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Tips for Expatriates: Sending Money Online to the Philippines from the UK

Tips for Expatriates: Sending Money Online to the Philippines from the UK

28 Jul 2022

The Philippines is one of the developing Asian countries. It has a population of a little over 100 million people. It has no official religion, and the official languages of the Philippines are Filipino and English. It has a total area of 300,000 square km or 115,831 square mi. Since this country has a developing economy, its people go to the developed countries and then send money to Philippines through the world’s most credible company ACE Money Transfer.


The Philippines has continuously suffered from political turmoil resulting in worse law and order situations. Due to these reasons, the people of the Philippines travel to the West, and most prefer the UK to find better jobs. Like many other countries, the Filippino diasporas studying and working abroad form an immense population.

Why go to the UK?

If you look closely, most expatriates from developing countries prefer to go to the UK. There are many reasons, but a few important ones are discussed here. 

UK’s strong economy is accommodating.

No matter where you come from, the UK will welcome and accommodate you in its economic fold due to its strong and expanding economy. You can easily find work in the UK so long as you have what it takes to find a job. 

Best educational institutions are aplenty.

The UK is home to the world’s best educational institutions, which are many. Several people from around the world go to the UK to seek the best quality education. The UK not only offers the best quality education to the visitors, but it also allows the students to work after they have attended their classes and earn money.

These students either spend the money they earn to support their education or send this amount back to their families and support them.

Massive difference in the currency

The UK holds one of the strongest currencies in the world. A small amount earned in the UK’s Pound Sterling becomes a considerable sum after conversion into the recipient’s native currency. It is due to the fact, as mentioned earlier that the expatriates mainly belong to underdeveloped countries with weak economies and even weaker currencies. The same applies to the Filippino expatriates that send money to Philippines online from the UK and support their family needs.

Now let’s see how you can find a reputable online money transfer company while residing in the UK.

Finding a reputable service provider for online money transfer to the Philippines  

It was challenging to find a reputable online money transfer company earlier in the past. But, with the increasing technological penetration in the world, it has become easier to find a trusted remittance service provider, especially while living in the UK. Following tips will help you find one quickly.


Draw comparisons between companies

The first step should be drawing a comparison between the services of different companies so you can have a fair idea about which company to choose. And the comparison must include all the services and features that an online money transfer company offers to its customers.

Pay physical visits to the offices of different companies

Paying a physical visit to the offices of different companies can help you have a better idea of a company’s credibility. But, exercise extra caution while doing so as an alluring appearance can be more misleading than an ordinary physical or official setup.

Visit the official websites and read reviews.

It is easy these days to opine about the services of a company or a product one uses. Simply go to the official website and read out the reviews that other users have already written. You will get a fair idea about the company’s kind of services. 

Following these three essential steps, you will be able to determine the best and most reputable money transfer company to transfer your remittances. You can follow this practice to find out the best way to send money to Philippines online from the UK if you are living, working, or studying there.


Let’s glance over the methods to make online money transfers using the services of credible remittance providers such as ACE Money Transfer.

Filling the online form with necessary details

Credible online money transfer companies such as ACE will ask you to fill out the online registration forms. The form must be filled with care as it requires the recipient’s name, address, and phone number. An error while filling out the form can lead you to trouble. 

Transfer money through the app

ACE Money Transfer has launched one of the best user-friendly smartphone apps for its valued customers to make an online money transfer to Philippines swiftly and conveniently. Through this app, you can quickly transfer your funds electronically to the intended recipient in a hassle-free manner. 


Besides the app, you can also visit the official site of ACE Money Transfer, follow simple steps, and transfer money to the Philippines quickly. 

A vital tip to remember and follow

With the ease and comfort that online money transfers have brought with them, online money scams have also taken place. And their frequency is increasing, albeit gradually. 

Now, most people find it convenient to pay bills, make payments and transfer funds online and electrically. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to spare a few moments from the time you spend on your smartphones and regularly check your account statements. And this check becomes extremely important after every transaction you make. 

This regular check will ensure that there is no discrepancy in your financial matters and that the records are straight. It also helps you keep a close eye on any suspicious activity and report it immediately to the concerned quarters.

Let’s now see a few simple steps to send your funds quickly. 

ACE Money Transfer’s app for its valued customers makes online money transfers to the Philippines as simple as the following few steps.

Logging into the app

The first step, of course, is to log into your app with your username and password. Be mindful that the password must be unique and impossible to hack.

Enter the recipient’s details with care

Here, you need to exercise extreme caution as even a small typo error can direct the funds you are transferring to someone else. This information requires name, account details and contact, etc. typically.

Select the amount

Select the amount you wish to transfer. And as soon as you select the amount, a message box will appear about the fee. ACE Money Transfer is the most trusted remittance company that offers the lowest transfer fees to its customers. New users to ACE can enjoy FEE-FREE first transactions when they sign up with the company for the first time. It makes ACE Money Transfer the best way for money transfer to Philippines or any of the 100+ countries ACE provides services in.

Recheck the details.

As a second last step, you must check all the information you have entered and make sure you have made no mistake. See to it that all the information is error-free. 

Hit send and get notified.

You are good to now hit send. And as soon as you hit send, you and the intended recipient will be notified, considering all is well, including internet connectivity and network issues, etc. 

Online money transfers are a risky activity. Therefore, it is imperative that you select your service provider with care and thoroughly check the services offered. 

These must include fees, currency exchange rates, security of transactions, speed, efficiency, etc. 

All of these services are available in their best form for its valued customers at ACE Money Transfer which is trusted by millions of the Filippino diasporas to send money to Philippines.         






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