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Top 5 Ways to Send Money to India from Abroad

Top 5 Ways to Send Money to India from Abroad

24 Dec 2022

There are several ways to send money to India, ranging from e-transfers to traditional means of payment. It is essential to undergo research to ensure that you make the right decision when transferring funds, it is crucial to undergo research. But before jumping onto the bandwagon of the remittance world, have you ever thought about what international funds are and how significant they are?

International Funds and Their Importance 

Several rules and regulations govern international money transmission. These regulations apply to all remittances to and from India. Because of the large number of Indians travelling abroad, there is a huge need for secure, frictionless, and quick money transfers to India from any worldwide location. What exactly is an inbound remittance? 

In basic words, an inward remittance is a money transfer from abroad to your account in your home country. You can transfer funds to your account yourself, or a third party can do it for you. On the other hand, a money transfer to India is referred to as a foreign inward remittance. 

Here are some helpful methods of sending money to India:

Global Money Order

International money orders are a secure, inexpensive, and quick way to transfer funds, particularly to distant areas of India. It is a safe and planned method of transferring funds. You need not require an account, like online money transfers from Australia to India or anywhere else. The money order might be put straight into the bank account or cashed at numerous check-cashing sites. Money orders can be deposited into your bank account or cashed at various check-cashing outlets.

Information Needed for Money Orders:

To cash the cheques, most will demand identification. It is simple to acquire, and there is no need for a checking account. If the sum is little, it is an excellent method of sending money. If the sum is little, it is an excellent method of transferring funds.

Online Money Transfer Agencies

Digital companies make remittance straightforward and convenient. Transactions are entirely online, and costs are lower than typical wire transfers. For example, an online money transfer to India from Singapore is less expensive and more convenient than physically visiting a bank or using traditional methods. The funds will be sent to the recipient depending on the company’s efficiency. The simplest way for remittance is through digital companies that work relentlessly online. 

Information Needed for Online Money Transfer:

To transfer money to an account in India, you only need an internet connection and local banking services. You will need information such as the account holder's or receiver's name and address, information about the financial institution to which the funds are being sent, and the IBAN or SWIFT code of the receiving bank. This strategy is highly suggested if you transfer cash regularly. You may avoid high banking fees and do the transaction from the comfort of your own home.

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Demand Drafts

A foreign currency check is the most secure way to send money to your recipient. The deposit takes around 21 days to be reimbursed after you make it. You can, however, deposit funds into an NRE Account via a demand draught. Many people still prefer this way over a digital transfer to India. This kind of money transfer can be traced if checks or drafts do not arrive at their destination. They are less expensive but more time demanding.

Information Needed for Demand Drafts:

Any bank will accept bank draughts and cashier's checks. There is a price for these services, and cashing checks in India may take some time. A bank draught is more expensive to purchase than a money order.

Bank or Wire Transfer

It is a digital transfer from one financial firm to another that utilises the SWIFT network. It is one of the most popular, effective, and quick methods to send money to India online. Wire transfers are made through your bank. The bank regulates a fee based on the transferred amount. The bank provides currency exchange rates. One of the most prevalent methods of international remittance is wire transfer. The sender must visit an institution such as a bank or another agency or branch of an agency.

Information Needed for Bank or Wire Transfer: Account number (eight digits) of the account you're paying. A payment reference, usually your name or customer number, indicates that the funds came from you. Sometimes you'll need to know the name and address of the bank to which you're sending money. This allows them to ensure that the sort code is correct.

PC – Personal Check

Another alternative is to send a cheque in foreign currency. Because the bank must validate the deposit, cashing the cheque may be delayed. The receiver may be charged a fee for the exchange rate and encashment. Because you may cancel a check if it does not reach its destination, this approach is safer than sending cash by mail.

Information Needed on Personal Checks:

On the check, you must enter the amount of money and the name of the person who will receive the money. The check also includes the writer's checking account number, the bank's routing number, and the bank's name.

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