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The Indians Student's Guide to Studying Abroad: Opportunities and Challenges in Italy

The Indians Student's Guide to Studying Abroad: Opportunities and Challenges in Italy

02 Apr 2024

Did you know that Italy hosts almost 32,000 international students?     

Indians also make up a good proportion of this number. Skillful Indian students later join the Italian workforce after their studies. This aids them in creating a better life and increasing their income. In return, these Indians send money to India from Italy to support their families financially back home. Hence, the journey of study abroad in Italy is very wholesome and promising. However, it has its challenges and opportunities. Keep reading this blog to learn to tackle them in advance.  

Opportunities for Students in Italy

Italy offers a lot of opportunities for international students. Slowly, it has become a hub for international students for the following reasons.   

Diverse Academic Programs

Italy hosts a wide array of universities offering diverse courses. You can pick from arts, design, engineering, or social sciences. Each area provides in-depth learning and research facilities. Italian educational bodies like the Politecnico di Milano and the University of Bologna are globally recognized. They ensure you get a top-tier education in your chosen field.

Scholarship Opportunities      

Many Indian students worry about finances when they dream of getting an international degree. Italy presents numerous scholarships in various disciplines. Such scholarships can cover your major expenses like tuition fees and, sometimes, living expenses. Bodies such as the Italian government, individual universities, and other international organizations offer them. It's worth checking scholarship databases early to find suitable financial aid options.     

Rich Cultural Exposure   

Studying in Italy will not only be about academics and university routines. It will be an immersive cultural journey. You can explore ancient historical sites, priceless art collections, and vibrant local traditions. This exposure is very important for personal development. It broadens your horizons, enhances cultural sensitivity, and creates a global mindset.

Bridging Cultures: English-Friendly Education 

While Italian is the primary language, many courses are offered in English. This makes the transition easier for Indian students. Additionally, learning Italian during your stay can be advantageous. It adds a linguistic skill to your resume. It also helps in everyday interactions, making your stay more enjoyable and heartening.            

Professional Networking   

Italy is home to numerous multinational companies and start-ups. This opens doors for internships and job opportunities. Building connections with professionals during your study can pave the way for a successful career. Many universities also have strong alumni networks that can be invaluable in the job market. Moreover, you should also connect and communicate with other Indian immigrants in Italy.   

Challenges for Students in Italy

Wherever there are opportunities, there will be challenges. Here are a few challenges that you might face in your new town.  

Cost of Living

While scholarships may cover tuition fees, the cost of living in Italy can be high, especially in cities like Milan or Rome. This comprises lodging, meals, travel, and recreational pursuits. Indian students must budget wisely and look for shared apartments, student discounts, and other expense management methods. You should also look for affordable money transfers from Italy to India to avoid losing money in conversion and fees. 

Language Barrier

Though many courses are in English, daily life in Italy heavily depends on Italian. Not knowing the local language can challenge social interactions, administrative processes, and even hanging out with peers. It's advised to learn basic Italian before arrival or enroll in short language courses once in Italy.

Cultural Differences

Cultural adaptation is a hurdle many Indian students face. The Italian way of life, from food habits to social customs, might differ from what you're used to. It may take time to adjust to the new environment and culture. Being open-minded and flexible is key to overcoming this challenge.  

Bureaucratic Hurdles

Italy's bureaucratic system can be complex, especially for foreigners. Getting a residency permit, opening a bank account, or registering with the health system can be tiring. Patience and persistence are necessary. Getting help from university international offices can make these tasks smoother.   

Academic Differences

The academic culture in Italy may differ from what Indian students are used to. The focus is often on independent study and research, with less teacher-centric lectures. Adjusting to this new academic system can be challenging at first. Engaging actively in class, getting feedback, and utilizing office hours can help ease this transition.

ACE Money Transfer Proves to Be a Trusted Companion for Students in Italy     

When studying abroad, you are away from your family, and any connection can offer you feel at home. Moreover, your family has sent you to a foreign land to earn better and improve your lifestyle. What better way could be to show them that you are succeeding in your new life than to send money online to India from Italy? ACE Money Transfer can help you do just that with its top-notch following features.    

Fast and Secure Transactions

Indian students face one major concern when sending money internationally. It is the speed and security of the transactions. ACE Money Transfer is fully adept in dealing with this concern. It offers speedy and secure transactions that smoothly reach the destination within minutes.

Competitive Exchange Rates     

Students who are already stuck in managing finances efficiently need cost-effective remittance solutions. ACE Money Transfer offers market-competitive exchange rates, meaning more of your money will reach your family after conversion. This feature sets ACE apart from traditional banks, which charge higher fees and have unfavorable exchange rates for sending money abroad.  

User-Friendly Interface    

Thanks to ACE Money Transfer, initiating financial transactions is no longer a complicated procedure. The website and the mobile app both have a user-friendly interface. Students can initiate their money transfer with only a few clicks. Even people new to the digital world can easily transfer money without any problems.    

Customer Support

Questions and concerns are part and parcel of managing finances abroad. ACE Money Transfer provides excellent customer support to address students' concerns. This reassurance that help is readily available makes ACE a reliable partner for Indian students in Italy.       

Studying in Italy offers a mix of opportunities and challenges for Indian students. From world-class education and scholarships to rich cultural experiences, the benefits can help the students become better versions of themselves. However, preparing for language barriers, cultural differences, bureaucratic tasks, managing living costs, and adapting to a new academic system is essential. With the right mindset and preparation, you can combat the challenges easily. Amidst your journey, ACE Money Transfer can help you and become your support system. Sign up on ACE Money Transfer today to enjoy your first free online money transfer from Italy to India   


Can students use ACE Money Transfer for small amounts?

Yes, students can send small amounts, making it suitable for regular support or emergency funds.’

Is having a bank account in Italy required to use ACE Money Transfer?

No, you can use Ace Money Transfer services without an Italian bank account, though having one may simplify the process.

How quickly can the recipient in India receive the funds?

Recipients in India can receive funds almost instantly, depending on the transfer method chosen.

Can I track my transactions made through Ace Money Transfer?

Yes, ACE  Money Transfer provides tracking options for every transaction.

Are there limits to how much money can be sent to India?

Yes, there are transaction limits, but they are generally high enough to cater to most students' needs.

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