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How To Get More In Your Local Currency After Conversion From A Foreign Currency?

How To Get More In Your Local Currency After Conversion From A Foreign Currency?

24 Dec 2022

You may need to exchange currency with the money transfer companies that offer the best international money transfer services if you're planning a foreign trip and need to physically change one currency for another. 

Currency conversion can be done manually or through an online currency exchange. First, determine the exchange rate using an online exchange rate calculator or contacting your bank. Because banks earn small profits on exchanges, the rates charged by your bank may differ from those seen online, whereas online rates are the same as those quoted between banks.

Make sure you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each currency exchange option, so you don't have to deal with any unexpected charges after your trip. The simplest way to exchange currency is not always the best option.

You can exchange your money before you leave for a trip or once you get there, but which one you go with depends on where you do it.

Major Benefits Of Knowing About Currency Exchange

Depending on where you're going, exchanging your money for the local currency is an integral part of the journey. So, it is beneficial to understand the country's currency and foreign exchange rate before travelling to another country.

You should know whether your country's currency will be worth more or less if you switch. Understanding currency conversion can be difficult if you are new to international travel, but knowing about Currency Exchange can help you in various ways.

This is why it is critical to plan ahead of time and understand currency exchange rates. If you are going abroad to earn money to support your loved ones, make sure to choose the best money transfer services like ACE. 

Methods To Avoid Excessive Foreign Exchange Fees

Foreign exchange fees may be unavoidable when exchanging currency, but these options may help you avoid them.

Before Leaving Your Country, Get Cash From Your Bank

One of the best ways to avoid currency exchange fees is to obtain cash from your bank or credit union before your trip. Most major banks will sell you foreign currency depending on which country (or countries) you're visiting.

You may be able to purchase money in cash at your local bank office, or you can order currency online or by phone and have it delivered to your home.

Some currencies might be accessible for same-day conversion depending on your bank, where you live, and which country's currency you require. Other, less often requested currencies may necessitate a few extra days' notice. Ensuring these critical measures will enable you to make a money transfer to your family on time and with the most benefits whenever needed.

Avoid Airport Currency Exchange Counters

If you don't have much time to go to the bank before your trip, buying foreign money from an airport booth or currency exchange counter could be a good option. Airport kiosks may also impose extra fees, frequently buried within their reduced exchange rates when converting dollars to euros, pounds, pesos, or other currencies. If you need foreign currency in cash at the airport and are travelling on short notice, it may be worth paying some extra fees for convenience.

If possible, avoid airport kiosks and other exchange desks in heavily touristed areas—their business is built on charging extra for being a convenient, last-minute option.

Pay With A Card, But Be Aware Of International Transaction Fees

When you arrive in your target country, you may decide to save your foreign currency cash and use your credit or debit card as much as feasible.

This, however, can lead to another problem: foreign transaction costs. Your credit or debit card may impose a foreign transaction fee of up to 3% on all purchases made in other countries, depending on your bank and the card in your pocket.

YES To Using Local Currency

If you are given the option to charge your purchase in USD, always decline. This may result in hidden transaction and conversion fees that are significantly higher than charging your investment in the local currency. Insist on paying for all purchases in the local currency.

Pay With The Local Currency To Save On Conversion Fees

Some merchants will let you choose whether to pay in local or foreign currency for your purchase. This is not the case with every purchase. 

However, after swiping your card, the merchant may display a screen with the following options: You can pay the amount in foreign currency or local currency.

If you find yourself in this situation, always opt to pay in the local currency. You will be paid a currency conversion fee if you pay in foreign currency. You will also most likely receive a poor exchange rate. This will help you to save money to make the best online money transfer.

Use International Banking Apps

If you frequently travel internationally, consider using an international banking app, like the ACE international money transfer app, to manage your money. International apps make transferring money between countries and maintaining multiple currency accounts easier.

You can, for example, keep some money in different currencies with multiple currency accounts. It's helpful if you frequently travel to Canada or Mexico or spend summer vacations in Spain. Because you'll always have some money ready for your next trip, you'll be able to avoid the volatility of currency exchange rates.

Consider how you're going to get money and how you want to pay for regular purchases before you start planning your next exciting international trip. You can save money and time and have a more enjoyable trip by being aware of currency exchange fees, ATM withdrawal limits, foreign transaction fees, and other aspects of making payments in foreign currencies. 

Choose ACE Money Transfer if you're looking for the cheapest sending money method to your loved ones.

Final Thoughts 

Do your study and read the fine print of your bank and credit card accounts before you travel to avoid paying foreign transaction fees. Inquire with your bank about any costs associated with foreign transactions. Choose ACE Money Transfer for the best exchange rates and the lowest cost on every global money transfer.


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