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Top 5 Ghanaian Foods That Every Expat Worker Can Cook

Top 5 Ghanaian Foods That Every Expat Worker Can Cook

10 Nov 2023

As a foreign worker from Ghana, you must learn about the local culture to get the most out of this lively West African country. Ghana has a lot of cultural history to learn, but remember to try some of its delicious foods there. From exotic spices to unusual ways of cooking, Ghanaian food is a beautiful mix of flavours that will take your taste buds to faraway places. And if you want to know how to send money to Ghana so you can enjoy these treats to the best, this blog is for you. Come on a food trip to see how to make five Ghanaian dishes every expat worker should try.

Cultural Significance of Food in Ghanaian Society

Ghanaian culture emphasises food, a powerful way to show tradition, identity, and social connections. Ghana has a rich cultural history, and its food shows that. Each dish has a story and values passed down from generation to generation.


Food is a big part of celebrations, fairs, and family get-togethers, where big meals are made to mark important events and bring people together. It's a way to show kindness and generosity, and Ghanaians are very proud that they can give people a lot of delicious food. Traditional cooking methods and recipes are also kept alive.


These serve as a link to the past and a way to preserve cultural history alive. From eating fufu and soup together in a group to the bright flavours of jollof rice, Ghanaian food nourishes the body and mind, giving the community a sense of belonging and unity. So, in Ghana, food is more than a way to stay alive. It's a sign of national pride, social harmony, and the warmth of Ghanaian hospitality.

West Africans love Jollof Rice

You can only learn about Ghanaian food by trying a plate of Jollof Rice. This popular West African dish is made with long-grain rice cooked in a spicy tomato sauce with cloves, ginger, and bay leaves. The dish often has bell peppers, onions, chicken, beef, or fish, which can be added to make it your own. Jollof rice can be made in just one pot, which will please your taste buds and make you want more.

Banku with Tilapia

A Delightful Mix of Fish and Seafood Ghana's leading food, Banku, is made from soured dough made from maise and cassava. This unusual dish is often served with tilapia, a famous fish in Ghana's rivers. The Banku is boiled and served as a ball with grilled or fried tilapia. The mix of textures and flavours is delicious. People often eat this food with shito, which is a hot pepper sauce. You might not find tilapia in foreign countries, but you can find fish similar to it and use that in place of tilapia. Your Ghanaian friends and coworkers will be very impressed if you know how to make Banku with fish.


A Hearty Delight of Rice and Beans Waakye, pronounced "wah-chay," is a hearty Ghanaian meal made with rice and beans. Black-eyed peas are used to cook the rice, which gives the dish a unique flavour. Also, waakye is often served with hard-boiled eggs, spaghetti, and a range of side dishes, such as fried plantains, gari (grated cassava), and a rich tomato stew. The result is a plate full of colour and flavour that will make you want more. If you know how to do waakye, you can make a healthy Ghanaian meal honouring both custom and taste.


Kelewele is a snack made of spicy plantain. Kelewele is a Ghanaian street food you must try if you want something delicious. This famous snack is made of ripe plantains spiced with ginger, cloves, and chilli powder, then deep-fried until they are just right. The result is crispy outside and a soft, sweet inside full of flavour. Kelewele is usually eaten by itself or as a side dish with other Ghanaian foods. You can show off your cooking skills at parties by making this spicy plantain snack.

Groundnut Soup with Fufu

A Treat for Nut Lovers You can only learn some of what there is to know about Ghanaian food by trying groundnut soup with fufu. Groundnut soup, also called peanut soup, is a delicious mix of groundnuts, veggies, and spices. The dish is usually served with fufu, a basic food made by pounding cassava, yam, or plantains until smooth and dough-like. The smooth texture of the fufu and the nutty taste of the soup makes for a very comfortable and filling meal. If you know how to make groundnut soup with fufu, you will be an expert on Ghanaian food.

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Way Forward 

Exploring Ghanaian food is an excellent way for foreign workers to learn about the culture of the country where they are living. By learning how to make these five traditional Ghanaian meals, you can bring the tastes of Ghana into your kitchen. So, put on your apron, let out your inner cook, and go on a culinary adventure that will stay with you. If you want to send money to Ghana to buy the right ingredients or give your friends and family a taste of Ghanaian culture, you can use the ACE Money Transfer Service to make the process easier.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are some popular Ghanaian spices used in traditional dishes? 

A: Ghanaian cuisine is renowned for its vibrant and aromatic spices. Some popular spices used in Ghanaian dishes include ginger, cloves, chilli powder, nutmeg, garlic, and bay leaves. These spices contribute to the distinct flavours that make Ghanaian cuisine so unique and enticing.


Q: Is Ghanaian cuisine vegetarian-friendly? 

A: While Ghanaian cuisine does feature a variety of meat-based dishes, there are also plenty of vegetarian options available. Dishes like waakye (rice and beans), Banku (fermented corn and cassava dough), and Kelewele (spicy fried plantains) are delicious vegetarian choices. Additionally, many soups and stews can be prepared with vegetables, making it possible for vegetarians to enjoy the rich flavours of Ghanaian cuisine.


Q: What is the significance of fufu in Ghanaian culture? 

A: Fufu holds great cultural significance in Ghanaian society. It is a staple food made from pounded cassava, yam, or plantains, and it is often served with soups or stews. Fufu is traditionally eaten by hand, with small portions formed into balls and dipped into the accompanying sauce. The act of sharing a fufu meal symbolizes unity, kinship, and communal bonding, making it an integral part of Ghanaian culture and social gatherings.


Q: Are there any specific dining etiquettes or customs to keep in mind when enjoying Ghanaian cuisine? 

A: When dining in Ghana, it is customary to wash your hands before the meal, as many traditional dishes are eaten with the hands. Additionally, it is considered polite to eat with your right hand and to avoid using your left hand, as it is traditionally associated with personal hygiene. Sharing food and offering a taste of your dish to others at the table is also a common practice that showcases Ghanaian hospitality and communal spirit.


Q: Where can I find authentic Ghanaian ingredients outside of Ghana? 

A: Authentic Ghanaian ingredients can be found in speciality African or international grocery stores in various countries. Look for markets that cater to diverse communities or explore online retailers that offer a wide range of African food products. These stores often carry essential Ghanaian ingredients such as palm oil, groundnuts, plantains, and spices, allowing you to recreate the flavours of Ghana in your kitchen, no matter where you are.

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