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Unlimited Fee-Free Remittances to the Philippines from Germany by ACE Money Transfer

Unlimited Fee-Free Remittances to the Philippines from Germany by ACE Money Transfer

30 Nov 2023

Are you eager to discover the key to sending money to Philippines from Germany without worrying about hefty fees? Fortunately for you, ACE Money Transfer has a thrilling solution that is going to brighten your day! With the help of ACE Money Transfer, we'll share the keys to limitless fee-free transfers from Germany to the Philippines in this post. So read on to find out how ACE Money Transfer can help you save big when sending money to your loved ones abroad!

The Importance of Remittances

The importance of Remittance is evident to an expat who frequently sends money back home to support their loved ones. 

Supporting Loved Ones from Afar

In particular, remittances from Germany to the Philippines are a lifeline for families separated by continents. Filipinos working abroad make sacrifices to provide a better life for their loved ones, funding necessities such as education and health care. Sending money is a gesture of love and support that transcends borders and offers hope and opportunity. Cash transfers play a vital role in making this support available and affordable, connecting families for miles.

Economic Impact on the Philippines

Remittances have a profound impact on the Philippines, especially when you send money to Philippines online from Germany. As a top global recipient of these funds, they provide a steady influx of foreign exchange, ensuring currency stability. These contributions extend to poverty reduction, primarily in rural areas, improving living standards and fostering opportunities.

Education is prioritized by creating a skilled workforce for long-term economic growth. Remittances also strengthen local economies, stimulate demand, and support small businesses. In times of crisis, they are an important financial lifeline for affected families.

The Challenges of Sending Money Abroad

Here are some of the challenges that usually expats face while sending money abroad: 


High Transfer Fees

One of the main challenges when sending money from Germany to the Philippines is the high transfer fees. Traditional banking and money transfer services can charge high fees for the money going to your loved ones. That amount can be a major concern for those who want to give them more subsidies.

Exchange Rate Margins

Another challenge when it comes to making money transfers from Germany to Philippines is dealing with exchange rate margins. When you send money abroad, banks typically use unfavorable exchange rates, ensuring that they receive a currency conversion rate. This makes them earn fewer pesos than their loved ones in the Philippines, necessitating expensive services.

Lengthy Transaction Times

Many traditional remittance methods involve long transaction times. This can be especially frustrating in situations where your family is in urgent need of financial assistance. Waiting a few days for money to arrive is not ideal when emergencies are needed. To meet this challenge, speed and efficiency in shipping are essential.

ACE Money Transfer's Fee-Free Solution

ACE Money Transfer ACE Advantage stands out by offering benefits that redefine the way money is transferred from Germany to the Philippines. With ACE, you get a quick, convenient, and cost-effective transfer.

The ACE Advantage

ACE Advantage includes an easy-to-use mobile online platform that simplifies transactions, ensuring you can send money anytime, anywhere. ACE also stands out for its stable exchange rates, allowing you to maximize your potential income for your family in the Philippines.

Unlimited Fee-Free Remittances

For selected countries in Q4-2023, ACE Money Transfer has introduced an unprecedented offer: unlimited fee-free remittances. For Germany to Philippines money transfer and other fee-free transfers, this groundbreaking initiative runs from October to December and is specific to particular sending countries for each recipient country benefiting from this zero-fee promotion.

This means that for a limited time, you can send money to your loved ones in the Philippines without any transfer fees. This unique opportunity removes the financial burden often associated with remittances, allowing you to send more help to your family back home.

How to Send Money to the Philippines from Germany with ACE

Here is an easy and convenient how-to guide to ways you can send money to the Philippines from Germany with ACE Money Transfer: 


Setting up Your ACE Account

To get started with ACE Money Transfer, setting up your account is a breeze. Simply visit the ACE website or download the mobile app to complete the simple registration process and verify your identity. Your ACE account will be ready to send money in minutes.

Initiating a Transfer

Sending money via ACE is easy and efficient. Once you have set up your account, log in, enter your recipient’s details, and specify the transfer amount. Check exchange rates and any fees. Then, confirm the transaction. Your money will go to the Philippines immediately.

Tracking Your Transfer

ACE Money Transfer lets you know. You can easily track your transfers online or on a mobile app. Real-time updates let you know when money has been sent, received and is ready to be picked up by the recipient in the Philippines.

Receiving Funds in the Philippines

Receiving funds in the Philippines is no problem. Depending on the option you choose during the transfer, your loved ones can collect funds at various local partner locations or banks. It’s a smooth process that allows your family to get the help they need quickly and easily.


ACE Money Transfer emerges as a game-changer to send money online to Philippines from Germany. With ACE Advantage, its efficient online platform, and competitive exchange rates, your transactions are affordable and convenient. The limited duty-free shipping offer for selected countries between Q4-2023 is a fantastic opportunity to send more support to your loved ones. ACE’s commitment to transparency and security ensures your peace of mind throughout the process.

Ready to send money to the Philippines with ACE? Experience secure, fee-free, and swift transfers - a better way to support your loved ones. Join ACE Money Transfer today!


How can I check the exchange rate for my ACE Money Transfer transaction?

It's easy to check exchange rates by visiting your ACE Money Transfer website or using the mobile app. Pricing is updated in real-time, ensuring that your transactions are transparent.

How long does it typically take for the funds to reach the Philippines using ACE?

The time spent for your transfer varies depending on many factors, including client location and method. Transfers can be nearly immediate, but it's always a good idea to check expected delivery times when you're working.

Are there any additional fees that might apply to my ACE Money Transfer?

Although ACE Money Transfer offers tax-free transfers to selected countries for the specified period, certain countries or destinations may have specific terms and conditions, and it is advisable to review the policy of the fund at the beginning of the transfer.

What are the acceptable forms of payment for ACE Money Transfer transactions?

ACE Money Transfer typically accepts a variety of payment methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and more. Payment options may vary depending on your location.

Is my personal and financial information safe with ACE Money Transfer?

Yes, ACE Money Transfer puts the security and privacy of your information first. Comprehensive encryption and security measures are used to protect your data throughout the transaction, ensuring that it remains private and secure.


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