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Expats in the UK Adopt Innovation: Philippines See Rise in Mobile Money Transfers

30 Apr 2024

In recent years, the rise of mobile money transfers to the Philippines is evident that overseas Filipino workers, particularly the ones who send money to Philippines from UK, are embracing innovation.

For Filipinos living and working in the UK, sending money home to support loved ones has traditionally involved remittance centers or bank transfers.

However, a new trend is emerging - the rapid adoption of mobile money transfers. This innovative approach offers Filipinos in the UK a faster, more convenient, and often more affordable way to send money back to the Philippines.

Shifting Trend Towards Mobile Money Among Filipinos

World Bank Remittance Data suggests that the Philippines received a staggering $35 billion in remittances in 2019. The UK is a significant source of these remittances, with a thriving Filipino community.

In recent years, the Philippines has witnessed a dramatic rise in mobile phone ownership and mobile wallet usage. Platforms like GCash and Maya have become household names.

Expats living in the UK are sending more money in mobile wallets in the Philippines.

Why Mobile Money Transfers are Gaining Popularity

Several factors contribute to the rise of mobile money transfers among Filipinos in the UK.

Growing Smartphone Penetration   

The Philippines has witnessed a significant rise in smartphone ownership in recent years. This widespread mobile phone use makes mobile money transfers readily accessible for Filipinos receiving funds.  

Tech-Savvy Users

Filipinos, particularly younger generations, are increasingly comfortable using technology to send money online to Philippines from UK. Mobile money transfers cater perfectly to this tech-savvy demographic.  


Mobile money transfer apps can be accessed from a smartphone anytime, anywhere. This eliminates the need to visit a physical location like a remittance center.  


Transactions are processed quickly, often in real-time, ensuring your loved ones in the Philippines receive the funds promptly.


Mobile money transfers can be more cost-effective than traditional methods, especially for smaller transfers. Transaction fees are often lower, and some services offer competitive exchange rates.  


Reputable mobile money transfer providers employ robust security measures to protect user data and financial information.   


Mobile apps typically provide clear transaction fees and real-time exchange rates, allowing users to plan their transfers effectively.  

Real-Time Tracking

Many mobile money transfer apps offer real-time tracking features. You can monitor the status of your transfer, providing peace of mind knowing the funds are on their way. These advantages particularly appeal to Filipinos in the UK who might be juggling busy work schedules or have limited access to traditional remittance centers.

The Impact on the Philippine Economy and Society

The growing popularity of mobile money transfers has a positive impact on the Philippines in several ways: 

Faster Money Circulation

Online money transfer from UK to Philippines ensures funds reach families in the Philippines quicker, boosting household finances and economic activity.   

Financial Inclusion

Mobile transferred money reaches Filipinos in remote areas who might need access to traditional banking services. This fosters financial inclusion and empowers individuals. 

Supports Small Businesses    

Filipinos in the UK can use mobile money transfers to support small businesses back home, contributing to local economic growth. 

Promotes Digital Transformation

The rise of mobile money transfer to the Philippines from the UK encourages Filipinos to embrace digital financial services, paving the way for a more cashless society. Overall, mobile money transfers represent a significant development in sending money online to the Philippines from the UK. This innovative approach offers a secure, convenient, and affordable way for Filipinos abroad to support their families and contribute to the Philippine economy.

Challenges and Solutions for Mobile Money Transfer Adoption in the Philippines

The rise of mobile money transfers for Filipinos in the UK, who send money home to the Philippines, is a positive trend. 

However, there are still challenges to overcome for broader adoption, particularly in the Philippines:

Digital Literacy

Only some people in the Philippines, especially in rural areas, possess the necessary digital literacy skills to use smartphones and navigate mobile money transfer apps comfortably. Following are the solutions to address the challenge of digital literacy.

Financial Literacy Initiatives

Government agencies, NGOs, and mobile money transfer providers can collaborate on financial literacy programs educating Filipinos on using smartphones and mobile money transfers securely.

Simple and User-Friendly Interfaces

Mobile money transfer apps should be designed with clear interfaces, available in local languages, and offer in-app tutorials or FAQs for easy navigation.

Agent Network Support

Maintaining a network of physical agents who can assist users with registration, transactions, and troubleshooting can bridge the digital divide for those less comfortable with technology.

Trust in Digital Platforms

Some Filipinos, especially older generations, might be concerned about digital platforms' security and online transactions. Fear of scams or losing their hard-earned money can create resistance to adopting mobile money transfers. Below are some solutions to the issue of trust in digital platforms.

Focus on Security Features

Mobile money transfer providers must emphasize robust security measures like encryption, two-factor authentication, and clear fraud prevention policies.

Transparency and Education

Educating Filipinos about how mobile money transfers work and the steps taken to protect their information can build trust. Highlighting successful user experiences can also be beneficial.

Partnerships with trusted institutions

Collaborating with established banks or other trusted institutions can leverage their reputation to reassure potential users about the legitimacy of mobile money transfers.

Additional Considerations

While smartphone penetration is rising in the Philippines, ensuring access to affordable devices is crucial for broader adoption.

Internet Connectivity

Reliable and affordable internet access across the Philippines is essential for seamless mobile money transfer usage.

By addressing these challenges and continuously innovating to improve accessibility and security, mobile money transfers have the potential to become an even more significant driver of financial inclusion in the Philippines.

A Brighter Future for Filipinos with Mobile Money Transfers

Mobile money transfers are revolutionizing the way Filipinos in the UK send money home. As you explore your options, remember to choose a reputable money transfer from UK to Philippines service provider that prioritizes security, transparency, and competitive rates.

With online money transfer services like ACE Money Transfer, sending money back to the Philippines can be a breeze! ACE Money Transfer offers a user-friendly app, competitive rates, and a commitment to secure transactions.

Download the ACE Money Transfer app today and experience the ease and convenience of mobile money transfers!


What are some reputable mobile money transfer services for sending money to the Philippines from the UK?

Several reputable options are available, but researching factors like fees, exchange rates, and security features is crucial. Some popular choices include WorldRemit, GCash Remit, Maya Remit, and ACE Money Transfer.

Do I need a bank account to use mobile money transfers?

While some services require linking a bank account, many allow using debit cards for payment, offering greater flexibility.

How much does sending money to the Philippines using a mobile money transfer service cost?

Fees vary depending on the service, transfer amount, and payout method (cash pick-up, bank deposit, etc.). Comparing fees before choosing a service is recommended.

How long does it typically take for a mobile money transfer to reach the Philippines?

Mobile money transfers are known for their speed. Funds can often be received within minutes, depending on the service and recipient location.


What security measures can I take to ensure safe mobile money transfers?

  • Choose established and trusted mobile money transfer services. 
  • Never share login credentials or personal information in response to suspicious emails or calls.
  • Enable two-factor authentication on your mobile money transfer app if available. Maintain strong passwords for your phone and the app itself.
  • Regularly review your transaction history to identify any unauthorized activity.

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