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The Growth Potential of Working in Italy for Bangladeshi Expat Workers

28 Feb 2024

According to a report by the Bangladesh National Portal, sourcing its data from the Italian Statistics Department (ISTAT), about 150,692 Bangladeshi expatriates were working in Italy in January 2022. These Bangladeshi migrants earn a living and send money to Bangladesh from Italy to offer financial support back home.

Why work in Italy, you may ask.

Well, there are several reasons to choose Italy for jobs.

Firstly, the country has a robust economy with a nominal GDP of $2.108 trillion and a GDP per capita income of $34,776.4. It is coupled with a thriving job market that can easily accommodate you as a job-seeker in Italy.  

But another oft-neglected reason is the growth potential you have while working in Italy as an employee.

This blog will walk you through the growth potential and the tips and strategies to ensure your professional development in Italy as a Bangladeshi migrant. 

What is Employee Growth?

Whether you call it growth potential or employee growth, it boils down to applying new experiences. It also includes learning new skills to create a positive impact on your current position and career pursuits. 

Although the ultimate goal of employee growth is to increase the productivity of the company as a whole and that of the employees at an individual level, this growth has an immensely positive impact on the employees. It brightens their prospects both within the company and in case you plan to switch.    

In Italy, owing to its robust economy and expansive job market, you can have several opportunities to grow professionally. It implies especially if you are working there to earn a living to send money online to Bangladesh from Italy as a Bangladeshi migrant to offer financial aid back home.   

Benefits of Employee Growth 

It is not the country you have gone to or the company you are working in that the benefits of employee growth depend on. It is about whether you get opportunities and chances to grow as a professional or not. However, opportunities to grow professionally are abundantly available in Italy, offering you the following advantages.   

Learning New Skills  

The first benefit of professional growth is to learn new skills, as mentioned earlier. Rather, you grow professionally only when you add new skills to your skill toolbox. So, professional growth encourages acquiring new skills.    

Exploring the Unexplored

Imagine your company wants to send you to a distant area for an assignment. You refuse to go. Another employee, your cabin pal, volunteers for the task. The other employee undertaking the assignment will have a chance to explore the unexplored and may find new and better opportunities. Who knows!    

Better Opportunities

Big companies in developed countries like Italy work in collaboration with each other and, therefore, the exchange of employees is a norm. This brightens your prospects of growing professionally. 

Capacity Building

Another benefit of employee growth is that it allows you to build your professional capacity. If you are burdened professionally to the limits and are determined not to surrender, it will build your capacity immensely. As they say, the sweetest views come after the hardest climbs. 

Expanding Professional Network   

Employee growth comes in various forms, such as seminars and meetings. Attending these seminars can be a great opportunity to connect with people from different backgrounds with different skills and experiences. This can help you expand your professional network by offering you immense benefits of developing your professional network while working abroad as a Bangladeshi migrant. 

What are the Pillars of Employee Growth?

Companies in Italy in which you seek employment as a Bangladeshi migrant to earn a living. It helps you in ways so that you can offer financial aid back home in every money transfer from Italy to Bangladesh ensure adherence to the following four employee growth pillars. 

  • The first one is the alignment at all levels of the organizational hierarchy. It means that every employee at every level is made to feel that they belong to something big.  
  • The second pillar is that every employee has agency and autonomy to opine about the policies of the company. They are encouraged to exercise their autonomy in dispensing their duties. 
  • Wherever you work in Italy as a Bangladeshi migrant, you will be provided with the right tools to be successful. And not only the right tools but also enough time to emerge triumphant from a situation or a task you have been assigned.
  • The management will allow and rather encourage you to lay hands on every single growth opportunity regardless of everything. 

Steps to Ensure Professional Growth in Italy as a Bangladeshi Migrant  

Remember that every company in Italy you work in or aspire to join will offer you several opportunities to grow professionally. But the bigger challenge is whether you know how to grab such opportunities the moment they appear. The following steps, however, are worth considering to ensure your professional growth or grab a growth opportunity as one appears.

Set Clear and Realistic Goals      

Setting clear and achievable goals can help you stay motivated and keep struggling for growth because you set a goal for something you do not have but want to get it. Right? This urge to achieve your goals will ensure your professional growth. 

Find New Opportunities  

Not only should you look for new opportunities, but also try to experience them when you get a chance. Although your on-the-job training serve the purpose of your professional growth better, finding new opportunities is never a bad idea. 

Seek a Mentor

Seeking out a mentor is essential to getting professional and personal advice for growth. Working in Italy as a Bangladeshi migrant will offer you several opportunities to connect with people, find mentors and connect with them. 

Discuss Your Goals with People You Trust

No matter how clear and realistic your goals are, always ensure that you discuss your goals with people you trust. These can include your colleagues and professional contacts apart from your family. These discussions can expose you to the unexplored areas of your goals.  

Expand Your Professional Network

While working abroad, growing your network comes naturally as you work with people from different backgrounds and experiences. But putting in the effort to strengthen the bonds and further this expansion can immensely help you grow professionally.  

Track Progress

Make sure to record your journey of growth. Do not just randomly think that you are progressing. Keep track of your journey and track it regularly. The best way to track your progress is to set little milestones and keep tracking them.  

Enhance Your Skillset

While it is important to learn new skills, as mentioned earlier, to ensure your professional growth, make sure to master your existing craft if you cannot learn a new one. Whatever skill you have, keep refining, mastering, and enhancing it. 

Improve Communication Skills and Education

Communication skills play a significant role in ensuring your professional growth. Therefore, make sure to enhance your communication skills and be articulate, lucid, and eloquent in getting your message across easily.

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What is employee growth?

Employee growth refers to enhancing your skills and experiencing new things every day of your professional life. It also means you stretch yourself beyond your endurance and strength to build your professional capacity. 

What are the benefits of employee growth?

Employee growth offers several benefits other than the growth itself. Some important benefits include learning new skills, exploring the unexplored, finding better opportunities, building capacity, and expanding professional networks.

What are the four pillars of employee growth?

Every company you join in Italy believes in the following four pillars for ensuring employee growth. These four pillars are alignment at all levels of organizational hierarchy, agency and autonomy, the right tools and enough time, and equal chances to find better opportunities.

How do I ensure my professional growth?  

You can ensure professional growth by setting clear goals, seeking a mentor, and finding new opportunities. It further includes discussing your goals with trustworthy people, expanding your network, tracking progress, furthering education, enhancing your skillset, and improving your communication skills.   

What are the benefits of working in Italy?

Working in Italy has several benefits. While working in Italy, you get relatively higher wages than most European countries and an excellent work-life balance. It also includes a low cost of living coupled with high living standards and access to the best quality healthcare services.


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