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Travel Health Hacks: Staying Fit and Well after Moving to the UK from the Gambia

Travel Health Hacks: Staying Fit and Well after Moving to the UK from the Gambia

19 Oct 2023

While your aim for your big move to the UK might be to send money to the Gambia from the UK for your loved ones awaiting your financial support, never ignore your health. You can only achieve your ultimate goal if you keep that body nourished and running. This blog explores in detail how you can take care of your health in the UK as a Gambian expat.

Tips to Maintain Your Health on Your Foreign Experience

Use a Bike to Travel

Using bikes as your primary mode of transportation, as the Europeans do, is one of the best methods to stay healthy when living abroad. Even while the distances between your home and your workplace may prevent you from frequently riding to work, doing so to get to your office or the town centre is a great way to get some exercise and get to know your surroundings better.

Consume a Lot of Water

If you stay well hydrated, adjusting to a new country might be easier for your health as water boosts productivity. The amount of water your body requires to function optimally might differ greatly depending on altitude and temperature, so pay attention to your body's signals and sip on water anytime you feel thirsty.

Although opinions on how much water you should consume each day vary, eight 8-ounce glasses (2 litres) are typically advised.

Limit Your Social Media Time

Even while it's crucial to stay in touch with friends and family back home, it may seem challenging to restrict your usage of social media. Spending hours scrolling through your social media page to get updates from friends and family is never a good idea.

Try to limit your use of social media to avoid developing a persistent dread of missing out. You can set your guidelines, such as setting a daily time limit for looking through your feed. You can do so much more than just scroll through social media, like explore your neighbourhood and meet new people. If you wish to connect with family back home, try making a money transfer to Gambia from the UK with ACE. Learn more about affordable money transfers to Gambia here.

Bring the Right Medicines

It is very common to forget about medications when moving. You are being reminded to avoid making this mistake. There are probably effective treatments in your host nation as well, but it can be difficult to locate the proper medication there, especially if there are any potential language problems. Even if you decide to get medications from your host country, obtaining a substitute prescription takes longer than anticipated. Hence, it is advisable to bring enough medication that will last you several months.

Get Immunised Against Local Illnesses

To ensure you acquire the appropriate vaccinations and drugs for such diseases, research before relocating to learn about any recent outbreaks or common diseases. You can use any healthcare provider lookup tool to locate the closest hospital as soon as you begin to exhibit any typical disease symptoms.

Get a Global Health Plan

Purchasing an international health insurance plan has financial advantages for expats who live overseas. It provides important components of a comprehensive health and wellness plan. Being an expatriate in a new country is difficult enough; adding the possibility of being without proper health insurance adds another layer of difficulty.

You can strengthen and preserve your health while travelling if your health is properly insured. Most health insurance policies include the following essential components:

  • Regular physicals for adults
  • Cancer detection
  • Bone thickness tests
  • Talking to a doctor, nurse, or even a wellness coach via telehealth
  • Programme for mental health support
  • Programme for Life Management support

Exercise More

We are frequently informed that gardening and cleaning will help us meet our weekly fitness goals, but is it that easy? The measure is you're getting generally sweaty, out of breath, and working at a level where, if you have a conversation while doing it, you're puffing a little. You would need to be doing more than just weeding during gardening, such as digging, to achieve that.

Keep in Touch with Family and Friends

Making friends with other expats might help you integrate into your new community by joining a sports team or studying the language. Many cities feature both physical and online expat community groups if you're also trying to network with expats.

While you might feel the desire to socialise with the locals, you'll also come to understand how crucial it is to maintain relationships with fellow expats. They can also better comprehend your circumstances and, if necessary, offer you emotional support. Additionally, stay connected with your loved ones back home by making a monthly money transfer to the Gambia from the UK.

The National Healthcare System of the UK

The national health system in the UK is very well known. It is unique compared to the systems in many other nations and serves as a model for many more. Additionally, the services it offers are different for its residents, expats, and foreign nationals who reside in the UK. However, due to the lengthy wait times, more and more locals and expats are switching to private healthcare, and you might want to do the same. Here are the pros and cons of the national healthcare system in detail

Pros of the UK National Healthcare System

The United Kingdom's healthcare system came in at number ten overall on the World Index of Health Innovation for 2021, indicating that it offers a high standard of treatment by international standards. Visitors to the UK and expats will observe that the NHS is a reputable public institution. It was voted first on a list of things that make people glad to be British in a 2013 survey. With an emphasis on community health and online treatment options, the NHS is constantly looking for ways to improve its offerings.

Each region of the United Kingdom has its health care expenses standardised by the NHS. Many things are free, including hospital patients' prescription medications. The NHS heavily finances other healthcare products like leg braces.

Cons of the UK Healthcare System

The NHS is under strain and not performing as well as it did in the past. Long wait times are common in both emergency rooms and offices with booked appointments in the NHS. These wait times are longer than ever due to current pressures on the NHS, including reduced budget and a lack of staff. There are longer wait times for specialist referrals.

The health of the patients may be impacted by these wait durations. In cases when cancer is suspected, 26% of patients wait longer than 6 weeks for a diagnostic test, and many wait longer than 13 weeks. 39% of cancer patients do not receive their initial treatment within two years. Additionally, expats will have to pay an additional fee as compared to locals to get access to the healthcare plan.

Wrap Up

Always follow these tips and get good health insurance to maintain your health so that you can keep working the way you do. Keep in mind that ACE Money Transfer provides the best remittance solutions for Gambian expats in the UK through fast, secure, and affordable money transfers. Sign up on ACE today to enjoy a free money transfer to the Gambia from the UK.


Q: How can I stay healthy in the UK's different climate?

Dress in layers to adapt to changing weather and consume vitamin D supplements during the darker months.

Q: How can I avoid getting sick from the UK's tap water?

UK tap water is generally safe. However, you can use a water filter or opt for bottled water.

Q: What foods should I try or avoid for a healthy diet in the UK?

Try to consume more local produce like fish, oats, and fresh vegetables and limit processed foods and sugary drinks.

Q: How do I find a doctor in the UK as a Gambian expat?

Register with a local GP (General Practitioner) for an appointment for your health-related issue.

Q: Are there any specific health challenges I should be aware of when moving to the UK?

Be mindful of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) due to limited daylight hours, and consider mental health support if needed.

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