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Top Subscriptions that Nepalese Expats Must Have in Australia in 2024

28 May 2024

Are you a Nepalese expat making a new life Down Under? Worry not; we have got your back. This blog will walk you through the 11 must-have subscriptions specifically designed for Nepalese expats living in the year 2024. From offering cultural and social integration to legal and healthcare services, these subscriptions can allow you to connect with your loved ones through money transfers from Australia to Nepal. They can be a great source of smoother and enjoyable transitions in a foreign land. 

1. Nepali Language and Culture Classes

Staying connected to your native culture and language is essential. You can always subscribe to Nepali culture and language through physical classrooms or virtual sessions. These classes can help you integrate into the community by becoming fluent in their culture and language. It offers deeper insights into Nepal's culture, tradition, and historical roots. Such settings come with many opportunities for community-building with fellow expats in Nepal, promoting a supportive community away from home.

2. Nepalese Food Delivery Services

Feeling homesick and missing your favorite dish your mom just made? You can always satisfy your Nepalese taste buds by subscribing to the food delivery services in Australia offering Nepalese cuisine. You can enjoy mouth-watering dishes, whether home-cooked or restaurant-served items on their menu. Having optimum service delivery, the majority of Australian restaurants offer delicious cuisine to savor your Nepalese cravings. You can always indulge in delicious momes, sel roti or dal bhat.

3. Nepali Television and Entertainment Channels

Staying updated with the latest news, entertainment and shows is essential. Thus, you can always subscribe to their media channels through paid services and access the whole collection of Nepalese movies and series. You can also join special media groups to network. It helps curb your homesickness and makes you feel at home.

4. Nepalese Community Organizations

Joining Nepalese community organizations and associations in Australia is an excellent way to network, socialize, and access resources tailored to your needs as an expat. You need to attend community events in Nepal, take the initiative to socialize, and make significant contributions to your Nepalese diaspora, longing to have meaningful connections with you. Beginning from volunteer opportunities and cultural festivals to social responsibility. These events are a great source to offer a sense of belonging in the foreign land.

5. Online Money Transfer Services

Staying in a foreign country does not imply you cannot offer support to your loved ones, who are desperately awaiting your assistance. Efficient money transfer is a lifeline for many expats who want to send money online to Nepal from Australia with immense convenience at their fingertips. If you wish to pay utility bills for your family, buy assets in your home country or offer financial help to your loved ones, online money transfers offer great help. It is important to seek methods through which you can offer competitive exchange rates and faster transactions to make sure your money lands in safer hands. 

6. Health Insurance Coverage 

Having prompt access to quality healthcare services is what most of the expats are looking for. Cost-effective healthcare packages in Australia offer immense medical coverage, promising that your health is being cared for. Looking for insurance providers to offer premiums to economical medical facilities for Nepalese expats is advisable. It is essential to seek insurance providers' services, including hospitalization, specialist consultations and medical treatments. 

7. Language Translation Services 

You might sometimes feel overwhelmed when connecting with native Australians due to dialect, background, slang, and vocabulary differences. A subscription to language translation services, whether it is through online platforms or applications, can help bridge the communication gaps. It can assist in daily interactions. From doing the grocery items on your list to translating the documents, all the services offer invaluable support for the expats who want to penetrate native life. 

8. Cultural Exchange Programme

Cultural diversity helps broaden your horizon by fostering a deeper understanding of culture. Thus, it is imperative to subscribe to cultural exchange programs which can help facilitate community interactions. Cultural workshops, exchange meetups and international festivals offer immense opportunities to appreciate the country's cultural heritage.

9. Legal Assistance in Australia 

Knowing the legal landscape of the host country is essential to safeguard the rights and interests of a Nepalese expat. The legal service subscription offers access to support from legal professionals regarding legal domains such as immigration laws, personal legal issues and employment contracts. Ensure you have direct access to reputable legal professionals specializing in your domains. They can offer you immediate guidance regarding any legal matter with ultimate confidence.

10. Mental Health Support Resources 

Settling in a new country can be challenging, especially considering the fewer physical interactions with your family. This includes online counseling services, mental health issues, support groups and mindfulness applications. All these services help you deal with stress, anxiety and homesickness. They help you seek help from confidential and culturally sensitive resources. They help stabilize your mental health.

By including these additional memberships in your expat routine, you could enhance the quality of your life, integration into Australian society, and ability to face the hurdles of living abroad with assurance and resilience. Moreover, you have the convenience to seamlessly send money to Nepal from Australia to cure your homesickness. 


What is the best way to send money online from Nepal to Australia? 

You can easily make money transfers from Nepal to Australia using different international money transfer services. These platforms offer low fees, exchange rates and fastest transfer times. These help in efficient and secure transactions.

Can I access Nepali language and culture classes in Australia?

Yes, many communities and educational institutions in Australia offer Nepali language and culture classes for expats and enthusiasts. Consider enrolling in these classes to maintain fluency in your native language and deepen your cultural connection.

Are there Nepalese food delivery services available in Australia?

Yes, several Nepalese food delivery services operate in Australia and offer a wide range of authentic Nepali dishes and ingredients. Explore these options to enjoy your favorite Nepali cuisine from the comfort of your home.

Are online money transfer services safe for sending remittances from Australia to Nepal?

Yes, reputable online money transfer services to make online money transfers from Australia to Nepal utilize advanced encryption and security measures to ensure the safety and security of your transactions. Additionally, they offer reliable transfer options and efficient customer support for peace of mind.

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