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The Wait is Over - ACE Money Transfer is Functional in Switzerland

The Wait is Over - ACE Money Transfer is Functional in Switzerland

10 Aug 2022

When it comes to making a global money transfer from Switzerland to other countries, traditional banks frequently impose massive costs. As a result, it's no wonder that sending money overseas using an online money transfer service is getting increasingly popular, as it's quick, safe, and affordable. 

Although going to a bank or a money transfer agent was the only option in the past, there are now a lot of financial institutions that offer online money transfers from Switzerland. ACE Money Transfer has recently launched its remittance services in Switzerland to address people's problems with money transfers. 

ACE Money Transfer offers fast, low-cost, secure online money transfer services in Switzerland. You'll discover that transferring money with ACE is a breeze because its payments platform is simple to use and allows you to transfer funds in a couple of minutes.

Money Transfer from Switzerland

Switzerland is well-known for its free-market economy and sophisticated banking systems. Money transfer to Pakistan or any other country from Switzerland using ACE’s services is one of the easiest and most convenient transfer channels.

This landlocked country is located right in the heart of Central Europe. Despite this, Switzerland is not a part of the EU and hence has the flexibility of a single market, including its official currency, the Swiss franc.

Because of a well-documented history of strict privacy laws, Swiss banking services are frequently a haven for wealthy individuals to open offshore bank accounts, ensure financial privacy, and profit from favourable taxes regulations.

In reality, Switzerland's image as a tax haven is outdated. It is difficult to open a foreign bank account in this country because banks undertake extensive background checks to restrict unlawful activity.

However, sending money to your homeland from Switzerland through a money transfer service like ACE is simple. The sender and the receiver will face minimal scrutiny; typically, only proof of identification and contact information are required for online money transfers.

Essential Facts and Figures Of Switzerland Economy 

Switzerland has one of the highest per capita GDP levels in the world. The services sector is mainly responsible for the country's strong economic performance. Switzerland's leading trading partner is the European Union.

Switzerland has the world's second-highest per capita GDP. The services sector accounts for approximately 74% of Swiss GDP, while industry accounts for 25%. And Agriculture accounts for less than 1% of total contributions. The Swiss franc is the country's currency. One hundred centimes denote the franc. The Swiss franc is represented by the symbol CHF. 

How Do You Make An International Bank Transfer In Switzerland?

You may need to send money back home from time to time if you relocate to another country. As the global workforce has become more mobile, international money transfers have grown popular.

Switzerland provides some options for sending money abroad with its solid and sophisticated financial sector. However, because these methods differ in cost, time, and process, you must do your homework before deciding which one to use.

You can make your Swiss money transfer in many ways, including in-person at a branch, over the phone, through your bank's website, or even through the ACE Money Transfer mobile app. The simplest method is to send money electronically. 

The procedure is similar to that of using online money transfer services. The main difference is that if you already have an account with the Swiss bank, you will not be required to register or provide proof of identification.

In general, you will need to provide:

  • Your name, address, and account number. 
  • The name of the recipient and the IBAN or SWIFT number.
  • The amount you want to transfer.
  • The currency in which someone will transfer the funds to the recipient.
  • You may be asked to provide additional information such as the name of the recipient's bank, the country to which the funds are being sent, and the reason for payment (especially for large amounts).

To send money online from a Swiss bank account via international transfer, you must provide the receiver’s mobile number, IBAN or SWIFT code to transfer the funds. You may contact your bank or ACE Money Transfer’s customer support for more information.

Most digital and mobile banks in Switzerland offer low-cost and straightforward money transfer services, allowing users to send funds overseas with a few mouse clicks.

ACE has partnered with many of Switzerland's major mobile banks to provide international transfers to streamline your international transactions without any trouble or worry.

If the amount involved is significant, or if your bank has any questions about the nature of the transfer, you may be required to provide additional information.

How Long Does It Take To Make An International Bank Transfer In Switzerland?

Transfers within the SEPA region typically take 0–3 days. Expect to wait a little longer if you send money outside of Europe. Banks typically provide a timeframe of 3–5 business days. It can take up to seven days in some cases. Many banks offer a fast-tracking service, but it comes at a cost. However, this will vary depending on the amount transferred and the destination.

Choose ACE Money Transfer for Swift and Secure Transactions

Most transactions are completed within minutes when you send money using a debit or credit card. When sending money via Online Bank Transfer, transactions are completed within 1-2 banking days. It should be noted that the following factors may also have an impact on delivery times:

  • Information Reliability (both personal data and beneficiary details).
  • Time zone difference.
  • Working hours for operational purposes (unavailability of banks on weekends and local holidays).
  • Additional information from you is required to ensure the security and safety of your transaction.
  • Unpredictable events, such as a rare instance of downtime, affect one of ACE's business partners.

Keep in mind that most services in Switzerland do not perform transfers on weekends or holidays, so if you request a transfer late on Friday, over the weekend, or on holiday, expect the transfer to be done on the following Monday at the earliest.

ACE Is Here For Expats In Switzerland 

Making money transfers from a foreign bank account to a Swiss bank account or vice versa is something expats in Switzerland will need to think about. 

ACE can assist you when you live in Switzerland and need to send money abroad. You can save time and money by using ACE's online money transfer services in Switzerland. There's no need to go to the bank in person. 

Instead, simply open your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet and transfer the money with a few simple clicks, using your preferred way to transfer money internationally through ACE. Security, speed, accuracy, live tracking, and several other advanced features from ACE Money Transfer will provide you with ultimate peace of mind.

Choose ACE's mobile app for secure international transactions from Switzerland because it is the most convenient method ACE Money Transfer provides.

Final Thoughts 

Customers have an inherent trust in Swiss financial services due to its strict banking and privacy laws, and they frequently entrust large sums of money to their banks. Furthermore, cash is king in Switzerland, and there are no laws or limits on the amount of money customers can carry or transfer in or out of the country.

The cheapest way to transfer money internationally from Switzerland is through ACE: this company provides the best overall value when sending money globally. Its transfer rates are pretty low, exchange rates are the best in the market, the waiting period is only a day or two, and it is a simple and user-friendly platform that is very easy to use.


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