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The Benefits of Opening a Bank Account in Your Host Countries as a Bangladeshi Expat Worker

06 Jun 2023

Stepping into a new country as a Bangladeshi expat worker is filled with opportunities and challenges. One crucial aspect of establishing your life abroad is managing your finances efficiently. If you do it masterfully, you can ensure more savings and send money to Bangladesh from overseas as financial support for your family. Opening a bank account in your host country is a significant first step. But why is this important, and what benefits can it offer? Let's take a look.


Top Benefits of Opening a Bank Account as a Bangladeshi Expatriats

Ease of Receiving Salary

In most countries, employers prefer to transfer salaries directly to a bank account. It's safer, more efficient, and ensures that you receive your earnings promptly. As an expat worker, having a local bank account facilitates this process.

Money Transfer to Home Country

Sending money back to your family in Bangladesh is likely a top priority. Having a bank account in your host country allows for easy, quick, and cost-effective international transfers. Various banks offer remittance services, which are often cheaper and faster than third-party transfer services.


Building Credit History

If you plan to stay for a long term in your host country, building a credit history becomes crucial. A bank account in your name helps establish this history, leading to better financial prospects in the future, such as easier access to loans and credit cards.

Safety and Security

Keeping your earnings in a bank account is safer than holding cash. It minimises the risk of theft and loss. Also, most banks offer some level of insurance on your deposits, providing additional financial security.


Asset Protection

Keeping money for emergencies and financial stability is always critical, especially for overseas workers. Since most Bangladeshis move abroad to ensure better earnings and a secure future for their families, savings become inevitable. A bank account can be the best option for making savings, no matter how small or large the amount you save. Your funds remain protected with the bank, and you can access them swiftly whenever needed.


Offshore bank accounts are strongly linked to convenient services. An offshore bank account is a good option as it gives account holders access at any time, regardless of where they live or their time zone. Additionally, account holders can register their accounts remotely at several reputable banks based in offshore financial hubs without being physically present at a branch location. 

In addition, offshore bank accounts guarantee that account holders will have access to the same kinds of customised services, 24/7 internet banking, debit and credit cards, ATM networks, and other services. This is highly beneficial for Bangladeshi expats, who can easily make a money transfer to Bangladesh by using these services.

Currency Diversification 

One of the highlights of offshore accounts is currency diversification. With offshore banking, you can have a diverse currency portfolio in your accounts. In other words, you can transact in multiple currencies and own multiple currencies in your accounts. As a result, currency fluctuations, which frequently occur in your home country, cannot easily affect your account.

A bank account offers several advantages besides financial management as an expat. However, if your preference is to conveniently and quickly send money home, using a trusted digital remittance provider is recommended. Here’s a brief guide to let you learn why is an online money transfer to Bangladesh better than other methods.

Access to Financial Services


Loans and Mortgages

Depending on your host country's rules and your financial standing, having a bank account can open doors to various financial services, including personal loans and mortgages.


Savings and Investments

Banks often offer saving accounts, fixed deposits, and investment opportunities. These services can help you grow your wealth over time.

Online and Mobile Banking

In today's digital age, online and mobile banking have become essential. They allow you to manage your money, pay bills, transfer funds, and check your balance anytime, anywhere. This convenience is an undeniable benefit of having a bank account in your host country.

Managing Day-to-Day Expenses

From grocery shopping to public transportation, most day-to-day transactions are easier with a bank account. In many countries, cashless transactions are becoming the norm, making a bank account essential.

Assistance in Emergency Situations

In the event of an emergency, having immediate access to funds in your bank account can be a lifesaver. It's a safety net that every expat worker should have.


Having a bank account in a foreign country offers many advantages besides financial management such as ACE Money Transfer is among the top trusted remittance providers, with a highly interactive website and a user-friendly mobile app to let you send money to Bangladesh online 24/7 from abroad.

Getting Ready to Open a Bank Account

To open a bank account in your host country, you will likely need some documentation such as your passport, proof of address, and possibly a reference from your employer. Do your research and find a bank that offers services tailored to the needs of expats.


The Way Forward

As a Bangladeshi expat worker, opening a bank account in your host country can offer immense benefits. It not only streamlines your financial transactions but also paves the way for financial growth and security. Remember, a well-managed bank account is more than just a place to store your money—it's a tool that can enhance your financial freedom and stability in a foreign land.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard for expat workers to open a bank account in a foreign country?

The process varies depending on the country. Some countries have straightforward procedures for expat workers, while others may require more documentation. Researching and understanding the local banking regulations will help make the process smoother.


Can I manage my bank account in my home country while working abroad?

Yes, through online banking, you can manage your bank account remotely. However, having a local account in your host country can make day-to-day transactions more convenient.


Is my money safe in a foreign bank account?

Banks in most countries are regulated and provide a level of insurance on your deposits, making it safe to store your money.


What if I move to another country? Can I still keep my bank account?

Yes, you can typically maintain your bank account when moving to a different country. However, it's crucial to update your contact information and understand any implications for taxes or account management.

Can opening a bank account in my host country affect my tax situation?

Depending on the country and your status, it might. It's crucial to understand the tax laws in both your home and host countries. Consulting with a tax professional can provide clarity.


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