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The Ultimate Travel Checklist: What to Pack and How to Prepare when Travelling Abroad from the Philippines

09 Jan 2024

So many people travel from the Philippines to foreign countries every year for different purposes. The number of people who travel has grown rapidly through the years.

According to research, the number of outbound travelers from the Philippines was projected to reach approximately 4.3 million trips in 2021, up from an estimation of about 3.4 million.

Even if you are a regular traveler or traveling for the first time, knowing the essential items you should back is always better. It saves time and protects you from carrying around extra luggage weight. 

From your money transfers to Philippines to everything you can think of, this travel packing guide will help you figure out if you are traveling abroad from the Philippines. This list ensures that you have all the items that can be needed while traveling, even in case of emergencies. Following the guide, you can enjoy your trip as best as possible, having all the travel essentials. 

Choose the most comfortable travel bag for your trip

The most important thing before deciding on travel picks is choosing the right back to travel. Make sure to have a bag big enough to hold all your necessary stuff and easy to carry. Choose versatile bags with a warranty cause you don't want to avoid ending up with a broken suitcase. It is worst to travel with broken wheels. 

Also, go for a bag that is lighter in weight. You don't want to add it to your essentials' accumulated weight.  Rolling luggage is the best option. It is unnecessary to carry your luggage's weight on your back when the wheels can handle it right. 

List and organize the travel essentials

If you are wondering what you will need to carry when traveling abroad, here is the ultimate list of items you need for a brilliant trip. If you forget any of these essentials, that may harm you. 

Travel Insurance

Though all countries are safe to travel to, misfortunes don't knock before coming. So make sure to buy your travel insurance before traveling anywhere abroad. You are human and can become sick cause of different environments and weather changes. You don't want to spend all of your cash on medical services. So be wise and buy insurance before traveling. 


When you travel to different exposures and levels of UV, your skin may react to it. There is a risk of having severe skin allergies, sunburn, and reddishness. To protect yourself from the tension, make sure to buy suitable sunscreen for a suitable experience before traveling abroad.

Bug spray

Different countries have different travel adventures like hiking, forest searching, etc.

You don't want to sit in one room complaining about insects that come to complement nature. Nor can you cover yourself in heavy clothes if the sun in your travel destination is blazing hot. So make sure to have bug spray in your luggage to keep all the pesticides away.

Comfortable pair of shoes

You are not going to travel to attend a ball night or homecoming. Have a durable pair of shoes if you want to enjoy the trip. You will be able to run errands and experience the culture of whatever country you are traveling to without hurting your toes. 

You don't want to act diva one day and rest for the next two days. So take the advice and put comfort first if you want to experience the world tour right.


No doubt that the modern world runs through debit cards, credit cards, and digital money. But it is necessary to carry some cash with you as well. There are some stores and markets that won't always accept digital payments. So make sure to spare some space for your wallet as well.

In case you have lost your cash, you can always do online money transfers to Philippines. So make sure to connect with a trustworthy service provider before traveling abroad,

Essential clothing kit

Rather than having multiples of a single kind, have different clothing essentials. You never know what adventure awaits you, so make sure to prepare wisely. You should have shorts, leggings, swimsuits, water boots, a jacket, and a cozy shirt to relax. Some people pack their entire closet and end up wearing a single T-shirt their whole trip. So make sure to pack according to your needs. It will be more feasible, and you will be less tangled on your trip.


You don’t get a vibe of vacation. Can you wear your sunglasses and walk in the fresh breeze on the roads? That's a mandatory thing to do. So carry decent sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and feel the trip right. 

Stomach medicines

If you think that the food of the country is clean and you can never have any stomach problems, then you are wrong. The hygiene of countries is different. Every country has its ingredients and spices. You don't know what your stomach and digestive system will accept. So make sure to take recommended stomach medicines to avoid diarrhea and food poisoning. 

To avoid taking pills, you can also check before eating what will suit your stomach and what not. This will be an easy way. You can also search for how to stay healthy and happy while living in a foreign land. But still, you have to take medicines in case of emergencies.


There is no guarantee of light in the streets at night. Apart from this, there is a chance of an emergency power cut or any other misfortune like that. To avoid stress, prepare yourself beforehand and take a torch with you. 

Sign in with a secure money transfer company

There can always be monetary emergencies when you are traveling abroad. To avoid the rush, sign in with a money transfer company. This way, you will be able to receive and send money to Philippines at any time. This will also give you financial security of funds.

A dry bag

Though you may love rain, it may come when you are unprepared. Always carry a dry bag with you when traveling so that you can put your phone and its damageable devices in it to avoid loss.

Dry towel

You don't want to use the hotel towels. They are often unhygienic. So make sure to carry your towel that is lightweight and quick microfiber.

Portable clothing line 

If you have packed decently, you might need a cloth line. You may change your mind about staying on the trip for more days. You cannot trust the laundry men abroad. Make sure to have a portable clothing line. You can wash your clothes in the hotel and hang them on the balcony to get dry. Your clothes will again become ready to wear, and you will also save laundry fees.

Water bottle

There are many countries where water is very expensive, so make sure to have a reusable water bottle. This way, you will save yourself from paying for drinking water. Also, it is a good step for reducing plastic waste. Use a flask, bottle, or container to help your thirst.

Shoulder bag

Putting your wallet, phone, or ID in the luggage is foolish. Sp makes sure to carry a bag pack where you can put all the stuff you need again and again. 

Travel camera

The most necessary item on the travel checklist is the camera. You don't want to return to the Philippines without taking any memories. Capture all the beautiful moments and experiences through your camera so you can look back into the old days with a smiling face.

Bottom line

The world is gorgeous; you must travel and see the craziness and enthusiasm spread around. However, figuring out what to pack and how to start packing is always tricky. This blog will help you fix your packing and save a lot of time and effort. You can always contact and send money to Philippines through ACE Money Transfer. It is the best online platform for your financial queries while traveling. It has extraordinary services and bundles for its users who are taking the adventure of traveling abroad.


What essential travel documents should I pack when traveling abroad from the Philippines?

Essential travel documents include your passport, visa (if required for your destination), travel insurance, driver's license (if needed), and a copy of your itinerary. Ensure these documents are up-to-date and stored securely.

What clothing and personal items should I pack for an international trip from the Philippines?

Pack weather-appropriate clothing, toiletries, medications, and personal items like travel-sized shampoo, toothpaste, and a first-aid kit. Don't forget essentials like power adapters, chargers, and a universal travel adapter.

How can I ensure I have access to funds while abroad from the Philippines?

Ensure you have access to funds by carrying a mix of payment options such as credit/debit cards, a small amount of local currency for emergencies, and a travel money card. Notify your bank of your travel plans to avoid card issues abroad.

What health and safety precautions should I take when traveling internationally from the Philippines?

Before traveling, visit a travel clinic for necessary vaccinations and medications. Carry a photocopy of your passport and important contacts. Stay informed about local safety guidelines and emergency numbers at your destination.

How can I prepare for communication while traveling abroad from the Philippines, especially if I don't speak the local language?

Download translation apps or language phrasebooks to your smartphone. Purchase a local SIM card or international data plan to stay connected. Consider getting a portable Wi-Fi device for reliable internet access while on the go.

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