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Top Fields With the Most Employment Opportunities Abroad for Nepalese in 2023

Top Fields With the Most Employment Opportunities Abroad for Nepalese in 2023

13 May 2023

Many people are drawn to the thought of working overseas. Especially for third-world countries like Nepal, with a high unemployment rate. Nepalese tend to settle abroad, seeking better employment opportunities allowing them to send money to Nepal, where their loved ones are residing. 


Finding a job abroad promises the chance to travel, learn new things, and interact with new people. As you hunt for employment overseas, several considerations need to be made.

Using professional connections, you have established through your education or present workplace is crucial to getting an overseas career in the industry you are interested in or already working in. Start networking if you're interested in finding such a position.

As you start applying for the jobs you want, you might find that you already have a solid professional foundation and a list of reliable references. These are some of the top industries for locating employment abroad if you're prepared to start looking.


Top Fields for a Career Overseas


A few fields with high employment opportunities are mentioned below:

Support a Family as an AU Pair


Being an au pair or nanny is another typical career in different countries. Families frequently look for au pairs who are native speakers of another language or fluent English speakers to assist their children in developing desired language abilities. 

Your duties as an au pair will change depending on the unique requirements of the family you work for. Being an au pair can be an excellent fit for you if you like kids. As you become a part of a foreign family's daily life, you'll have the chance to form close relationships with them. There are sometimes extra benefits to being an au pair. 

In addition to your wage, the family will probably pay for most of your living expenses, if not all. This means that when your expenses are getting fulfilled, you can send most of your wages back to your loved ones. This is more appealing for natives of third-world countries like Nepal as its overseas workers can send money to Nepal online, more often raising the living standards of their loved ones.




A network of independent organic farms called World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms accepts workers from abroad. Work on organic farms can be found through WWOOF worldwide, in places including Costa Rica, Australia, Austria, and Israel.

As a volunteer participating in a work exchange, you are a WWOOFer. In exchange for food and lodging, you typically labour on an organic farm for 4-6 hours per day, 5-6 days per week. Planting seeds, growing plants or trees, harvesting crops, making compost, feeding livestock, or repairing/building fences are examples of typical work tasks.

Like-minded people frequently gather at WWOOF, and many participants cite it as a fantastic way to meet new friends and develop deep relationships with people worldwide. Working on a farm also allows you to spend most of the day outside, escaping the office environment for fresh air and sunshine. WWOOF's opportunities to learn about organic living will be especially appealing to those interested in sustainable living.




Another field that appears to have many alternatives for people looking for work abroad is nursing. In jobs of this kind, English proficiency is frequently highly prized; thus, you might be required to take an English aptitude test as part of the application process.


Find out your time commitment before applying for a position because professional nursing opportunities may be provided as full-time employment or shorter-term contracts.

Project Management Jobs


The demand for project management skills is growing; therefore, professionals and job seekers should start honing their skills. In countries with established or developing project-intensive sectors, such as the United States, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom, the demand for project managers is rising quickly.

The global shortage of capable project managers is growing more quickly than anticipated. Over the next ten years, these specialists might earn billions of dollars from national GDP statistics around the globe. As it is a growing sector, job opportunities are readily available. Nepalese can utilise this opportunity to earn a huge amount in no time. Which would consequently increase the global money transfer to Nepal, boosting their economy. 

Yoga Instructor


There are several approaches to introducing yoga to another nation. First and foremost, make sure you have some kind of certification to support you unless you only want to teach casually to friends. You might conduct seminars, work as a freelancer, or instruct yoga in studios, hotels, or resorts.

The least amount of setup will be needed for you to work as a freelancer, but you will still need to promote yourself to your peers and identify venues where you can have regular classes. It is necessary to have at least a basic education degree and linguistic ability to work in a studio or resort.

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Bottom Line!


You may create a new life for yourself abroad if you have a solid plan and the willpower to put everything in place. Furthermore, You'll be able to broaden your horizons and explore new opportunities by working abroad. This may increase your chances of being successful in your line of employment. Whereas, if you're wondering about how to send money to Nepal? Leave that to us, as ACE Money Transfer is one of the most reliable money transfer service providers.


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