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Tips for Navigating Public Transportation Abroad as an Overseas Pakistani

Tips for Navigating Public Transportation Abroad as an Overseas Pakistani

17 Nov 2023

Have you ever felt a rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins as you board a foreign bus amidst a sea of unfamiliar faces? Public transport can be a thrilling adventure for overseas Pakistanis. Picture yourself navigating buses, trains, and trams, immersing in the vibrant cultures of foreign lands, and while you embark on this exhilarating experience,


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Read this guide to make navigation of the bustling streets and vibrant routes much easier as a newbie in the country. Whether you're travelling for pleasure or work, these practical tips can help you manage public transport systems effectively.

Understanding the Public Transportation System 

Navigating public transport in a foreign area might be intimidating for an Overseas Pakistani. However, with the proper knowledge and preparation, you can confidently navigate the busy streets, get on trains, trams, and buses, and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Researching Transportation Options

Do extensive research before embarking on your journey to become acquainted with the public transport options accessible at your destination. Look for information about trains, buses, trams, metros, ferries, and any other kinds of transportation that are relevant.


To obtain information and plan your trips, consult online resources, official websites, travel guides, and travel forums. Think about things like coverage, speed, operation hours, and ticketing methods.

Understanding Ticketing System

Each country has its ticketing system, so take the time to learn about it. Determine which ticket type, such as single tickets, day passes, or travel cards, best meets your needs. Get to know the ticket machines, authentication processes, and any 

unique rules or requirements for purchasing and using tickets.


Some cities may provide contactless payment methods, such as smart cards or smartphone apps, to make the transaction easier. If you still wish to stand in the queue to purchase tickets, utilise the waiting time to make a quick money transfer to Pakistan for your loved ones.

Using Mobile Apps and Online Tools

In today's digital age, mobile apps for navigating public transport are quite helpful. Apps such as Google Maps, Citymapper, Moovit, and local transport apps that provide real-time information on routes, schedules, and even live updates are worth downloading.


These tools can assist you in planning your journey, tracking departure times, locating nearby stops or stations, and suggesting alternate routes in case of a disruption. Furthermore, route planners, interactive maps, and full information on fares, connections, and service changes are frequently available on online platforms or official websites.

Tips for a Smooth Journey

A daily average of 168 million people use the metro systems that exist in 178 cities in 56 countries. The entire operating revenue for local bus services in England was £5.4 billion in 2022. With this many people joining you in your journey, you should always follow these tips.

Planning Your Routes in Advance

Plan your routes ahead of time to reduce stress and save time. List the sites, attractions, or places you wish to visit and plan the most effective route to them. To optimise your travel experience, consider aspects such as rush hour, speed of transportation, and connections.


Take note of any service delays or repair schedules that may influence your planned travels, and be prepared with alternate options. It's also a good idea to become familiar with the layout of key transit hubs, such as train stations or bus terminals, so that you can traverse them confidently.

Keeping Your Belongings Safe

It is essential to prioritise the safety of your goods when taking public transit. Always keep your luggage, wallets, and valuables close by, preferably in a secure and immediately accessible position. Displaying expensive items or large sums of money may draw unwanted attention.


Be cautious in crowded areas and stay alert, especially when boarding or disembarking. If you're travelling with luggage, keep it within your sight and ensure it is properly tagged with identification details.

While you keep an eye on your personal belongings, allow ACE Money Transfer to keep your finances safe and sound. You can send money to Pakistan within seconds without any worries, as transactions are strongly encrypted.

Observing Local Etiquette and Customs

When it comes to public transport, each country has its own set of etiquette and customs. Learn these guidelines to create a respectful and harmonious encounter. Pay attention to local cues, such as offering seats to elderly or pregnant travellers, standing on the right side of escalators, and keeping conversations brief.


Respect personal space and avoid unnecessary physical contact. Be mindful of cultural differences, such as dress regulations or gender-segregated seats, which may vary from place to place.

Interacting with Locals and Seeking Help

Interacting with locals can improve your trip experience and provide useful information. If you need assistance or directions, don't be afraid to ask. Politeness and friendliness go a long way towards making relationships and receiving help.


Drivers, conductors, and station employees on public transportation are typically proficient and eager to help passengers.

Staying Informed and Making Adjustments

Weather, strikes, or maintenance can all cause occasional disruptions to public transportation systems. Keep up to date on any updates or changes that may affect your trip arrangements. Follow local news channels and transport authorities' social media pages, or sign up for alerts via relevant apps or websites.

Bottom Line

As an Overseas Pakistani, navigating public transport overseas requires planning, adaptability, and cultural awareness. Remember that ACE Money Transfer is here to provide you with safe and convenient money transfer services, ensuring that your financial needs are met as you travel the world.


So get on board, embrace the thrill of public transport, and let it take you to incredible destinations filled with unique adventures. At the same time, ACE Money Transfer keeps you away from any financial troubles. Get to know more here on how ACE helps you attain financial freedom. Sign up on ACE today to enjoy a free first online money transfer to Pakistan.


Are there any additional considerations for taking public transport in the destination country during religious holidays or festivals?

It is important to be informed of any changes in public transport schedules or routes that may occur during religious holidays or festivals. Keep up to date with local announcements and transport authority websites.

What should I do if I run into a language barrier while taking public transport?

If there is a language barrier, try using translation apps, pointing to your destination on a map, or asking fellow passengers or transit employees who speak English or your native language for assistance.

Can I buy public transport tickets with my credit or debit card?

For purchasing public transit tickets, many countries offer contactless payments or card transactions. Look for signs indicating card acceptance or inquire at ticket desks or vending machines.

Are there any public transport discounts or special tariffs available for students or seniors?

Some countries provide reduced fares for students and elders. Check with local transit authorities or ticket counters to see if any concessions or special passes are available.

Is it safe to take public transit late at night in some areas?

While public transport is generally safe, use caution while travelling late at night, especially in new places. Consider another option instead or travel with a group.,revenue%20(see%20chart%2016).

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