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The Music and Dance in Australia that Nepalese Expats Must Enjoy

The Music and Dance in Australia that Nepalese Expats Must Enjoy

13 Nov 2023

When you talk about the culture of Australia, it is impossible not to add its deep link with music and dance. Australia, as a country, represents art, and it can be seen in its festivals. Australia hosts many music and dance festivals around the year. It is a prominent reason for tourist attraction.

Almost 15% of Australian adults participate in recreational dancing in Europe, which counts 274,352 people.


If you are from Nepal and looking for information about Australian music and dance, you have landed in the right place. This blog covers all the information about cultural festivals that Australia hosts. By the end of this article, you will also know how to send money to Nepal from Australia. So it is very helpful.

Amazing Music and Dance Festivals that Australia Hosts

It is important to have cultural awareness while traveling from Nepal. Australia is the hub of dance and music. Everyone who visits Australia wishes to attend most of the music festivals. Unfortunately, some don't get the information on time. Below is the complete detail of the most famous festivals in Australia.

Bluesfest Byron Bay

Bluesfest Byron Bay is one of the most famous and well-known music festivals in Australia. As the name suggests, it is celebrated in Byron Bay between the end of March to the start of April. This festival attracts fans of all ages to enjoy and groove to music. It also gives throwbacks from the 80s and 90s, so if you have an interest in jazz and old versions of music, it is a go-to music festival for you.


Bluesfest Byron Bay has been happening in Australia every year since 1990. It has now become the root of Australian music festivals. This festival becomes a treat for over 500,000 people by hosting 100,000 guests daily. Apart from music, there is a whole lot of stuff to do, it is impossible that you could be bored.

Falls Festival

This festival happens on New Year's at various locations in the country. It is the most well-known and fun camping music festival that happens in Australia. It is celebrated to ring and welcome the new year. It keeps going for 3-4 days at different locations. Each location hosts special guests, which adds charm to the festival. Many Australian favourite celebrities are expected to be seen at the Falls festival. So if, by any luck, you are in Australia at the time of the new year, make sure to give yourself this treat by availing this amazing opportunity. There is also the good availability of signals in the area, so in case of emergencies, you can send money to Nepal online.

Splendour in the Grass

This festival occurs in late July near North Byron Parkland. It is a vast festival and hosts pretty much everything that you can count as a fun activity. It has a capacity of 50,000 people, which has recently expanded. All the tickets are sold out quickly. As it occurs in the dead winter of July, it is the only festival of the season. So people tend to attend it.

Splendour has a lot of extra activities like camping, market stalls, of different stuff. 

Lost Paradise Festival 

It occurs in Darkinjund, which is 1 hour away from Sydney. It occurs every year on New Year's Eve. It is a popular mainstream festival that has a lot of extra activities like yoga, talks, dances, and different workshops.

Beyond the Valley

It also occurs at the time of the new year in Barunah Plains near Victoria, which is 2-3 hours away from Melbourne. If you are in Victoria, beyond the Valley is a fabulous option for them. Some smaller supplemental stages throw different sorts of parties all weekend. It has a small and manageable venue and fabulous countryside views. They have a great art area with workshops and meditation, and other fun things to take a break from the part for a little bit as well. You can also invite your family and friends to enjoy the festival and send money to Nepal.

Meredith Music Festival

The most prestigious music festival happens in mid-December in Meredith. It is one of the longest Music Festivals that happens in Australia. People from all over the world visit Australia every year to attend this music festival. Everyone can enjoy this festival. There is a place where people can watch the sunset. The festival also counts in hilarious traditions that are an absolute treat.

Bottom line

There are various music and dances in Australia that Nepalese expats must enjoy during their stay in Australia. When you travel to a new country for whatever reason, it is always good to make some unforgettable memories. The best way to do it is by linking to their culture, traditions, and festivals.


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What type of dance is most popular in Australia?

The most popular dances of the Australian community include dances of European descent. ‘’Pride of Erin’’ and ‘’the Lancers’’ are most popular among them. All these dances are locally originated. 

What is Australian music called?

Australian music is called Folk music. The prominent themes of Australia’s famous ‘bush band music’’ were sung by convicts who were sent to Australia in the late 1780s. It was the early British period of colonization. 

What are the popular music styles in Australia?

Australia has a variety of music genres, such as pop, country, and rock. They also create a piece of music in traditional and folk music genres. Aboriginal people and indigenous populations have the continent's most unique, oldest, and most distinct folk music tradition.

When did the tradition of dance start in Australia?

The dance tradition started in Australia in the late 18th century with the arrival of European settlers. New and different styles of dances started to emerge in Australia. These dances were influenced and side products of traditional European dances like the waltz and quadrille etc.

What is the biggest dance competition in Australia?

The biggest dance competition in Australia was created by Peter Oxford in 1995. The Dancer of the Year is the most recognized, respected, and prestigious solo event in Australian Dance Competitions.


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