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Steps to Download Transaction Receipt in the ACE Mobile App

30 Apr 2024

How can you get a digital receipt of your global money transfer? After sending remittances worldwide, you can download a transaction receipt using the ACE Money Transfer mobile app. Transaction receipts are the proof of your money transfer. ACE allows senders to download the transaction receipt to keep a record of their money transfers. According to research in 2020, more than 281 billion expats reside worldwide. The value of remittance varies in the region. Most expats use digital remittance services, expected to cross US$151.30bn in 2024.  

Remittance plays a significant role in supporting families, driving economic growth, and fostering global development. For millions of expatriates working abroad, remittances serve as a lifeline because it enables expats to maintain their financial connection with the world and their families. ACE provides support to expats for handling their finances. Managing finances overseas can be challenging, so keeping a record helps a great deal. Explore the article to learn how to download transaction receipts from ACE Mobile App:     

Steps for Downloading Transaction Receipt from the ACE Money Transfer Mobile Application  

Having a receipt for every transaction can help you make a record file of all your money transfers. Transaction receipts include all the amount details, payment date, time, and recipient info. It helps expats to make a proper budget and avoid fraud risks and scams. Read the steps below to download your transaction slip:  

Open Your ACE App

To download your transaction receipt, open your ACE mobile app. Login to your account and look for the main standing page.   

Select the Transaction

Go to the transaction history and look for the transaction for which you need a receipt. The mobile app of ACE Money Transfer holds a proper record and history of your transaction. Select the transaction.  

Find the Receipt Option

After selecting a transaction, swipe the transaction to the left side. Find the option of the receipt and click the receipt button.        

Download the Receipt

After clicking the receipt option, you will find an option to download, save, or share. You can select any option. By tapping on the download button, you will get your receipt. If you click on save, it will allow you to have your slip as a PDF on your mobile phone. Moreover, you can also directly share your transaction receipt with anyone to inform them about the transaction or to keep a record of your online money transfer.  


You can also repeat the process if needed. Also, you can perform all the functions of saving, downloading, and sharing the transaction receipt. If you still need clarification, you can watch a video tutorial on downloading the transaction receipt here

Benefits of Keeping Receipts for Remittance Transactions

In this digital world, security is a major concern for many expats, especially while sending money abroad. Transaction receipts are proof of payment and provide details such as the transaction amount, date, recipient information, and account number. These receipts record your financial activities and help you manage your account, track expenses, and handle remittance transactions. The following are the benefits of the transaction receipts:  

●  Ensure Security    

Transaction receipts build a relationship of trust between the company and the client. It ensures the security of transactions. It becomes a symbol of safety that your amount is securely sent to the destination.     

●  Maintains a Record

You can maintain a record of your transactions. By collecting all the slips, you can effectively manage the cost of remittance transferred to others. You can use it to resolve errors and disputes. Expats must make multiple transactions worldwide with different people, so maintaining a transaction record can help them memorize their money transfers.  

●   Improved Customer Service

You can use your transaction slip to claim the errors in case of error. ACE Money Transfer has introduced the concept of transaction receipt for expats' facilities.      

●  Proof of Payment   

You can also use your transaction receipt as proof of payment in legal disputes. You can meet the official needs of investigation through receipts. Expats often send money online to various countries for business investments. Keeping a receipt as proof can be helpful.    

Do the ACE Money Transfer website and mobile app offer options to download transaction receipts?  

ACE Money Transfer understands the importance of keeping a transaction receipt. It allows users to get transaction receipts from mobile and websites. If you are sending money using the ACE Money Transfer website, you can get the receipt from the web. The ACE mobile app is reliable for users who prefer accessing remittance services on their mobile devices. With a few taps on your mobile screen, you can easily initiate transactions, track your transfer history, and obtain transaction receipts. The mobile app ensures users can access essential financial information anytime and anywhere to control their remittance activities. Moreover, learn how to set up and modify your account on the ACE Money Transfer App. 

ACE Money Transfer allows its users to download their transaction receipts. In this digital world, security is the most important thing. ACE supports digital receipts so everyone can stay safe from scams and keep a record of their remittance transactions. International money transfers often require slips for legal purposes. 

People make transactions worldwide to deal with insurance, taxes, and investments. Adding a scanned copy of the transaction slip sometimes becomes crucial to clear international portals. So you can get your transaction receipt and track your transaction or confirmation process. Moreover, it contains all the essential details of the receivers, including time and location.

Beat the Scam  

Expats who send money abroad often fear making huge transactions. They look for authentic sources with proof to make a transaction peacefully. This fear is due to rising security issues. While making online money transfers, individuals may face fraud or scams. Illegal remittance services or phishing scams may attack expats. To overcome such challenges, it is necessary to have proof in the form of a transaction receipt. Transaction receipts can also serve in legal and official cases. Moreover, it helps you in managing your budget and ensuring security. It maintains trust between the service and customers.  

Downloading your transaction receipt from the ACE Money Transfer mobile application is simple and easy. Just log in to your ACE account and navigate the transaction history. Click on the transaction for which you require a receipt. Swipe the transaction to the left. You will notice a receipt button. Tap the receipt button, and it will show you 3 options: to share, save or download. You can download the receipt or save it as a PDF. Also, you can share it with anyone using the share button. Click on download to get your receipt. You can also use the slip to track your transaction process.  


Does ACE Money Transfer generate transaction slips?

You can generate your transaction slip from the ACE mobile application or web. Just click on the transaction and press download to get your receipt.

How to download transaction receipts from the ACE Money Transfer mobile app?

You can download your receipt by logging in to your ACE app, navigating transaction history, swiping left to the transaction, pressing receipt, and clicking the download button to get it.

Why is it important to have a transaction receipt?

Transaction receipts are proof of your money transfers. You can use them legally or to track the transaction process. Moreover, it helps you record your monthly transactions and manage your monthly budget.

In which format are transaction receipts downloaded from the ACE Mobile App?

You can download the transaction receipt in PDF or by your preference. ACE provides multiple formats that are appropriate for your phone's settings.

How to access transaction receipts from previous months in the ACE Mobile App?

The mobile application of ACE supports a feature of transaction history. It keeps on maintaining a proper record of all your transactions. You can access the previous month's transactions from the transaction history. 

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