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Top 5 Reasons You Should Move to the UK from the Philippines

Top 5 Reasons You Should Move to the UK from the Philippines

08 Dec 2022

Do you need clarification about choosing the correct destination for your big move?

The world’s 32nd largest nominal GDP of $433.195 billion makes the Philippines one of the progressive nations among the low-to-middle-economies. Over 12 million of its people live abroad, of which 2.24 million are overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who send money to Philippines to support their families' needs. Are you also a Filipino wishing to go abroad but finding it challenging to decide which country to move to? Don’t worry; the following guide will help determine your destination country.

According to the expat insider survey, 65% of Filipinos said that factors like autonomy, personal development, freedom, and self-fulfilment determine their host country. You can find all of that and more in Great Britain.

Why is the UK the best option for Filipino expats?

More than 9.5 million foreign nationals live, work, and study in the UK. Here are the five reasons why it is a hotspot for expats. 

Enhance your purchasing power

Ever wondered why the developed world population is the highly targeted audience for most advertisers? Simple, they have more purchasing power. The average consumer spending in the country in the past two decades reached 192206.7 GBP Million. 

Moving to the UK would definitely give you many economic benefits. With plenty of disposable income on hand, you can expect your funds to last longer. The salaries are also much higher than you get in the Philippines. The talent is more appreciated here. Good skills can get you a top-notch job that will allow you to buy the things you could only dream of in the Philippines.

Money transfers are also highly affordable in the UK if you choose a suitable medium such as ACE Money Transfer. 

Improve your career trajectory

Let’s be honest; the UK has much more employment opportunities than the Philippines. The industries are thriving in the London market. Fintech and eCommerce are flourishing and making billions in revenue. Getting into those would give you substantial progression opportunities and excellent growth potential. As a result, you will gain more autonomy.

The Britain companies encourage diversity and inclusion. Businesses have more inclusive hiring strategies. You would not have to worry about biases against race or culture. In fact, as a Filipino, you might even have more chances to secure the position than a white Britain national due to inclusive hiring strategies. 

The UK is known for its progressive employment packages. Most, if not all, would offer paternity leave, holiday entitlement, shared parental leave, and mental health and wellness benefits. After COVID, a general hybrid/remote work trend has become common. This has substantially improved the work-life balance and positively changed the employees.

So you can quickly expand your professional growth in the UK with enhanced earnings and better financial support for your family back home. Making an online money transfer to Philippines from the UK via ACE Money Transfer also benefits you to become financially stable by saving on transfer costs and getting the highest exchange rates in the market.

Free high-quality education and healthcare system

Two fundamental requirements of all human beings include education and healthcare. Without the security of these two, one can hardly progress in life. Britain is known for its excellence in both. 

The entire concept of higher education was initiated in the UK first. It is home to some of the top schools in the world. It has impressive academic track records with outstanding international rankings. 4 educational institutions in the UK are ranked among the top 10 global institutions.  On top of that, education till high school is free for expats and national children. 

Healthcare in the UK ranks 11th best in the world. Filipino expats can access advanced healthcare practices and medicines for effective and quick treatments. The costs are equivalent to zero. 

  • National Health Service

The national health service, or NHS, is a publicly funded system that allows free treatments. The medicines are also available at subsidised rates. All residents and expats can expect to be treated with dignity and benefit from this system. 

Be a part of one of the world’s most culturally diverse society

Britain is multicultural and welcomed almost 573,000 immigrants worldwide in 2021 alone. About 300 languages are spoken all around the country. London, out of all the cities, is the most culturally diverse. 

The country also has rich history portrayed in architecture and literature. English, Irish, and Scottish people are known globally for their hospitality. A warm welcome from them awaits you!

Experiencing various cultures and interacting with multicultural people around you add significant value to your professional learning and growth. Further, it enhances your life exposure and boosts your confidence as an overseas worker.

Explore the magnificent landscapes of beautiful Britain

If you are fed up with the tropical Philippines, moving to the UK would significantly change. The UK is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes, especially in Scotland. You can experience the beauty of English architecture in southern England, where the countryside is neat, clean, and peaceful. 

Scotland is your place if you want to travel back in time. You will see abandoned castles all around Scotland. They are absolutely majestic. The cliff of Moher in Ireland is breathtaking. 

The UK hosts many international events all year round. With easy public transport available in the entire country, travelling to another city is not a hassle.

So, don’t wait and start searching for the desired job in the UK to get settled here. Finding a job and getting hired first before moving to the UK is recommended to avoid several hassles. After earning in the UK, you can send money to Philippines online via ACE Money Transfer to enjoy fee-free transfers along with many other benefits. 

Sending money to the Philippines from the UK has never been easier before

If you are worried about sending money to the Philippines for your loved ones after moving to the UK, then worry no more! 

Wire transfer is a thing of the past. They are expensive with delayed transactions. New and modern techniques of money transfer are slowly taking over the world. 

Which online money transfer company is the best for Filipino expats in the UK?

ACE Money Transfer has been providing remittance-sending services globally since 2002. Millions of users trust it all around the world. ACE ranks at the top for its usefulness due to its high-tech security, low transfer costs, speedy transactions, and user-friendly interface.

The service is available in the UK for Filipino expats at a meagre cost. The best thing about ACE is that it offers market-competitive exchange rates. There are also no hidden costs as the system is transparent for the users. 

Moving to the UK can be one of the best decisions you make for yourself and your family. Stay relaxed as your hard-earned pounds will be easily transferred to your family back at home with ACE. Sign up now on ACE Money Transfer for a free and secure money transfer Philippines at the highest exchange rates. 


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