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Tax Considerations for Gambian Expats: Remittances and Reporting Requirements in France

19 Mar 2024

Did you know that 65,000 Gambians live and work in Europe? These Gambia expats regularly send money to Gambia from France and other European countries, which adds up to 28% of the Gambian annual GDP.   

Relocating from the Gambia to France marks a thrilling chapter in one's life. It is the opportunity to immerse in various cultures, get better employment, and eventually enjoy a better lifestyle. Yet, with this adventure comes a complex feature: tax regulations. Considering its complexities, Gambian expats need to understand and go through the procedure of sending remittances with tax regulations easily. Keep reading this blog to understand these crucial aspects of living in a different country.    

Understanding the Taxation System      

It should be a priority for every expat to understand the taxation system in France and around the world if they want to work abroad. This is because the taxation system of France is very different from their home country. 

French Tax Residency   

France determines tax residency through several criteria. If France is your home or primary residence or if you pursue a professional activity in France, whether salaried or not, you qualify as a tax resident. Also, if France is the center of your economic interests, you qualify as a tax resident. Tax residents must report their worldwide income to French authorities, adhering to specific deadlines.    

Taxation on Worldwide Income

Being a tax resident means France taxes your global income. This includes wages, dividends, interest, and rental income outside France. The progressive tax rates can seem daunting. Yet, understanding these rates enables effective tax planning, ensuring you don't overpay. 

Tax Treaties and Relief  

If the taxation system has become too overwhelming for you, here is the good news. France has tax treaties with numerous countries, including the Gambia. These agreements prevent double taxation. They ensure that income taxed in one country receives appropriate relief in the other. Familiarity with these treaties can lead to significant tax savings.

Remittances and French Taxation

If you regularly send money online to Gambia from France, then knowing the taxation system regarding sending remittances is essential. 

French Remittance Landscape 

Gambian expats often remit back home. However, remitting money to France has no specific tax. Yet, large transactions might ring alarm bells. Authorities may inquire about the funds' source to ensure it aligns with reported income. Using reputable services like ACE Money Transfer can ease this process. It ensures smooth, traceable transactions that comply with regulatory norms.   

Gambian Remittance Landscape 

Sending money back to The Gambia is simple but requires caution. France does not tax remittances sent abroad. However, the source of these funds should come from already taxed income in France. Keep accurate records if French tax authorities request proof of the funds' origins.   

Tax Implications in The Gambia  

Remember, The Gambia might tax remittances received, depending on their nature and amount. Consulting a tax professional familiar with Gambian regulations becomes essential. It ensures compliance on both ends, which will avoid any unpleasant surprises.  

Reporting Requirements in France

Understanding the complexities of French tax reporting can seem like a Herculean task. Yet, with a systematic approach, it can be easily manageable. 

Declaration de Revenus (Income Declaration)

All tax residents must file an annual Declaration de Revenus. This comprehensive document details your worldwide income. Filing accurately and on time prevents penalties. Inclusions cover employment earnings, interest, dividends, and any income outside France. 

Déclaration des Comptes Étrangers (Foreign Account Reporting)

Holding a bank account outside France? You should report it. French tax authorities require information on all foreign accounts. Declarations include the account number, bank name, and the account's balance. Non-disclosure carries stiff penalties. Ensuring complete transparency is paramount. Further, you can use this foreign account to make online money transfers from France to Gambia.

Tips for Compliance and Savings 

Here are some essential and helpful tips for compliance and savings.

Leverage Tax Credits and Deductions  

France offers various tax credits and deductions. These range from education expenses to energy-efficient home renovations and charity donations. Maximizing these can lower your taxable income significantly.  

Use Qualified Tax Services

Understanding French tax laws and treaties benefits significantly from professional advice. A tax advisor proficient in French and Gambian tax laws can offer personalized strategies to ensure compliance while optimizing tax outcomes.     

Stay Informed and Prepared

Tax laws are ever-evolving. Keeping well-informed about changes guarantees that you’re never caught off guard. Preparation eases compliance, allowing more time to enjoy the French "joie de vivre".

For Gambian expats in France, understanding the complexities of remittances and reporting requirements is not just beneficial; it's crucial. It ensures that tax woes stay within your new life in France. Utilize services like ACE Money Transfer for seamless transactions, consult with tax professionals, and embrace France's beauty and opportunity with peace of mind. Remember, compliance is the key to fiscal tranquility in the mesmerizing journey of expatriation. What are you waiting for? Create your account on ACE and enjoy your first free money transfer from France to Gambia.  


Do I need to pay taxes in France if I am only there temporarily but earn income?

Yes, any income earned in France requires you to file a tax return, regardless of your residency status.

What is the deadline for filing a tax return in France?

The tax return deadline varies annually but typically falls in May for residents and June for non-residents.

Can expats benefit from any social security agreements between The Gambia and France?

Yes, there are bilateral social security agreements that can affect contributions and benefits for expats.

Are there any specific tax exemptions for Gambian expats in France?

No specific exemptions for Gambian expats, but various tax credits and deductions apply depending on individual circumstances.

If I sell a property in The Gambia while living in France, do I pay capital gains tax in France?

Yes, as a French tax resident, you're subject to tax on worldwide income, including capital gains from property sales abroad. 

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