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Top 5 Job Fields For Sri Lankan Expats in Australia - Everything to Know

Top 5 Job Fields For Sri Lankan Expats in Australia - Everything to Know

13 Dec 2023

Are you a Sri Lankan looking for ways to earn and send money to Sri Lanka from Australia? As a Sri Lankan expat, you must have an excellent job in Australia to make your survival struggle a reality. It would help if you pursued a high academic degree and know the most demanding fields in Australia. It will help you set an appropriate path to success in Australia.

Australia is known as the 13th largest economy in the world. It offers many opportunities for people around the world. The country is known for its beautiful landscapes, ocean, rain forests, enriched culture, diverse communities, and higher studies. Australia is full of natural resources, which is one of the reasons behind its growth.


As many resources are available in Australia, it offers highly paid jobs to its employees to make their lives easier. Though there is very tough competition in the job market of Australia, once you make your way, you can enjoy the glory of your career. Let's explore the top 5 job fields for Sri Lankan expats in Australia, through which you can begin your journey to success.

Top 5 Job Fields For Sri Lankan Expats in Australia

During the year 2020, 7.6 million migrants were living in Australia. In 2021, Australia experienced a prominent change in the migration system from Sri Lanka, with slightly over 900 more Sri Lankans leaving and arriving in Australia. This happened for the first time in the last decade that Australia recorded negative net overseas migration from Sri Lanka.


Australia offers high-class educational opportunities and welcomes people from all over the world. Following are some of the best career fields to get a quick job in Australia for earning money and for sending money to Sri Lanka from Australia to support your family.

Health Care Department

The Department of Health Care is the most known in Australia. All the medical fields and subfields, such as MBBS, nursing, psychology, neurosurgery, and bone specialist, are extensively included. These are the most highly-paid jobs in Australia.


Also, you do not need to worry about finding employment in Australia because it is the largest economy and has many healthcare centers. There are more than 7000 healthcare centers in Australia, which makes it easier to get a job.

Educational Employment

Teaching job is widespread in most countries, and the same is true in Australia. Educational employment is highly preferred in all private and public sectors. There is a high demand for primary, secondary, and post-secondary level teachers. This field requires specified skills and proper training.


But it is also one of the highest-paid professions. The average salary of teachers in Australia is between $90k to $95k. By earning this amount, you can easily manage your expenses in Australia and make a lot of savings.

Information Technology

Australia offers highly-paying IT jobs. It is a vast field with various sub-fields, such as programming, software engineering, cybercrime, data analytics, web development, and many more. All these designations are demanding in Australia.


If you have a degree in any related field of information technology, you can quickly develop yourself by working hard and availing yourself of the job benefits. Careers like IT will ensure your growth. In this way, you can also support your family in Sri Lanka by making money transfers from Australia to Sri Lanka.

Civil Engineer

Generally, there is scope for all kinds of engineering in Australia, such as software and mechanical engineering, but civil engineering is the most preferred and highly-paid job. This is because Australia is a highly developed country and is very concerned about constructing monumental buildings and towers.


That is why they warmly welcome civil engineers from all over the world to create unique ideas and make plans for giving their country a better look. As a Sri Lankan civil engineer, you can earn a lot if you are a professional civil engineer. You can make big contracts for construction sites, and that one contract can be enough to provide you with the best living standard of life.

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineering is in high demand in Australia. This field has seen rapid growth for the last many years. It is connected with civil engineering because every new structure requires an electrical engineer to make the building successful. You can make a solid amount of money by working on electrical engineering projects.


You may also need to look for the best ways to send money from Australia to Sri Lanka to fulfill your family's needs. You can choose reputable online money transfer services such as ACE Money transfer to make transactions without extra charges. It provides many benefits, like the first free transaction to the required destination. 

Essential Tips to Look For Highly Paid Job Fields In Australia

Let's look at tips to help you excel in a particular job. These suggestions can help you establish yourself in Australia quickly:

Grasp the Skill

Try to build a firm grasp of the skills related to your field. Grab all the information and seek a practical approach for your job. Work on your weak areas and acquire short certifications to strengthen your resume.


Remain productive and continuously work to enhance your skills. Hence, stay updated, pursue further education, and consider acquiring secondary skills. 

Internships & Part-Time Job 

Gain experience and do an internship for a practical approach to your field. Look for part-time jobs to gain more experience. In this way, you can have direct contracts with the companies. Explore more about job opportunities and minimum wages in Australia.

Develop Soft Skills

You should always have some soft skills to have online jobs. It can be a significant part-time job and will be a great benefit to you. You can use this money from your part-time job to help your loved ones and send money online from Australia to Sri Lanka.


Being a Sri Lankan expat, you must be aware of all job criteria in Australia because it is where skills matter the most. If you have a firm grip on any skills related to any particular field, whether it is Medical, engineering business, or teaching. Always make sure that you are pursuing a well-known area.


Gain more experience to set your hand in a practical field and make ultimate progress at your workplace. Your professional growth will promote career opportunities and make you a skilled expert. It will enable you to earn a massive amount of money.


Which field is highly reputed in Australia?

Many fields are highly reputed in Australia, and medicine is always at the top, but the other areas, including engineering and programming, are also very demanding in Australia.

Which skills are required to get a highly-paid job in Australia?

To get a highly-paid job in Australia, you must hold a renowned degree and practice skills in your field. Also, it would help if you stay updated by continuing your education.

How to transfer a larger amount of money from Australia to Sri Lanka?

You can use mobile applications, online banking, or companies such as ACE Money Transfer to transfer large amounts of money.

Is it necessary to have experience to get a job in Australia?

Your skills matter the most to get a job, but you must have practiced these skills somewhere. You can intern at different places to reflect a solid resume to impact companies significantly.

Is there any scope for entrepreneurship in Australia?

Australia encourages entrepreneurship and allows employees to explore themselves through self-employment. You can have self-employment in fields like business administration and information technology.

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