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Stay Ahead with ACE: Unveiling the Latest Benefits to Send Money to Nigeria

15 Aug 2023

Did you know that your money transfer to Nigeria helps in boosting the country’s economy?

Nigeria received a whopping 20.13 billion USD in remittances in the fiscal year 2022. However, the amount could have been much larger if every Nigerian expat used a legal channel to send funds home. ACE Money Transfer acts as a key player in promoting legal remittance channels by offering tons of perks and benefits. Keep reading to know how you can benefit from them.

ACE Money Transfer - Your Ultimate Choice for Sending Money to Nigeria

When living in a fast-paced era as an expatriate worker in a foreign country, there is always a growing need for speedy and secure cross-border transactions. Whether you are supporting your family or wish to make savings for a better financial future for your loved ones, sending money to Nigeria should not be on the list of challenges.

ACE Money Transfer is a leading remittance provider of cross-border financial solutions. It has completely transformed the way people send money to Nigeria and other countries. 

Let’s have a closer look at some of the best features of ACE that ensure you keep ahead in the realm of international remittances.

Facility to Send Money Home in Naira Instead of the USD

Previously, Nigerian expatriate workers had to send money home in USD. Now after the Central Bank of Nigeria’s recent approval, you can transfer your hard-earned money from abroad to your loved ones back home directly in the local currency, i.e. Naira. CBN’s approval takes a step in making remittance transfers convenient for overseas Nigerians and their families; ACE Money Transfer further adds to your convenience and economic strength by offering fee-free first transactions and competitive exchange rates. 

Hassle-Free and Secure Transactions

Expats spend a lifetime building a good income abroad. ACE Money Transfer recognises your efforts and understands how important it is to protect your hard-earned money. This is why it offers cutting-edge security features to keep your funds protected. ACE utilised extensive encryption techniques that protect your transactions from potential attacks.

Another good feature is the ACE's user-friendly platform. It makes your online money transfer to Nigeria much easier than before. You can easily start transferring money from your home or office in just a few clicks if you choose ACE—no more waiting in long lines or dealing with complicated paperwork at traditional banks. ACE simplifies the process and ensures your money arrives on time and without any problems.

Learn a detailed step-by-step guide to sending remittances to Nigeria here.

Instant Transfers for Urgent Needs

When unexpected financial emergencies occur, waiting for days for your money to arrive is not an option. ACE Money Transfer offers instant transfers so that you can respond promptly to urgent needs. Whether it's a medical emergency or an unforeseen financial obligation, ACE makes sure your funds reach Nigeria instantly. It provides a sense of relief during challenging times.

Market Competitive Currency Conversion

Currency conversion can have a big impact on the amount your recipient receives in Nigeria. Unlike traditional banks that offer unfavourable exchange rates, ACE Money Transfer is committed to providing competitive rates. This means you get more value for your money, as ACE reduces the margin between the buying and selling rates. Say goodbye to hidden charges and unfavourable rates, and embrace ACE's clear and cost-effective exchange solutions.

ACE Money Transfer Rewards - Elevating Your Experience

You never would have imagined that sending money to your loved ones could reward you in exceptional ways. Thanks to ACE, sending remittances is no more a mundane task. Every transaction counts here. If you choose to become a loyal user of ACE, you will experience tons of benefits and rewards whenever you send money to Nigeria

Sending money to Nigeria should not be a mundane task. ACE Money Transfer believes in making every transaction rewarding for its customers. With ACE, you'll experience a host of benefits and rewards that enhance your remittance experience.

Referral Bonuses - Share and Earn

ACE Money Transfer always values its loyal users. As a token of appreciation, ACE runs a special program called “Invite a Friend”. This program enables you to become an ambassador for ACE and earn rewards in return.

If you are a Nigerian working overseas, you might know other expats are working hard to provide for their families. You can tell them about the amazing perks of using ACE. Each time a person invited by you completes a transaction, you get to earn reward points. This can be a perfect way to earn a passive income.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are always better than any other form of advertisement. Satisfied users spreading the word not only benefit ACE but other remitters and beneficiaries as well. Through ACE's referral program, you can share your positive experience with friends and family and earn attractive referral bonuses.

Seasonal Promotions and Offers

There is one thing that ACE loves; celebrations. There is no better way to celebrate success and loyalty than by offering seasonal discounts and exclusive offers.

We advise you to always keep an eye on the ACE’s website or mobile app, especially during holidays or festivals. On such special occasions, ACE likes to give back to its loyal users. There are plenty of promotional offers running throughout the year that include reduced fees, bonus cashback, lucky draws, and bumper prizes.

However, these promotions are time-limited, so make sure to participate on time to benefit from them. 

Exclusive Partnerships - Extra Perks

ACE Money Transfer believes in going the extra mile to make your experience memorable. ACE is one of the industry leaders that have been prioritising user convenience for years. This is why ACE has collaborated with leading businesses and financial institutions across the globe. This unlocks a range of extra perks for the users.

Final Thoughts

Sending remittances is now more gratifying than ever, thanks to ACE. The hassle-free user interface, top-notch security, affordable fee, and countless rewards encourage expats to use this legal channel to send remittances. Your funds reach their destination swiftly and safely with ACE. Stay alert if you wish to take part in the upcoming campaigns.

Stay ahead with ACE and experience all of this and more. Sign up today and enjoy a free first money transfer when you send money to Nigeria online via ACE Money Transfer.


From which country can I send remittances to my family in Nigeria with ACE?

ACE Money Transfer allows you to send funds to Nigeria from 28 countries across the UK, Europe, Australia, and Canada. The company has an extensive payout partner network of more than 375,000 locations worldwide. You can send money to over 100 countries instantly via its mobile app or website.

Does ACE cost a percentage of my amount as fees?

No, ACE does not cost a percentage of your amount because it has a fixed fee system. This means you can send a large amount of money without fear of losing most of it as a fee.

What if my loved ones do not have a bank account in Nigeria?

You can still send money through ACE, even if the beneficiary does not have access to banking. There are a lot of cash pickup points that do not require a bank account for cash collection.

How do remittances benefit the Nigerian economy?

 They contribute to the eradication of poverty and hunger, the promotion of good health, quality education, safe drinking water and sanitation, decent job and economic growth, and the reduction of disparities.

What is the fee for a sign-up on ACE?

You can sign up for absolutely free on the ACE website or the mobile app. Besides, your first remittance transaction will also be entirely FEE-FREE, which is a welcome bonus from ACE Money Transfer.


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