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Tips for Expatriates - All You Need to Know About Sending Money Online to Ghana from the UK

Seamless Online Funds Transfers from Abroad to Ghana: Essential Tips for Expatriates

24 Aug 2022

It is critical to understand the costs, currency rates, and transfer speeds of various transfer methods to discover the best way to transfer money worldwide. Sending money abroad is now possible in a matter of minutes, regardless of wherever you are. This article assists expatriates in determining the best methods to send money to Ghana, ranging from traditional banks to one of the numerous new internet options accessible today.

With the advancement of digital banking and online money transfer applications, it is now possible to perform international money transfers and exchange numerous currencies without leaving your house.

However, if you're not attentive, you can wind up spending more than you should for the convenience of a quick money transfer; they're not always essential, and they're not always the best option for significant or regular payments. Fees for overseas transfers might be rather costly. 

It's worth looking into several providers to ensure you receive the best value when sending money abroad.

Send Money With A Wire Transfer Or A Money Transfer Service

Many individuals have heard of international money transfer companies like ACE Money Transfer. The firm is well-known for delivering money rapidly to practically any location across 100+ countries on the planet. Their international wire transfers are convenient when the recipient lacks access to a bank account, is in a remote location, or requires cash immediately. One example is a stolen wallet when the recipient needs urgent payments.

Money operators are convenient since you may often transfer money in minutes or hours online, over the phone, or in-store. However, prices for quick, international delivery prices may be greater than for other alternatives, and they may grow as you spend more money. 

Money transfers can cost up to 5% or more of the transfer amount, which fluctuates based on the sent amount. Some wire transfer firms include discounts and cost calculators, although they do not always utilise the mid-market exchange rate. Consider the following suggestions for expatriates looking to send money to Ghana online.

Choose The Ideal International Money Transfer Service Provider

When expats send money to Ghana from the UK, they seek the mid-market exchange rate, avoid hidden costs and ensure that their money is secure.

The Average Market Rate

You may be wondering why you should look for the best exchange rate while making a money transfer to Ghana. Shouldn't a single set exchange rate be used for all international money transfers? There is, in reality, a mid-market rate, which is the midway between the purchase and sell prices of two currencies. 

In other words, it is the difference between what the buyer is willing to pay and what the seller is willing to sell for.

Hidden Fees

Most banks and suppliers provide a higher exchange rate when exchanging holiday money or moving money overseas. In essence, you pay a transaction cost plus an exchange rate fee. However, they do not inform you of the exchange rate cost, which is referred to as a hidden fee. 

You need to choose banks that do not charge any additional fees. It’s recommended that you use ACE Money Transfer for your cross-border transactions. Make an online money transfer to Ghana through ACE because it offers higher exchange rates with no hidden fees yet the most secure and fastest transfers.


Make sure that the company you select abides with the laws of the nations in which they operate. They must also comply with worldwide anti-money-laundering regulations and any other international obligations. ACE provides you with the safest and the best way to send money to Ghana.

Final Words 

A little study and forethought may go a long way when deciding the best way to transfer money overseas as an expat. Each method of money transmission has advantages and disadvantages. 

You'll need to assess them based on what you want, such as quickness or a low charge, as well as how much money you need to transfer and where it needs to go. Choose the best service for your needs, and you'll be able to experience simple, quick, and cost-effective international money transfers. ACE Money Transfer offers the finest and most secure way to send money to Ghana online since you get the lowest transfer fees, the best exchange rates, unbreakable security, and several chances to win prizes using its services.


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