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The Emotional Journey: Staying Connected with Loved Ones in Sri Lanka While Working in Italy

The Emotional Journey: Staying Connected with Loved Ones in Sri Lanka While Working in Italy

01 Dec 2023

Migration for work is a common phenomenon. Over 100,000 Sri Lankans have made Italy their new home in search of better employment opportunities. While the prospect of working abroad and making frequent money transfers from Italy to Sri Lanka brings the promise of economic prosperity, it also carries an emotional weight, the challenge of staying connected with loved ones in Sri Lanka.

The distance from home, the longing for familiar faces, and the occasional pangs of homesickness are part and parcel of the expatriate experience. This article explores the emotional journey of Sri Lankans working in Italy, offering insights and strategies to maintain strong, nurturing connections with family and friends back home, ensuring that the heart remains where it belongs - close to loved ones.

Bridging Distances, Connecting Hearts

For the Sri Lankan expats, living and working in Italy presents a vibrant cultural experience but also brings forth the challenge of managing emotions and maintaining relationships across miles. The emotional journey is a rollercoaster, filled with highs of new experiences and lows of missing home and loved ones.

Embracing Technology

In an era where technology has bridged distances, various platforms allow for real-time communication, enabling instant video calls, instant messaging, and instantaneous sharing of life's moments. Leveraging these platforms helps stay connected, making loved ones feel closer and more involved in each other's lives.


Video Calling Applications

Platforms like Zoom, Facetime, and WhatsApp offer video calling features that allow face-to-face interactions, bringing the warmth of familiar faces closer despite the miles.


Instant Messaging

Instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal facilitate continuous conversations, allowing the exchange of thoughts, experiences, and emotions seamlessly.


Social Media

Utilise social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to share glimpses of your life and stay updated with happenings in the lives of your loved ones.


In financial connectivity, technology has also revolutionized how you financially support your loved ones. Online remittance services like ACE have emerged as pillars of convenience and reliability, simplifying the process of sending money to Sri Lanka from Italy. Like the apps that keep us emotionally connected, ACE ensures that your financial support navigates the digital pathways swiftly and securely, reinforcing the emotional and economic ties that bind us to our loved ones and adding practical support to the emotional connections.


This harmonization of technology with emotional and financial connectivity illustrates the profound impact of digital advancements in nurturing relationships across continents.

Navigating Time Zones: Bridging the Temporal Distance

Navigating the time zone difference between Italy and Sri Lanka, approximately 3.5 hours, is a subtle yet impactful aspect of maintaining connections with loved ones. This temporal difference, while not immense, can influence the timing and frequency of communications, necessitating a thoughtful approach to staying connected:

Understanding the Time Difference

Familiarise yourself with the specific time difference, considering Sri Lanka is 3.5 hours ahead of Italy. A clear understanding of this will aid in planning convenient communication times for both parties.

Scheduling in Advance

Plan calls or virtual meetings by considering the time difference and ensuring the timing is reasonable for you and your loved ones in Sri Lanka.

Utilizing Calendar/Clock Tools

Use calendar and clock tools and apps to set multiple time zones. These tools can assist in planning and scheduling calls or meetings that accommodate the time difference.

Flexible Timing

Be open to occasionally adjusting your schedule to align with the availability of your loved ones, allowing for more spontaneous and meaningful interactions.

Maximising Overlap Hours

Identify and maximize the use of hours when both parties are likely to be awake and available. Utilizing these overlapping hours can facilitate more frequent and convenient live interactions.

Effective Use of Messaging Platforms

Given the time difference, real-time communication is only sometimes feasible. Utilise messaging platforms to send texts, voice messages, or share media, ensuring that the conversation keeps flowing, allowing for interaction at each one's convenience.

By consciously managing the time zone differences with these strategies, you can maintain a sense of closeness and continuity in your relationships, ensuring that the geographical and temporal distances do not impede the emotional connections with your loved ones in Sri Lanka.

Financial Connections: More than Just Money Transfers

Financial support is often a significant aspect of working abroad. It's not just about sending money back home; it's a connection, a way of caring for loved ones and being part of their lives, even from a distance.

Reliable Money Transfer Services

Choosing a dedicated service to send money online from Italy to Sri Lanka is crucial. Reliable remittance services like ACE Money Transfer offer competitive rates, zero- fees, and secure transactions, making the process smoother and more trustworthy.

Gifts and Surprises

Beyond regular financial support, sending gifts or planning surprises for special occasions can make one feel more connected and involved in the lives of loved ones.

Cultural and Emotional Anchoring

Connecting with one's roots, culture, and traditions is essential. It helps navigate the emotional journey with a sense of belonging and stability.


Celebrating Festivals and Traditions

Engaging in cultural practices, celebrating festivals, and keeping traditions alive, even miles away, helps maintain a solid emotional connection with home.


Community Involvement

Being involved with the Sri Lankan community in Italy, participating in gatherings and celebrations while supporting each other, can be enriching and comforting.


Want to save money on accommodations while traveling to Italy? Check out this article for practical tips on finding affordable lodging options, from budget hotels to vacation rentals. Click here to read the full article and start planning your Italian adventure!

The Way Forward: Nurturing Emotional and Financial Ties Across Borders

Living and working abroad is a complex journey filled with diverse experiences, emotions, and challenges. It involves striving for economic prosperity, engaging in cultural exchanges, and dealing with the distances that separate us from our loved ones. The heart of this journey lies in how we work to bridge these distances, creating connections that bring us warmth, love, and a sense of belonging.


In financial connectivity, the ability to send money from Italy to Sri Lanka stands as a pillar of support, a gesture that transcends monetary value, embodying care, love, and a sharing of life's burdens. Services like ACE Money Transfer have revolutionized this aspect, infusing reliability, ease, and a sense of security into the process, ensuring that our financial gestures reach our loved ones swiftly and seamlessly.


As we navigate the paths of emotional and financial connectivity, technology emerges as a beacon, illuminating ways to keep the threads of relationships vibrant and robust. It offers platforms that allow the heart to speak across miles, sharing moments, emotions, and the minutiae of daily life, keeping the essence of relationships alive and flourishing.

Embrace the tools and strategies that resonate with convenience, closeness, and nurturing of the ties that bind us to our loved ones. 


Let ACE Money Transfer be your trusted partner in this journey, ensuring that your financial support navigates the digital pathways with security, speed, and care, providing you with the best way to send money to Sri Lanka from Italy.


What challenges do Sri Lankans face when working in Italy and trying to stay connected with loved ones in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankans working in Italy face challenges such as managing emotions due to distance from loved ones, navigating time zone differences, and ensuring that financial support reaches their families securely and promptly.

How can technology help Sri Lankans in Italy stay emotionally connected with their families?

Technology facilitates real-time communication through various platforms that allow instant video calls, messaging, and sharing of life's moments, helping Sri Lankans in Italy feel closer and more involved in the lives of their loved ones back home.

What strategies can be used to navigate the time zone differences between Italy and Sri Lanka?

Strategies include understanding the specific time difference, planning calls or virtual meetings, using calendar/clock tools to manage multiple time zones, being flexible with timing, and maximizing overlap hours for live interactions.

How does financial support transcend mere monetary value for Sri Lankans working abroad?

Financial support embodies care, love, and sharing of life's burdens, going beyond just money transfers. It represents a way of nurturing and maintaining relationships, ensuring that loved ones feel supported and cared for.

What considerations should be made when choosing a money transfer service for sending money from Italy to Sri Lanka?

Considerations include the reliability of the service, competitive exchange rates, low or zero transaction fees, and the security of the transactions. A service like ACE Money Transfer, which offers these features, can be a commendable choice.

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