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Tips for Expatriates - All You Need to Know About Sending Money Online to Pakistan from Canada

Tips for Expatriates - All You Need to Know About Sending Money Online to Pakistan from Canada

27 Aug 2022

The international remittance industry has been continuously evolving over the past few decades. Following the growing worldwide remittances, different means of money transfer are now available. One can make remittance transactions using a bank, remittance service provider, or other related financial services. People from low-to-middle income countries like Pakistan move to developed countries in a significant percentage, hunting for a better lifestyle. Some expats head towards Canada or any other country, earning reasonable life-changing opportunities. These expats send money to Pakistan from Canada & other countries to support their families and loved ones. So they can remain connected with their loved ones even from overseas.

Suppose you are an existing expat from Canada or are considering moving to Canada. It doesn't matter; even if you live elsewhere, you should know these essentials about sending money online.

How can you send money to Pakistan?

Living in 2022 has been a completely different experience, looking into the growth estimation of technology and progress. The critical problem for most expats is none other than finding a reliable remittance solution. But it's finally time to say goodbye to such worries. ACE Money Transfer is here to serve your needs with completely secure and fast money transfer solutions. Expats can always count on ACE for reliable and cashless worldwide money transfers, whether it's about sending money to Pakistan or any other place.

What is the best way to send money to Pakistan?

There are many ways to manage international remittances to Pakistan. With ACE Money Transfer, you always lead one step ahead of the trend. Overseas expats can send funds via ACE in the following ways:

  1. ACE Web Portal 
  2. ACE Mobile Application

ACE Live Portal

ACE offers a convenient web solution for web users, considering the latest technological trends. Overseas expats can easily access via any browser and start making worldwide remittance transfers. Simply log in to your ACE account, select beneficiary, & provide details to make cashless transactions across borders.  

ACE Mobile Application

ACE Money Transfer offers an innovative mobile application so expats can manage international remittances, even on the go! Simply download the ACE mobile application from the Play Store or Appstore & enjoy the luxury experience of an online money transfer to Pakistan or other countries. 
Are you thinking about sending money to your loved ones? Grab your smartphone and make hassle-free transactions in the following moments.

What to ensure while sending money online to Pakistan?

Suppose you are an expat, currently settled in Canada or any foreign country. You should especially avoid a few things while making a money transfer to Pakistan.

Competitive Exchange Rates

Competitive exchange rates are essential for international remittances as better exchange rates yield a significant amount at the receiving end. With ACE, overseas expats can take advantage of the efficient & market-competitive exchange rates. Avoid getting poor exchange rates for money transfers, and tune up to the ACE network today!

Lowest Transactional Costs

Transactional and processing fees can sometimes cut a dominant slack from your funds. The expats must avoid sending money over a platform that surcharges higher processing fees. Instead, one can always count on ACE Money Transfer for the lowest transactional costs.

Extensive Network Coverage

You should always prefer to choose a network that offers extensive network coverage. Avoid choosing remittance solutions incapable of providing remittance transfers to limited regions. Due to extended affiliations and payout partners, ACE Money Transfer stands out in the competition of remittance service providers. You have ultimate peace of mind when you send money to Pakistan online using ACE’s services that offer real-time tracking of your transactions. With ACE, beneficiaries can receive money in Pakistan through various methods.

Methods to receive online money transfers in Pakistan

ACE Money Transfer collaborates with several banking channels and wallet services in Pakistan. In addition, ACE also facilitates beneficiaries to receive funds transferred via other payout partners. These are some of the ways beneficiaries can receive international funds in Pakistan via ACE: 

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash Pickup 
  • Wallet

Bank Transfer

The Bank Transfer service facilitates overseas expats to manage the transfer of funds directly into the beneficiary's account. This saves the recipient from all the excessive hustles. Later, these funds can be withdrawn from the recipient's bank account through a cheque or debit card.

Cash Pickup 

The cash pickup facility assists beneficiaries in receiving funds from authorised payout partners. Expats can choose from the list of available payout partners, keeping in mind the convenience of a beneficiary. Signup on ACE today and send an immediate funds transfer via cash pickup.


With ACE, expats from Canada can send money to Pakistan via e-wallets. Such as Jazz Cash, EasyPaisa, UPaisa, and other related services. Wallet transfers are similar to bank transfers. So, you don't need to worry if you haven't performed it earlier. It's fast, secure, and reliable!

The remittance industry is blooming overnight with success and growth. Expats can enjoy quality money transfers with the appropriate knowledge about the best remittance service provider. After going through all the essential metrics, any expat can make the right choice to continue money transfers with best practices. Any expat following these critical points can save extra bucks on each money transfer to Pakistan to their loved ones, friends, and families.

So why wait for more? Signup or create a free account on ACE Money Transfer today and unleash your journey to hassle-free worldwide remittances. 


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