobile App?

18 Apr 2024

Are you tired of repeatedly logging in using your password and email when you open the ACE mobile app? In the fast-paced world, everyone needs their banking apps available at all times to send money online with just a tap. The ACE Mobile App has developed a “Smart Access” feature for convenience. This feature allows users to access their accounts securely without repetitive logins and provides a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

You can enjoy the convenience of quick and secure banking by toggling Smart Access in the ACE Mobile App. This article will lay out steps for toggling Smart Access in the ACE Mobile App, empowering you to take full advantage of this time-saving feature! 

What is Smart Access, and How Can You Benefit From This Feature? 

The ACE Mobile App's Smart Access feature is designed to eliminate repetitive email and password entries. Once toggled, users can swiftly log in using a fingerprint or 4-digit PIN on their devices. Here are some of the benefits of toggling this smart feature:   

Ease of Access

With Smart Access, you don’t have to go through the hassle of repeatedly entering your email and password. This feature simplifies access, offering a convenient login experience for users.

Moreover, it streamlines the process, making banking tasks more efficient and user-friendly. With Smart Access enabled in the ACE Mobile App, you can effortlessly make global money transfers.  


The ACE Mobile App offers convenient access by eliminating the need to enter your email and password details repeatedly. Smart Access lets you easily and securely access your accounts anytime, anywhere. This way, you can also have more convenient and user-friendly banking transactions. 

Enhanced Security 

Smart Access offers enhanced security and reduces the risk of unauthorized access. This feature also strengthens the protection of your bank accounts. This way, you can have a more secure and trustworthy banking experience.

With Smart Access, you can have peace of mind knowing that your personal and financial information is safeguarded during every login.  

How do you toggle Smart Access in ACE mobile app?

Toggling Smart Access in the ACE Mobile App is simple and convenient. Here’s the step-by-step process for enabling Smart Access and unlocking a streamlined and secure login method.  

Step 01: Logging into Your ACE Account 

To begin, open the ACE Mobile App on your device and log in to your account using your existing credentials.

Step 02: Navigate to Settings 

Next, locate the menu icon in the screen's bottom left corner. Tap on it to access the app's main menu. ACE Mobile App's user-friendly interface makes managing finances easier.

Step 03: Accessing Smart Access Settings 

From the main menu, scroll down until you find the "Settings" tab. Tap on it to access the settings section.

Step 04: Enabling Smart Access 

In the settings, locate the "Smart Access" option and toggle it to enable this feature. You have successfully enabled Smart Access in the ACE Mobile App to streamline your login experience.


Here’s a video tutorial on: How to Toggle Smart Access in the ACE Mobile App.


Following these simple steps, users can enable Smart Access and choose their preferred authentication method, utilizing a fingerprint or a 4-digit PIN. This streamlined approach enhances security and convenience. 

Troubleshooting Smart Access Feature in the ACE Mobile App

If you encounter a problem toggling the Smart Access feature in the ACE Mobile App, follow the following straightforward troubleshooting steps. 

Update the App for Seamless Functionality

One method to address issues with the Smart Access feature not toggling is updating the ACE Mobile App to the latest version. You can visit the Google Play Store or App Store to update the app manually.

This step will ensure the app has the most recent version and bug fixes. Once updated, it can resolve any difficulties related to the Smart Access feature, and you can easily make online money transfers swiftly.

Consult Customer Care for Expert Support

If updating the app does not resolve the issue, consulting ACE Mobile App's customer care is the next step. Their expert support can provide personalized assistance and address any underlying technical issues preventing the successful toggling of the Smart Access feature.

By contacting customer care via helpline or email, you will receive detailed guidance on how to resolve the matter swiftly. This way, ACE will ensure a seamless and secure user experience.

ACE Mobile App – Most Secure Money Transfer App

ACE stands out as a top choice due to user feedback and reliability, making it a preferred solution for expats. ACE Money Transfer also excels in providing efficient and secure services for expat workers seeking to send funds internationally. Here are three reasons why you should have the ACE Mobile App.

Efficient Money Management And Tracking

With the ACE Money Transfer app, you can conveniently manage and monitor all transactions. You can also track your instant online money transfer to multiple recipients efficiently. Additionally, the app allows automatic payments to be set up, ensuring timely bill settlements for added ease of use. 

Cheaper Transfers

ACE Money Transfer's mobile app offers varying transfer costs across platforms, generally lower than traditional methods. Additionally, ACE presents transparent real-time exchange rates without hidden charges, ensuring cost efficiency and transparency for users.  

Secure and Convenient Banking

ACE Mobile App ensures secure online money transfers through frequent bug fixes and encrypted transactions. ACE also adheres to stringent security measures, carefully encrypting user data and maintaining confidentiality across all transactions.   

The Most Convenient Mobile App for Online Banking

The enhanced ACE Mobile App introduces Smart Access, optimizing the user experience for swift and secure access. By streamlining the login process, the app significantly reduces time spent on traditional methods and offers improved loading times and seamless navigation.

Additionally, the app offers enhanced financial control features, such as account management, budgeting, and savings, all while prioritizing user-friendly interfaces and robust security measures.

The ACE Mobile App, with its Smart Access feature, represents a convenient and contemporary solution for global money transfer service online. This app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store, empowering users to manage their financial tasks efficiently.  


What is Smart Access in the ACE Mobile App?

Smart Access in the ACE Mobile App allows quick logins using a fingerprint or 4-digit PIN and streamlines the login process for enhanced convenience and security.

How does Smart Access enhance the user experience?

Smart Access streamlines the login process, offering quick and convenient access using a fingerprint or 4-digit PIN. Thus, it improves efficiency and provides a more seamless user experience in the ACE Mobile App.

What are the security measures associated with Smart Access?

Smart Access includes frequent bug fixes and encrypted transactions. This enhances security and ensures the protection of user data during logins and transactions in the ACE Mobile App.

Can Smart Access be customized to suit individual preferences?

Yes, Smart Access can be customized to use a fingerprint or a 4-digit PIN, allowing users to choose their preferred authentication method for a personalized login experience in the ACE Mobile App.

Are there any additional fees for enabling Smart Access in the app?

There are no additional fees for enabling Smart Access in the ACE Mobile App, making it a convenient and cost-effective feature for users to streamline their login process securely.


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