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The Advantages of Opening a Bank Account in a Foreign Country as an Indian Expat - All You Need to Know

04 Aug 2023

Are you an Indian expat wanting to send money to India? And are you thinking of opening your bank account in any foreign country? It may be great for you as it will help you in many ways. There are many kinds of expats worldwide, including some temporarily settled ones in any country because of work or to complete their education. Others have chosen to live and spend the rest of their lives in a foreign country. 


No matter what kind of expat you are, you can always gain the advantages of having a bank account in a foreign country. As banking laws differ based on which country you have moved to, you should look closely at all the laws that apply in the country where you reside. Having scrutiny may mostly reveal that having financial accounts in any country you pick will be great for you. 


Suppose you need a bank account to send money to India or elsewhere. You may want to know its other benefits. Let's explore


Top Benefits of Opening a Bank Account in a Foreign Country


More Flexibility And Ease Of Use

As with domestic bank accounts, you should meet all the requirements of opening and having an offshore account. But you will not need to visit this bank in person. You can easily access your offshore banks anywhere in the world through the internet using the website or a mobile app. 


International bank accounts are often in many currencies, which is easy if you need to make or get payments in many different currencies. The key advantage for expats working globally is the one mentioned here. You can do money transfers to India stress-free. 


Taxing efficiency

An offshore banking service offering international banking is a bank in any country other than your home country. Any account held in offshore banks is called an offshore bank account. While international banking and different offshore bank accounts are all negatively known as a way not to pay taxes. 

But they also offer you legit benefits of making banking arrangements and helping the owner in many ways. You must be aware that being an offshore account holder, you are redirected to pay the taxes earned from offshore savings; after all, tax avoidance is not legal. 

The benefit is that interest on savings is already paid before deducting the tax. This is more favourable than the countries like the UK. For example, the taxes are deducted before adding all of the interests. Taxation may be quite a tricky area to look through, not least as tax legislation gradually changes across onshore and offshore jurisdictions. 



Money transfer to India is a lot easier for you if you have an online bank account where you can send money and receive it easily. Investing from international bank accounts is straightforward and can also give you access to different investment opportunities that might not be available in India. 

This is one attractive feature for expats who are leading international lifestyles. Based on your situation, investing from different offshore accounts may give you advantages, including asset protection, tax benefits, and more privacy. Always remember that offshore investing attracts more regulatory inspection and higher costs. The choices of your offshore bank account must be structured well on your risk profile and financial goals. 


Easy Money Transfers

A bank account will also help you easily transfer money to India and all other countries worldwide. International bank account holders may also transact in multiple currencies, including euros, sterling, a US dollars. They are making the transfer of funds between countries smooth sailing. 

Offshore accounts generally offer better exchange rates and let you move money between accounts in many currencies without charging you any fees. But of course, fees and exchange rates depend on the type of account and bank you have the account in.


Lending And Crediting Money

International banking is mainly a private ranking service; lending and credit facilities are flexible and tailored to your needs. You might find that you can access more competitive mortgage rates, mainly if the property is in the mainstream market, such as the Uk. International banking also has many advantages for expats and is an ideal choice. 

Also, read about which bank account is more suitable for Indian expats.


How to send money to India?

If you already don't have a bank account as an expat, you can use online money transfer services. These services, including ACE Money Transfer, are an easy-to-use and highly reliable for sending money to India online. 

It allows you to send money to India through a few easy steps. Once registered on the application, you can select the amount you wish to transfer and enter your recipient's details to send money quickly. 


Holding international bank accounts is an easy and simple way for expats to send money to their home countries. There are many benefits of having an account as an expat, including taxing, convenience, lending, and credit. If you don't have an account, you can use online money transfer services to send money to India. You can find out how to send money to India on the faq page of ACE Money Transfer. 



Having an international bank account can be very advantageous for Indian expats to stay connected with their people back home. This can be their one way out to different solutions to monetary problems. You can always learn more about these services and have your knowledge before opening your international bank account as an Indian expat to send money to India.


Your bank account in a foreign country will expose you to new opportunities that bring new horizons to your lifestyle. You can explore different options available to people in banking systems.


Why should an Indian expat consider opening a bank account in a foreign country?

There are several reasons why Indian expats may want to open a bank account in their host country. First, it facilitates easier transactions, such as receiving a salary, paying bills, and handling daily expenses without the need for constant currency conversion. Additionally, it can provide access to credit facilities and financial products not available to non-residents, such as mortgages or car loans. Lastly, it could be a means to take advantage of favourable exchange rates or high-interest rates in a foreign country.

Is it legal for an Indian citizen to open a bank account abroad?

Yes, it is legal for an Indian citizen to open a bank account abroad. However, they must comply with the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) guidelines set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Indian residents are required to declare overseas bank accounts to the Indian tax authorities.

What are the tax implications for an Indian expat opening a bank account abroad?

Indian citizens are taxed on their global income. Therefore, any interest earned from a foreign bank account is considered income and should be reported in your Indian Income Tax Return. It's also worth noting that many countries have Double Tax Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) with India, which can prevent you from being taxed twice on the same income. Always consult with a tax advisor to understand your obligations.

What documents are typically needed to open a foreign bank account as an Indian expat?

While the requirements vary by country and bank, you will typically need your passport, proof of address (in both your home and host country), proof of employment or study, and sometimes a reference from your home bank. Some banks might also require a minimum deposit to open the account.

Can I access the funds in my foreign bank account from India?

Yes, you can access funds in your foreign bank account from India. Many international banks offer online banking services, allowing you to manage your account and make transactions from anywhere in the world. However, you should be aware of any fees associated with international transfers or ATM withdrawals.

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