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Tips for Expatriates: Sending Money Online to the Gambia from the UK

Tips for Expatriates: Sending Money Online to the Gambia from the UK

28 Jul 2022

International money transfer has surged a distinct increase over the past couple of years. People are moving overseas to earn a better lifestyle and overcome financial needs. Similarly, the Gambian expats send money to Gambia from overseas to accomplish multiple objectives. These objectives may differ from individual to individual. However, the major blocker for these expats includes finding the right remittance partner for international money transfer services. If you are one of those overseas expats, you can find the necessary information regarding your remittance needs below. 

So, let's begin with a complete guide on finding the best way to transfer money internationally. 

International Remittances to the Gambia with Convenience

Undoubtedly, the flow of international remittances from overseas has reached a significant figure. Have you ever thought about the possible ways to manage an online money transfer to Gambia? Let's pop the suspense with a few renowned ways to send international remittances to the Gambia. 

  • Bank Transfers
  • Cash Pickup 
  • Mobile Wallets 

Bank transfers are considered the most ineffective way of managing international remittances regularly. The downside of sending international remittances via bank transfer is the 'Cost' & 'Restrictions'. The banking sector may not be the first place to offer you exclusive exchange rates and minimal processing fees. Furthermore, the list of restrictions due to compliance procedures is never-ending. Cash pickups are also discomforting when one may fail to find the appropriate network coverage. However, cash pickups and wallets come in handy when you are associated with the right remittance partner. 

So, what could be the best way to transfer money internationally? 

ACE Money Transfer: International Remittance Service Provider

International remittance service providers are specially designed to facilitate expats making international money transfers. The prime benefit of using reliable and trusted remittance service providers includes:

  • Competitive exchange rates 
  • Lowest transactional costs
  • Rapid and secure transactions
  • An extensive network of service providers
  • Live transaction tracking 
  • Updates for international remittances
  • Exclusive promos & offers

The international remittance industry is packed up with various service providers. So, how are you going to find the best remittance partner? Don't worry, because you will learn about the best remittance partner for money transfer to Gambia from the UK. 

ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer is a worldwide recognised remittance partner, providing splendid monetary solutions to millions of overseas expats. Over the years, ACE has developed valuable 

goals and objectives to facilitate overseas workers efficiently. ACE delivers remittance services to around 100+ countries, with a widespread network of over 350,000 payout locations. 

How can you make a money transfer to Gambia from the UK?

The best thing about moving on with ACE Money Transfer is that it doesn't require an extensive signup procedure or an unconditional mandatory requirement. All you need is to create a free account on ACE Money Transfer. Once done, you are all good to make your first transaction to the Gambia. Isn't that amazing? And the fascinating part is that you don't need to move out of your place at all to achieve all of this. You can simply skip the hustle and manage international remittances from your comfort zone. 

ACE Money Transfer: International Money Transfer App

The list of pros is not over yet; another benefit of using ACE Money Transfer is the brilliant ACE mobile app. The application is available for both Android and iOS users. Technology is taking control of most sectors, delivering convenience and comfort. That's precisely the root cause for ACE to provide their prestigious customers with an exclusive innovative mobile application. Simply log in to your ACE account in the mobile application and take control of international remittances on the go! 


Considering all the above factors, one can simply analyse the bright side of sending international remittances via ACE. Despite your location overseas, such as in the UK or anywhere, you can always count on ACE Money Transfer. Why should one always pay extra for regular money transfers? It's finally time to put aside all the other money transfer methods. And take your remittances to the next level with ACE. So, what are you waiting for? Signup on ACE today and explore the best international money transfer services. Visit today and unleash the journey to the luxury of managing international remittances. 



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