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Tips for Expatriates Importance of staying updated on Stock Market

Tips for Expatriates: Importance of staying updated on Stock Market

15 Sep 2022

Millions of people who live in foreign countries typically belong to weak economies, also known as underdeveloped, developing or third world countries. Most of these people move to the developed world for better job opportunities. Staying updated with the stock market and its working knowledge is critical for worldwide diasporas. It can help them save money, avoid being overcharged, and make more money after conversion to local currencies when making international money transfers. For instance, over 32 million Indian diasporas working in foreign lands send money to India after looking for the best possible exchange rates.

While living and working abroad as an expatriate, it is essential for you to learn about how the stock market works. Let’s see how you can stay updated with the stock market.

Stock market and its mechanism at a glance for the expatriates’ understanding

First, understanding the definition of what is “Stock” is essential.

Understanding a Stock

A company or corporation represents its assets and the profit it earns, in the market, through an instrument that is proportionate to the actual value of both the assets and the profits. Stocks usually are understood better as a corporation’s equity or its shares.

What are the Types of Stocks?

There are two types of stock. One is the Common Stock, and the other is the Preferred Stock.

The Common Stock or Shares

The holders of this type of stock have the right to interfere in the matters of the concerned company through voting. These shareholders can also participate in company meetings.

The Preferred Stock or Shares

The holders of these stocks do not have voting rights in matters concerning the company. However, the shareholders of the Preferred Stocks can receive dividends and assets if the company liquidates.

Let’s look at the link between remittances and the stock exchange market.

The link between remittances and the stock exchange market

The link between the stock exchange market and remittances is that in countries less dependent on foreign remittances, the stock exchange markets are limited with restricted growth. But, in countries such as India, the biggest recipient of remittances with around $75 billion, on average annually, the remittance inflow develops the stock market. Any Indian diaspora making a money transfer to India keeps adding value to the country’s economy and the stock market.

It is the reason why the countries depending on foreign remittances always have a thriving and expanding stock market.

The people of developing countries are reluctant to invest in the stock market. It is regardless of the strength and the size of the market. People usually shy away from investing in stock markets as these have always remained fragile and volatile.

Let’s now see how expatriates can invest in the stock market.

Expatriates investing in the stock market

Expatriates can conveniently invest in the stock market because the picture is not as grim as you think. As explained already, the two stock types, Common and Preferred, are easy to invest in. But, as an expatriate, you must follow the six essential steps. These steps will lead you to stay updated on the stock market. Staying updated on the stock market is the key if you are concerned about your money and investments in the said market. The steps are discussed below.

Get news around the clock from Online News Sites.

You have a smartphone and access to the internet, which can help you stay updated on the latest news and happenings in the stock market. Most smartphones have a built-in feature of global news updates where you can keep checking what’s happening in the stock market. Even if you don’t find that feature, you need not worry since it’s pretty effortless to search for the desired news updates using an internet browser like Google Chrome.

RSS (Rich Summary Site) Reader

As the name suggests, this app gathers all relevant news and piles it up in one place for your ease and convenience of access. You can download the app online and start using it to get insights into the latest trends in the stock market.

Get Google Alerts

You can sign up for Google alerts on any topic you want. Google has an immense database of knowledge on almost everything. These alerts will help you stay updated on the stock market. Once you set the stock market as a preferred topic for updates, you’ll start seeing relevant news automatically on your device.

Use Online Sites

You can find several news sites online with lots of news about countless topics. You’ll see free and premium versions on such sites where you can choose your preferred site. Once you register for a free profile or get a subscription for a premium version on a news site, you can start getting authentic information about the latest happenings in the stock market.

Many Indian expatriates who send money to India online are already using such sites to stay updated about the stock market. It helps them transfer funds at the highest rates ensuring that the beneficiaries receive the most of the sent remittances.

News Ticker installation

With a News Ticker, you can easily access the news you want, but ascertaining the details and ensuring authenticity is solely up to you. With the help of these apps, you will save time. And you will also be protected from the virtual fatigue of going through all the news you have access to.

Use some Podcasts

Having access to Podcasts is a pleasurable experience. Each time you listen to a podcast, you get to learn something new. And that ultimately adds to your experience and observation, helping you invest smartly and safely in the stock market.

Following these simple steps, you can ensure that your investment in the stock market is safe and will yield the desired dividends.

Let’s now take a look at the trend in stock market investments.

The trend of expatriates investing in the stock market

The Indian expatriates go to other countries and earn a living. They do so to ensure they break the poverty and secure their future financially. They prefer to save money they send through online money transfers to India using the services like ACE Money Transfer. These expatriates prefer to invest the remittances they send back. Usually, the preferred investment choice is the property. 

But, if an expatriate can see that the dividends can be higher in the stock exchange market, they prefer to switch to it. As explained above sufficiently, the stock markets in countries depending heavily on remittance inflows, like India, are strong and keep developing. Therefore, by judging the trends of stock markets through the steps mentioned above, people prefer to invest in them.

Let’s take a quick look at the best way to transfer money internationally that Indian expatriates use.

Best way to send money to India

Most Indian expatriates use the services of a trusted online money transfer provider, ACE Money Transfer. Its services help Indian expatriates be able to quickly transfer funds back home and let the beneficiaries invest in the Indian stock market. There are two stock exchange giants in India. The first is the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), with a market capitalisation of $2.1 trillion. The other is the National Stock Exchange (NSE), with a market capitalisation of $2.27 trillion. The volume of the markets alone shows that Indian expatriates prefer to invest in the stock markets.

A few reasons that create convenience for the expatriates sending remittances through ACE are discussed below.

ACE Money Transfer offers the best exchange rates

ACE Money Transfer links its currency exchange rates to the international market, where they keep fluctuating. This enables the expatriates to choose the time when the rates are at their highest point.

ACE Money Transfer charges minimally

The services of ACE Money Transfer are one of the best worldwide. But, unlike many other companies, the service charges are kept at a bare minimum.

ACE Money Transfer ensures security

In the wake of rising online scams, ACE Money Transfer is one of the few companies that ensure that transactions are fully secured from online fraud.

Transact fast with ACE Money Transfer

It takes a few minutes to send your remittances to the intended recipient within just a few clicks.

Wider access and 24*7 service availability

ACE Money Transfer operates in well over 100 countries worldwide, with its services available around the clock.

All of these and many other features make ACE Money Transfer the preferred choice to send money through. The features listed above help the expatriates send money to India online smoothly and timely so that they grab the opportunities to invest in the stock market whenever desired.

Final Words

Whether it’s about knowing exchange rates to transfer funds back home from overseas, or making investments, staying updated about the stock market is essential for expatriates. Using convenient methods listed in the article can help you keep an eye on whatsoever is going on in the stock market. Thus you can make more informed decisions with peace of mind and confidence about investments and their expected outcomes.


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