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The Benefits of Working Abroad for Your Career Growth and Development as an Overseas Pakistani

The Benefits of Working Abroad for Your Career Growth and Development as an Overseas Pakistani

08 Dec 2023

Did you know that over 11 million Pakistanis have gone overseas to work in over 50 nations? These expats send money to Pakistan that accounts for 8.99% of the country’s annual GDP.


The opportunity to work abroad can grant you multiple opportunities to grow professionally and develop yourself personally. Regardless of your professional experience and expertise, an opportunity to work in a foreign land helps you learn new skills and interact with talented people, which eventually increases your cultural awareness and expands your horizons professionally as well as personally. 


Rewards of Working Abroad for Career Growth and Personal Development

Here are some top rewards you get by working abroad that will eventually help you gain financial success. 

Gaining Useful Skills

Working in a foreign land among unfamiliar people and circumstances provides an opportunity to gain new skills and learn from new experiences in various job roles in different industries. Depending upon the nature of your work, whether it’s related to your industry in your domestic country or a new industry, working abroad can boost your resume and put you manifold ahead for better job prospects in the future as well.


Considering an example of an individual from the IT sector. If you worked only for domestic firms in Pakistan, then working abroad can expose you to new software tools, technologies, and working styles that are not commonly used in Pakistan since it is still a developing economy. By working on the global stage, you can gain skills and experiences in avenues like project management which is still scarce in Pakistan as well as gain communication and teamwork skills, which are of paramount importance in this globalised economy you live in today.

Developing Cultural Awareness

Likewise, working in a foreign land exposes you to different cultures their values, and their ways of doing things. This enables you to become more adaptable and flexible as it increases your horizons and gets you ready for a better worldview. One learns to appreciate and respect the different perspectives while understanding how cultural differences impact professional relationships and eventually impact any business.


If you consider someone from the marketing field, working abroad would enable them to enhance their communication skills and be prone to new marketing strategies since consumer behavior would differ from the one in Pakistan. Moreover, they’ll learn how cultural factors play an important role in driving consumer behavior. Therefore, all this would help them grow in their field as they learn effective communication and interpersonal skills.


With better sales comes better income. This means you will be able to send money online to Pakistan for your family more frequently.

Expanding Your Professional Network

Lastly, the biggest perk of working abroad is the ability to expand your professional network since you can meet new people and build connections with people across different fields and roles. Hereby, it sometimes attracts new job opportunities for that individual in the future. Therefore, building a strong professional base provides an opportunity to gain insights into new roles and industries, which are indeed also foreign to anyone working in Pakistan.


For example, some journalists who are only limited to working in the Pakistani media restrict themselves to international news and media outlets. If they were working abroad, they’d have the opportunity to go to global events and attend conferences where they would have the opportunity to meet and build relationships with journalists from different backgrounds. This can be extremely beneficial when reaching out for better opportunities to grow your career and collaborating on international news or projects.


Challenges of Working Abroad for Pakistanis

While there are numerous benefits to gain from working abroad, there are also some challenges that the overseas Pakistani community faces.

Visa and Legal Issues

This is the biggest hurdle for Pakistanis, obtaining a work visa and dealing with legal issues since it is a complex and time-consuming process. It is crucial to research and understand your new country's legal regulations before you land there. Moreover, working with reputable international agents or lawyers can guide and support this daunting process.


Cultural and Language Barriers

Alongside the numerous benefits foreign experience brings the culture shock is huge for most Pakistanis. They’ll be unfamiliar with the local culture, norms, and language, making it difficult to adapt to the new work environment. This is because they would themselves be struggling to communicate effectively with their colleagues. Therefore, being open-minded and willing to learn the local culture mindset is paramount. One can take language classes or attend cultural events outside of work to improve your language and cultural knowledge.


Lack of Reliable Global Money Transfer Providers

Overseas Pakistanis have families in Pakistan that depend on their financial support. While many options exist to send remittances to Pakistan, only a few are reliable and affordable. Most of them are either too expensive or too good to be true (scam alert).

ACE Money Transfer to the Rescue

This one challenge is eased through the services of ACE Money Transfer. ACE Money Transfer is an industry leader when it comes to sending remittances due to its global accessibility and super affordable transfer rates. It has been operating for over two decades with a returning user base of millions worldwide.


ACE provides fast and affordable money transfer solutions to overseas Pakistanis. You can initiate the transfer from anywhere; all you need is a mobile. No need to wait in lines or waste your physical energy anymore. The digital app and website make sending funds across the globe easy within minutes.


In a Nutshell

ACE Money Transfer is a convenient option for Pakistanis working abroad due to the market-competitive exchange rates alongside the lowest transfer fees. This means you can send more money to your loved ones as usual, but a significant sum is lost in the transfer process.


Never miss out on the opportunity to work abroad, as it will enhance your personality and impact your professional trajectory positively. Sit back and rely on ACE Money Transfer for all your financial logistics. Sign up on ACE for free and win a free first money transfer to Pakistan.



Why should I consider working abroad as an overseas Pakistani for my career?

Working abroad can provide you with access to diverse job opportunities, global networks, and exposure to different work cultures. It can enhance your skills, boost your resume, and open doors to international career prospects, ultimately accelerating your professional growth.

What are the key career advantages of gaining work experience abroad?

Working abroad can help you gain a deeper understanding of international markets, improve your cross-cultural communication skills, and make you more adaptable and resilient in various work environments. These experiences are highly valued by employers and can lead to faster career advancement.

Is it challenging to find job opportunities abroad as an overseas Pakistani?

While it may require effort and persistence, overseas Pakistanis often find job opportunities abroad in a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and more. Networking, researching job markets, and leveraging your skills and qualifications are essential steps in securing employment.

How can working abroad benefit my career in the long term?

Working abroad can provide opportunities for career acceleration, higher earning potential, and exposure to cutting-edge industries and technologies. It can also help you build an international professional network, which may lead to career advancements and global job opportunities.

Are there any specific countries that are more favorable for overseas Pakistani professionals to work in?

The choice of the country to work in should align with your career goals, industry, and personal preferences. Popular destinations for overseas Pakistani professionals include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Gulf countries, and Australia. Researching the demand for your skills and the quality of life in a particular location can help you make an informed decision.

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