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Top 5 Tips for Nigerian Expats in France to Stay Secure Online

15 Feb 2024

Expats working in foreign lands often remain worried about sending remittances across borders, which is their primary need. What makes you worried about making a money transfer to Nigeria from France? As a Nigerian expat, you may face security challenges while transacting money to your homeland. Every year, millions of people make online transactions. Almost 62% of transactions are based on digital platforms. A 2018 survey shows online transactions reached nearly 64.173 billion US dollars. Moreover, in the digital remittances market, the transaction value was US$137.90 billion in 2023. 

Many Nigerians have moved to France to seek better living standards. Even if you move to a different country, you mentally stay connected with your old traditions, norms, and people. You may need to make money transactions to keep the connection and preserve your cultural heritage. It is essential to ensure a safe way of making money transactions. Choose a medium wisely, check for its authenticity, look for all the aspects, and understand the transaction process. Prioritize the company with the most benefits, offering reliable customer service so you can clear your mind by resolving queries.         

The following are the five essential tips you need to consider before making any money transfer to Nigeria from France:       

5 Tips for Nigerian Expats to Maintain Your Online Security

Money transfer to Nigeria from France comes along with lots of security issues. The service or the platform you choose to transact money plays a vital role. If you want to keep your accounts and money transactions smooth and reliable, consider the following key points:            

Follow New Privacy Policies     

Many services practice new privacy policies that help you secure your accounts. You must apply two-factor authentication and strong passwords, including double-case letters, numerals, and special characters. Also, add your thumb impressions to get an advanced level of security. Install app locks and apply Gmail verification.     

All these steps will ensure high security of your account. Having a secure account means you have secured your money transactions. It will protect your account from unauthorized access, and you will enjoy the use of your account without any security risks.

Monitor Your Account Regularly

Keep an eye on all your account activities. Set a transaction alert for your account and reach the institute immediately if you find any suspicious activity. Update your devices and software. Install antivirus and keep a history record to protect against online theft.       

Clear all unnecessary data and make clear space for history. Set end-to-end encryption and avoid sharing your information with anyone. Login to your account regularly and check all the payment history you made on a particular day.      

Use Secure WiFi

Use a secure and speedy network to make an instant money transfer to Nigeria from France. Avoid using local internet or sharing your WiFi connection with anyone. Using a private internet service provider rather than public WiFi is important. Regularly update your WiFi password and ensure all the internet protocols for safe transactions.      

Avoid sharing your WiFi or password with anyone to keep your data secure. There are many ways to hack your sensitive information, just by getting your WiFi connection. All these steps will enhance the overall security of your account.       

Check the Authenticity   

Your money transfer to Nigeria depends on the service you choose for transactions. Many websites have registered themselves with fake internet protocols. Beware of scammed organizations because they use phishing scams to steal sensitive information. Avoid clicking unnecessary links and opening unknown emails.         

Verify the authenticity of the websites from official web pages. Search about the institute on Google and avoid a company that simultaneously asks for your personal information. Check the reviews and contact on official numbers and emails.             

Choose a Reliable Service  

Choose a company with positive ratings and benefits for customers. Compare the exchange rates of the companies and look for their security system. Companies like ACE Money Transfer offer a tracking process that allows a client to track its money transaction process. Moreover, choose a service with advanced security systems to keep yourself secure.  

Taking all the above steps is vital to online money transfers in Nigeria. Beware of fraud and ensure reliable and safe money transfer service selection. Visit the company if it is causing delays in your transaction. Use security alerts and install antivirus.

Ways to Make Secure Online Money Transactions to Nigeria from France?  

There are multiple ways to make secure and safe money transactions in Nigeria. You can choose the easiest and most convenient method of your choice:    

Bank Transfers

Banks are one of the easiest ways of sending money to your desired locations. If you currently reside in France and want to reconnect with your family through money transactions, choose a nearby bank to send money. Usually, it takes a few minutes or a day to make a successful money transaction in Nigeria. Banks are safe because of their recognized and registered institute. It ensures the customer's security and keeps your personal information secure.        

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are very common nowadays. They are well known due to their fastest services and secure transactions. You can send money online to Nigeria from France. Digital wallets like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay allow you to store your information and transact anywhere in the world without getting scammed. The best thing about digital wallets is they are secure and ensure the privacy of their customers. You can read their privacy policies to your satisfaction.    

Credit Card and Debit Card       

Credit cards and debit cards are connected to your accounts. You do not need to visit any institute to make transactions through credit and debit cards. You can make transactions at any time from anywhere. You instantly get a notification whenever you make any transaction through your card. So, it is also a safe way to send money without fearing fraud or scams. 

Ensure your security by using the most advanced methods of securing your accounts. Keep your data private and avoid sharing your personal information with anyone. Ensure the working of 2FA, apply app locks, use strong passwords, turn on Google verification, and enable fingerprint and face detection to make high-security alerts.      

Moreover, verify the authenticity of the medium you choose to transact in Nigeria. Avoid clicking on unnecessary links and responding to unknown emails or messages. Always use secure and personal WiFi to make transactions. Research thoroughly before choosing any service, look for its reviews, and decide which suits you the best.      

Bottom Line

For Nigerians living in France, there can be reasons for making money transactions to Nigeria, such as to support their studies, drive the economy, or tackle emergencies at home. It is crucial to pay attention to your online security. In this digital world where everything is closely combined, it can be quite challenging to protect yourself from cybercrime. You must pay proper attention to security measures to enjoy online transactions. 

It is necessary to choose a well-renowned service that ensures the security of its customers to send money to Nigeria from France. Avoid trusting any company without verifying its authenticity. Many companies have registered themselves with fake URLs, so always check the URL of a company before making any transaction.   

There are multiple ways of sending money online to Nigeria, such as bank transfers, digital wallets, debit and credit cards, and remittance services. Every method has perks, so compare the benefits and choose the service wisely.  


How does ACE Money Transfer support secure online transactions?

ACE supports secure online transactions by offering a tracking system through which a customer can track the money transaction process. Moreover, the mobile application of ACE contains all the advanced security steps to ensure the customer's data protection.  

Why is online security important for Nigerian expats in France?

Online security is crucial for Nigerian expats in France to protect their personal and financial information from scams and fraud. Online security helps you to make safe money transactions in Nigeria.   

How to maintain online security?

You can maintain online security by enabling advanced security steps like end-to-end encryption, strong passwords, two-factor authentication, fingerprint enabling, face detection, and monitoring your account regularly.   

How does secure WiFi promote online security?

Secure WiFi keeps all information on your connected devices safe. There is a high-security risk if you use public WiFi because anyone can steal your data by accessing the same WiFi. Securing your WiFi is like locking your internet connection.   

Are online transaction methods secure?

Most of the online transaction methods like digital wallets and banks are safe. It is because they record all your transactions and ensure the security of your personal information. Moreover, it is mandatory to choose an online service carefully by verifying its authenticity. 

Online Safety Tips

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