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The Cultural Mosaic of Bangladesh: Traditions, Arts, and Festivals by Expats in Australia

16 May 2024

Over 2 million Bangladeshis are living in different countries worldwide. Their financial contribution to Bangladesh through inward remittances was significant in 2022 at $21.51 billion. Of these over two million Bangladeshis about 51,491 have been living in Australia to work, earn and send money online to Bangladesh from Australia. They offer immense financial support back home.

What is the best way to optimally benefit from your visit to Australia? Remember that it is not only about earning a living in a foreign country.

Developed countries offer you a lot more than just earning opportunities.

What? You seem to wonder!

Well, it is the tradition, cultural values, and festivals and how to enjoy these as an expatriate.

This blog sheds light on Bangladeshi traditions and festivals in Australia that Bangladeshis must enjoy.

Top Bangladeshi Festivals to Enjoy in Australia as a Bangladeshi Migrant

Australia has much more to offer than a robust economy with a nominal GDP of $1.69 trillion and a GDP Per Capita of $65,099.8, both figures from 2022.

As a Bangladeshi migrant, the most significant appeal for you in Australia is the strong economy that can offer you jobs and accommodate you in several professional fields and areas.

But do you think you will need help finding a moment to yourself to work 24/7 in Australia? Will you not be able to find time to look around to find answers to the ‘what’s’, ‘why’s’, and ‘how’s’?

Well, you will find time to look around and explore more, which is essential for you to relieve yourself of the burden of financially supporting your family with every money transfer from Australia to Bangladesh.

But the question is: do you know what to explore and enjoy?

Well, come along to ascertain the answer and know the festivals you must attend in Australia as a Bangladeshi migrant!

Festivals Bangladeshis Celebrate in Australia

Do you know what bears a profound influence on festivals and traditions?

Well, it is the religion. As a majority of the Bangladeshis comprises Muslims and Hindus, their respective communities spread across Australia celebrate the following few festivals with immense spiritual enthusiasm and fervour.

Some of these festivals you can participate in are:

·       Eid ul Fitr

·       Eid ul Azha

·       Eid Miladunnabi

These are some of the most famous Muslim festivals you can partake in. A few Hindu festivals are:

·       Durga Puja

·       Krishna Janmashtami

·       Kali Puja

·       Diwali

·       Saraswati Puja

Similarly, people of other faiths, such as Christians and Buddhists, celebrate their respective religious festivals, like Christmas Day and Vesak, respectively.

The Bangladeshi Literature Festivals in Australia

Bangladesh's literary heritage is rich. Since mediaeval times and even earlier, Bengali literature has left a profound impact on the people and on the literary world.

In this context, the Bangladeshi community in Australia makes arrangements to celebrate Bangladesh's rich literature. The Bangladeshi diaspora in Australia celebrates the giants in Bengali literature, including poets such as Chandi Das, Alaol, Daulat Kazi, Michael Madhusudan Dutt, and Rabindranath Tagore.

Attending these Bangladeshi literature festivals organised by the Bengali community in Australia will keep you connected to your roots. It will also serve as a window for refreshment to relieve yourself of the challenges you grapple with while trying to earn a living and send money to Bangladesh from Australia to offer financial aid back home.

Bangladeshi Cultural Exhibitions of Arts, Music, Painting and Dance

The Bangladeshi community living in Australia is concerned about keeping its culture alive despite being away from its country.

The significant parts of these Bangladeshi are Bengali music with particular emphasis on Bengali folk music and songs. They celebrate the Bengali folk giants such as Lalan Faqeer, and Hasan Raja. But their celebration of Bengali music continues further.

The organisers arrange for emerging talent and Bengali folk singers who have what it takes to bring fame to the country. The same festivals also promote Bengali painting, drama, and dance.

Because dance and music are integral to the culture of Bangladesh and, therefore, where the Bengali migrants live in clusters and groups in Australia or elsewhere, they celebrate it through such festivals and exhibitions.

Most Popular Bengali Food in Australia

Have you ever noticed that the cuisine of the country you have visited is the biggest appeal for you? You agree with that, right?

The reason?

You have never tasted this cuisine before, whereas the food is from your native country you grew up eating. You, therefore, naturally want something different.

But imagine you are fed up with the local food and crave Bengali food. What do you do? Of course, you want to find it to eat.

But the question is: do you know the names of the most popular Bengali foods?

Take a look below if you don’t.

·       Mangshor Jhol (Bengali Mutton Curry)

·       Macher Jhol (Bengali Fish Curry)

·       Lau Patai Pabda Paturi (Steamed Pabda Fish in Bottled Gourd Leaf)

·       Calcutta Biryani (Bengali Mutton Biryani)

·       Aloo Posto

·       Macher Matha Diye Moong Dal

·       Shorshe Ilish

·       Ilish Paturi (Hilsa Cooked in Banana Leaf)

·       Aam Tel Ilish (Mango-flavoured Hilsa Steamed in Pumpkin Leaf)

·       Macher Chop (Bengali Fish Croquette)

These are some of the most popular Bengali foods you can find in Australia.

Most Popular Australian Festivals to Attend

Apart from the Bengali festivals and exhibitions, you can enjoy while living in Australia, you must also afford yourself time to attend some of the country's unique festivals. Take a look at the two most popular Australian festivals below.

The Melbourne International Arts Festival

The Melbourne International Arts Festival is one of the international arts festivals. It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy dance, literature, theatre, circus, performing arts, and multimedia festivals.

Over 400,000 people participate in this festival to witness the epic representation of the arts throughout the festival. Participating in this Australian cultural festival is a sure recipe for understanding Australian culture, which in turn is immensely helpful for understanding the cost of living in Australia.

The Sydney’s New Year's Eve

Sydney’s New Year’s show is one of its kind and takes place on December 31st, the eve of the new year. It can mesmerise audiences worldwide with a captivating fireworks display over the harbour.

People have been painting the town red since morning as they bid adieu to the outgoing year and prepare to welcome the new one. Celebrations continue well into the evening as they anticipate the 9 PM family show followed by the mid-night jaw-dropping show.

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Can Bengalis celebrate their culture in Australia?

One of the best things you can enjoy in Australia as a Bengali migrant is following your Bengali culture and celebrating your cultural festivals. You can join Bengali communities in Australia and participate in the festivals they arrange and celebrate there regularly.

What are the most popular Bengali festivals?

Some of the most popular Bengali festivals Bangladeshis celebrate in Australia are Eidul Fitr, Eidul Azha, Eid Miladunnabi, Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Diwali, Saraswati Puja, Krishna Janmashtami, Christmas Day, Vesak, and so on.

What is Bengali culture like?

Bengali culture is much like other Eastern cultures. Since the majority of Bengalis are Muslims, their culture resembles that of several other Muslim countries. The shining parts of Bengali culture are Bengali literature, religious festivities, music, dance, arts, painting, and cuisine.

What are the most popular Bengali dishes I can find in Australia?

Some of the most popular Bengali dishes you can find in Australia are Macher Chop, Aam Tel Ilish, Ilish Paturi, Shorshe Ilish, Macher Matha Diye Moong Dal, Aloo Posto, Calcutta Biryani, Lau Patai Pabda Paturi, Macher Jhol, Mangshor Jhol, and so on.

What is the benefit of participating in festivals?

Participating in the festivals of your host country and your native country can offer several benefits. You can learn about the cultures, understand the minute details, connect with the people better, expand your network, observe their habits closely, learn to adapt to the new culture and be exposed to new areas of your and another culture.

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