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Top Foods for Expatriates in Canada - A Brief Guide

Top Foods for Expatriates in Canada - A Brief Guide

20 Dec 2022

Isn’t it amazing to know that Canada is home to more than 8.3 million non-natives? Millions of people's childhood dreams include living in Canada or visiting it once. When visiting Canada, expatriates can enjoy the cultural diversity and better opportunities for education or career abroad. Those who work and earn in Canada typically want to send money to their loved ones back home for financial support. Being engulfed in local cuisine that is perfect for your taste buds can make a positive difference in your expat life in Canada.

Given that many people are curious about Canadian food, ACE Money Transfer has created a list of the finest Canadian cuisines for you to experience their deliciousness.

Top Local Cuisine for Expatriates in Canada

Travellers, visitors or expatriates have the same question when landing in the symbolic maple leaf country. What is the national food of Canada?

Find below the top foods that you can enjoy in Canada.


Poutine is the most well-known Canadian food, consisting of gravy, crispy fries, and cheese curds. Following its popularity, many variants of the dish emerged. Poutine with bacon, smoked meat, and other ingredients is now available. However, the most delectable one for us is a classic. Although it is available in other nations, it cannot be compared to a local one.

Butter Tarts

Famous Butter Tarts are one of the delicacies of Canada's national cuisine. The combination of sugar, egg, and butter produces a delicious flavour. When you put it in your mouth, it will melt and transport you to heaven. Aside from the traditional flavour, you may experiment with different ingredients to make it even tastier. People typically top Butter Tarts with pecans, maple syrup, or walnuts. Our favourite pick is pecans on butter tart. It’s as if the best remittance company provides you with the cheapest way to transfer money internationally.

Split Pea Soup

Winters in Canada are extreme and stay more than half a year. This is why Canadians love split pea soup and savour it during winter. Just as we all want a hot, excellent cup of soup throughout the winter, split pea soup is that one delight for Canadians. Split Pea Soup is precisely what we require. This delectable supper is thanks to the Quebecois. The soup's primary ingredients include herbs, pork, and peas. The soup is particularly healthful due to the components utilised. You'll know when you see it.


Salmon is, without a doubt, one of Canada's most popular foods. Locals enjoy them in various ways, including sliced into slices, roasted, and fresh. Furthermore, salmon caviar is quite popular. Salmon feasts may be found all around the nation, but the most renowned are in the Bay of Fundy. Smoked fish is popular in this area. Salmon should be tried in a variety of ways so that you may find the perfect cook for yourself. As you conquer your quest to find the right Salmon, you can make your weekend dinners perfect with the tastiest food.

As an expatriate in Canada, it’s perfect to learn about the variety of foods available. But do you know that you also have various options to send money from Canada? As choosing the best foods among several dishes becomes difficult, finding the right remittance provider might also be challenging. But you need not worry! An online money transfer to your loved ones from Canada via ACE Money Transfer is always recommended, considering the lowest transfer fees, the highest exchange rates, speed, and security of transfers, making the firm stand out from the rest.

Nanaimo Bars

It is a no-bake tri-layered bar. Those layers may not be sufficient on their own, but combined, they are fantastic. The Nanaimo bar takes its name from the city of Nanaimo, which is located in British Columbia. Despite its origins, it has become an inseparable element of Canadian cuisine. It altered a lot throughout the years, like most of the other dinners on our list. You can discover several sorts depending on the place you dine at. For example, putting a mint on top of a bar is currently very common. It injects new life and innovation into Nanaimo's bars.

Calgary Beef

In Canada, a broad spectrum of individuals acknowledges that meat tastes different. There are several explanations for this. The most convincing explanation, of course, is geographical factors. Differences are also caused by what the animals eat. Westerners, for example, feed their cattle mostly with barley. Cows in Ontario, on the other hand, eat mostly maise. Calgary is another meat-producing location. It tastes like a hamburger, whether grilled or blended with salad and chips. Whatever variety you choose, you will fall in love with Canada's national dish.


It is clear from the name that Touetiere is the legacy of French colonialism. It is a meat pie composed of bread that has been stuffed with meat. It originated in Quebec as Split Pea Soup. It used to be a special occasion dish, but it is now an integral component of the regular diet and can be found throughout the country. Visitors, in addition to residents, rate Tourtiere as one of their favourite dinners. Just as Canada possesses services for sending money at every corner, visitors can enjoy Tourtiere anywhere in Canada.

Nova Scotia’s Lobster Rolls

Canadians rely heavily on seafood. This is logical because Canada is one of the richest countries in terms of seafood. In this regard, each shore of the country is prosperous. You will sample some of the greatest local seafood in Nova Scotia. This region's Lobster Rolls are well-known across the country, and the popularity of this dish has spread beyond its borders. Undoubtedly, many expatriates will add it to their list of meals to try after reading our Canadian cuisine guide.

But don’t you think this food journey might require loads of funds? Don’t worry because we have got you covered!

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