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The Rise of Ecotourism: Top Destinations for Sustainable Travel in 2024

The Rise of Ecotourism: Top Destinations for Sustainable Travel in 2024

21 Dec 2023

Save some money by earning some rewards from the best money transfer service provider – ACE, and start your sustainable travel. Responsible travel is essential to preserve the planet for future generations. Travel in 2024 can be a deliberate choice to be a better traveler by doing careful planning and selecting eco-friendly locations, activities, and accommodations. Think of a journey's ripple effects. 

Through the stories and experiences, every single travel decision has the potential to affect and inspire peers and communities. Years of "fast tourism" have harmed the vulnerable planet, frequently by consuming too many resources and contributing to more pollution. Around 8% of the carbon emissions produced worldwide are attributable to tourism. 

Getting into the Insights

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that cruise ships produce 1 billion gallons of raw sewage each year, much of which finds its way into the oceans and seas. The best travel destinations for sustainability are those that limit the number of tourists, support conservation, and benefit local communities. The top travel locations for sustainability in 2024 are listed below.


With orangutans, proboscis monkeys, sun bears, clouded leopards, and countless other fascinating animals calling much of Borneo home, it is a natural haven. The vast 43,800-hectare Danum Valley conservation area is a prime example of how important it is to preserve such incredible biodiversity.

The Borneo Rainforest Lodge, the sole establishment in the area, provides a variety of low-impact, environmentally friendly activities, including a stunning canopy walkway that rises 27 meters above the forest floor. One can get a glimpse of this untainted wilderness by engaging in activities like birdwatching, jungle treks, swimming in the Tembeling waterfall, and thrilling tubing down the Danum River.

Costa Rica

The sustainable tourism crown jewel of Latin America has long been Costa Rica. As a result of a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, nearly the entire nation is now powered by renewable energy sources. The Nayara tent camp in Arenal's volcanic region left the wilderness and animal habitats undeveloped during construction. 

Massively reforestation has increased the tropical rainforest, supplying butterflies, monkeys, and sloths with secure habitats. Additionally, there is a focus on assisting the neighborhood by way of employment opportunities and social initiatives. You can use international money transfer services to ask your loved ones for more cash and keep having fun. 

Gozo, Malta 

You will adore this island, which is located just off the coast of lovely Malta. Travelers from around the world visit Gozo because it has some of the most beautiful beaches you'll ever see. Authorities on the island and those who reside there make a special effort to maintain a responsible relationship with their natural surroundings to keep the island's appeal, and they also expect their visitors to do the same. 

The island embraces alternative tourism by offering visitors a variety of activities and sites, including warm farmhouses, rural villas, and seaside hotels. This means that while vacationing on the enchanted island of Gozo and enjoying its magnificent beaches, you can learn about its rich cultural and historical past and sample some delectable and nutritious organic food.

Galapagos Islands And Ecuador

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands make up one of the planet's megadiverse regions, hosting an astounding 6.1% of all species. Local authorities have already demonstrated their commitment to environmental protection by enforcing stringent entry requirements and building the first sustainable airport in the world.

Award-winning sustainable hotels and cruises in the Amazon, such as Cloud Forests and Galapagos Archipelago, use green practices and take the lead on conservation initiatives. The pursuit of sustainability also requires socioeconomic advancement. The Napo Wildlife Center supports a 500-year-old Amazon community through employment and other activities while preserving its traditional ways of life.


Peru, a nation with abundant natural resources and strict government regulations regarding sustainable development, has a bright future. An incredibly popular tourist destination, Machu Picchu is a long-time item on travelers' must-see lists. The obviously "over-visited" ancient ruins themselves are now protected by limiting the number of visitors, making guided tours mandatory, and enforcing time restrictions.

A unique, sustainable hotel is located further into the Sacred Valley, 400 meters above the ground and dangling from a cliff. The transparent walls of The Sky Lodge allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the outdoors. It has a dry ecological bathroom suite and zero single-use plastic consumption and is entirely powered by solar energy. The only transportation options to the hotel are thrilling zip lines or low-impact walking transfers.

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The responsible wildlife management in Rwanda, especially for the critically endangered mountain gorilla and white rhino, places it high on the list of eco-friendly travel destinations. Fewer visitors reduce the environmental impact when applying the "less is more" philosophy. 

Great ape research and protection are top priorities at Wilderness Bisate Lodge, which is close to Volcanoes National Park. A record number of indigenous trees—more than 70,000—were planted by Bisate as part of a ground-breaking reforestation program, ensuring a more sustainable future for the region.


This icy island's main draw is the land itself, which is breathtakingly beautiful. Iceland is a leader in the production of sustainable energy because it has access to many renewable energy sources, including thermal energy. Renewable energy supplies supply 85% of its energy needs. 

Various low-impact activities that immerse visitors in this natural paradise include glacier hikes, ice caving, puffin watching, viewing the northern lights, and relaxing in the blue lagoon. Both Torfh's Retreat, with its turf rooftops and fleet of electric vehicles, and The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon, with its use of geothermal energy, are examples of sustainable architecture and green operations.

What's not to love about nature vacations? They're good for the environment, your soul, and your bank account. You can always count on ACE Money Transfer to be by your side, whether you're planning a trip to a faraway place or want to promote ecotourism.

Bottom Line 

Nothing can stop you from planning a sustainable vacation with these mind-blowing travel destinations. After all, it only makes sense to make your travel investment pay off in more than one way. Use ACE's service if you want your family or friends to make an online money transfer for you while you're traveling in these locations.


What is ecotourism, and how does it differ from traditional tourism?

Ecotourism is a responsible and sustainable form of travel that focuses on conserving natural environments and supporting local communities. It differs from traditional tourism by emphasizing eco-friendly practices, minimizing negative impacts on ecosystems, and promoting education and conservation efforts.

What are some of the key benefits of choosing ecotourism destinations for travelers and the environment?

Traveling to ecotourism destinations allows travelers to connect with nature, support local conservation initiatives, and experience pristine natural environments. It also promotes sustainable tourism practices, which can help protect fragile ecosystems and preserve biodiversity.

Are ecotourism destinations only suited for nature enthusiasts and environmentalists, or can anyone enjoy these experiences?

Ecotourism destinations cater to a wide range of travelers. While nature enthusiasts and environmentalists may be drawn to these destinations, anyone can enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes, engage in educational experiences, and contribute to conservation efforts while traveling sustainably.

How can travelers ensure they are making responsible choices when visiting ecotourism destinations?

Travelers can make responsible choices by researching and selecting certified ecotourism providers, following Leave No Trace principles, respecting local cultures and traditions, minimizing waste and plastic use, and supporting eco-friendly accommodations and transportation options.

What are some top ecotourism destinations recommended for travelers interested in sustainable travel experiences?

Some top ecotourism destinations include Costa Rica (known for its rainforests and biodiversity), Iceland (with its geothermal wonders), Borneo (for orangutan conservation), the Galápagos Islands (known for unique wildlife), and Bhutan (with its focus on Gross National Happiness and sustainability). These destinations offer a blend of natural beauty, responsible tourism practices, and immersive experiences for travelers.

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