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The Pros and Cons of Working Abroad: Factors to Consider when Moving to Italy from Pakistan

02 Oct 2023

Like many other countries, Pakistan is undergoing a severe economic crisis at present. The situation led to 800,000 skilled and semi-skilled people, including some highly educated professionals, leaving Pakistan in 2022. More than 9 million Pakistanis already work abroad, out of which 200,000+ are settled in Italy alone. These overseas Pakistanis work hard to earn and then send money to Pakistan from Italy and other foreign countries, contributing to the overall economic growth of the countryThe remittance sent by these Pakistanis enormously impacts the country's economy.

In today's globalised world, more and more individuals are considering working abroad. Leaving your home country for employment can be an exciting and life-changing experience, but it is also a significant choice that should not be taken lightly. Going abroad, whether to learn or live, is a dream. Getting a job overseas is a bit more complicated. Remember that the advantages and disadvantages of working abroad differ depending on where you reside and your career path.

Before you pack your belongings and say goodbye to your friends and family, weigh the pros and cons of working overseas and consider the factors that may influence your decision.

What are the Pros of Working Abroad?

Moving abroad to seek better work opportunities may be a dream of many, but not all are aware of the true benefits of going to foreign lands for employment. Here are some of the key advantages of working in a developed country like Italy.

Better Career Opportunities

One of the most important benefits of working overseas is the possibility of better career opportunities and higher-paying positions. Depending on your profession, you can work with advanced technology, receive improved training, and be exposed to innovative work practices.

To advance your career by working overseas, research the job market and opportunities available in your chosen country. It would help to consider whether the nation has a high demand for your skillset and career progression options.

Consider whether your professional credentials and education are recognised in the foreign country you're considering moving to. To satisfy the requirements for the job you want, you may need to obtain extra certifications or undergo additional training in some cases.

When you get settled in Italy with your dream job and start earning, you can send financial support back home to your loved ones through a money transfer from Italy to Pakistan via a credible service like ACE Money Transfer.

Attain Foreign Language Skills.

Learning a new language is one of the most obvious advantages of working overseas. The world considers English the global language, but there are others to know. If you want to work in a nation for an extended period, you must understand the language. It is also a valuable skill to have when working or travelling overseas.

Besides English, which is the universal language for communication, you get a chance to learn Italian, the primary language of Italy, and foreign languages like French, Spanish, German, and even Arabic.


Verbal communication is not the only mode of dialogue. Depending on where you work, you may come across a country's version of sign language. When travelling overseas, keep an open mind to new language opportunities.

Enhance Intercultural Communication

Intercultural communication is another advantage of working overseas. Working in a multilingual setting frequently entails working in a multicultural environment. You will communicate with individuals from various backgrounds through meetings, work retreats, emails, and other means. 

Those interactions will help you better grasp how to communicate with others. Workplace practises must be modified for use at home. Most of the time, you learn from your colleagues and take up a few new strategies. Your intercultural communication competence grows and becomes a transferable talent to any subsequent job.  

Increase Self-Confidence

Working and living in another country is already an achievement. It demonstrates enthusiasm, ambition, and an admirable desire for adventure. And it requires a lot of self-assurance! However, you feel triumphant when working abroad, navigating cultural differences at work, or establishing a bank account in another language. 

You may be confused and uneasy when you arrive in the new land. As you adjust, that diminishes over time. "Why did I do this?" fades as you become more and more comfortable in your new surroundings abroad. Understanding the advantages and challenges of working abroad allows you to overcome them. Those feelings of accomplishment add to the benefits of working overseas.

What are the Cons of Working Abroad?

When you decide to move abroad, it’s always advisable to look at the drawbacks and cons of going to another country. So when you land at your destination, you are already prepared for the challenges. Below are some significant cons of working abroad.

Managing Taxes Abroad Can Be Confusing.

Taxes are not necessarily an opposing side to working abroad. Yet, it is annoying and complicated. Every country has its own set of rules regarding who pays what and to whom. Sometimes, you are taxed higher, and working abroad is less fruitful than it seems. Before you depart, you should consult with a financial advisor. They can help you and address any questions you have.

It’s also essential to be aware of the fact that if you don’t choose a reliable and the best way to send money to Pakistan from Italy with transparent fee structures, you might end up paying hefty sums in taxes and hidden charges.

Feelings of Loneliness and Instability

Homesickness abroad is a natural phenomenon, and it is one of the drawbacks of working abroad. I've been there, and it's not enjoyable. It is related to the adjustment period and surviving culture shock. It can be lonely at first as you create that community. Living in multiple Airbnbs can also cause instability, a disadvantage of working overseas.


When the thrill of travelling overseas wears off, loneliness can set in. And with loneliness comes fear and overwhelming sadness for the world you left behind. However, it does not last eternally! You eventually adjust, meet people (and locate housing), and become more adaptable while working abroad.

Dealing with Culture Shock

People who work overseas may deny it, but culture shock occurs to the best of us. Even if you think you've acclimated, culture shock can strike. Culture shock examples differ as well. Two examples are adapting to new work hours or learning a new idea of work-life balance. It can be isolating not to comprehend what is happening if you do not speak the language. It can strike when you least anticipate it. However, it is only temporary.

Financial Cost

Working abroad can be expensive, especially if you're moving to a country with a high cost of living. You'll likely have to pay for housing, transportation, food, and other expenses. Depending on your job and the country you're moving to, you may also have to pay for visas, work permits, and additional legal fees. Besides these, there is a fee charged when you send money to Pakistan from abroad. 

Factors to Consider when Moving Abroad from Pakistan

Moving abroad from Pakistan is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. Here are some factors to keep in mind when deciding whether to move:

Culture and Language

The culture and language of the country you're moving to can significantly impact your ability to adapt and integrate. Investigate the country's customs and rituals to ensure you are comfortable with the cultural differences. It's also critical to assess your language skills and determine whether you'll need to acquire a new language.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in the place you're considering moving to may be higher or lower than in Pakistan, and you'll need to consider how your current income will translate in the new country. Consider variables such as housing, transportation, and food costs to determine if you can keep your standard of living.

Job Market

If you intend to work in a new country, research the job market for any openings in your field. It is critical to assess the demand for your skillset and determine whether your credentials and education will be accepted in the new nation.

Visa and Immigration

Moving abroad necessitates the acquisition of the required visas and immigration paperwork. Investigate the immigration requirements for the nation you're considering moving to and see if you can apply for the necessary documentation.


Healthcare systems vary significantly between countries, so it's critical to research the healthcare options accessible in the country you're considering. Consider things like care quality, accessibility, and expense.


If you have children, you'll need to consider the educational options in your new nation. Investigate the school system to see if it meets your family's academic requirements.

Support Network

Moving overseas can be difficult, and it is critical to have a support network in place. Consider whether you have friends or family in the new country or whether there are expat groups that can help you.


The new country's climate can affect your comfort and well-being. Investigate the environment and see if you're at ease with the weather trends.


Working abroad can provide various benefits, including increased career opportunities, exposure to multiple cultures, and personal development. However, it does come with its challenges and potential disadvantages, such as homesickness, cultural adjustment, and the need to negotiate different work environments and social norms.

When contemplating a move abroad from Pakistan, conducting thorough research and carefully weighing the potential benefits and challenges of working abroad is critical. Consider the employment market, the recognition of your professional credentials and education, the culture and language of the nation you're considering moving to, and the potential impact on your personal life.

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Finally, deciding to work overseas is personal, and balancing the potential benefits and challenges with your own goals and priorities is critical. Working overseas can be a rewarding and life-changing experience with careful planning and preparation.


What are the major pros and cons of moving from Pakistan to Italy for work?

The pros include exposure to a new culture and work environment, potential for higher income, and enhanced career opportunities. The cons are the challenges of adapting to a new culture, potential language barriers, and the legal and logistical issues involved in international relocation.

How is the job market in Italy for expats from Pakistan?

The job market can be competitive, and opportunities may primarily be in specific sectors such as hospitality and technology. Fluency in Italian can significantly improve job prospects. It is essential to research the demand for your profession in Italy before moving.

How does the cost of living in Italy compare to Pakistan?

Generally, the cost of living in Italy is higher than in Pakistan. This includes accommodation, food, transportation, and healthcare costs. However, this can be offset by higher earning potential, depending on the job market and individual qualifications and experience.

What are the legal requirements for Pakistanis to work in Italy?

Pakistanis need to secure a job and then obtain a work visa to work in Italy legally. The employer often sponsors the work visa. Additionally, it's crucial to understand the residency requirements, tax implications, and any professional certifications or qualifications needed to work in your field in Italy.

Can I move my family to Italy if I secure a job there?

Yes, after securing a job and the appropriate visa, you can bring your family to Italy through family reunification processes. However, this may involve additional documentation, legal requirements, and longer processing times. Knowing the specific conditions and needs is vital before planning the move.

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