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Spices and Savings: The Interplay of Money Transfers in Italy's Cultural Norms for Nigerian Expats

Spices and Savings: The Interplay of Money Transfers in Italy's Cultural Norms for Nigerian Expats

25 Jan 2024

What makes you leave your homeland? Undoubtedly, the urge to earn and save money for a better life makes millions of people leave their homeland. As a Nigerian expat, when you start a new life in Italy, making money transfers to Nigeria from Italy becomes your primary concern. Money transfer plays a vital role in the lives of people who work abroad. There may be various reasons for a money transfer, such as individuals seeking to secure their funds in banks in their homeland. Another reason can be to support loved ones by sending money to Nigeria or to stay financially connected with your native people.

Italy is a center of attention for many Nigerian expats. "It is due to Italy's high living standards and numerous career opportunities. Moreover, Italy offers Nigerian expats various discounts and tax reliefs. In this article, you will learn the ways to save more money while working in Italy and the role of money transfer in promoting the cultural norms of Italy for Nigerians.

The Role of Money Transfer in Promoting Cultural Norms for Nigerians

Sending money holds significant cultural importance. More than financial support, it helps preserve and promote cultural norms. This article explores the relationship between money transfers and the reinforcement of cultural values among Nigerian expatriates.

Maintaining Cultural Connections

Money transfer helps in maintaining cultural connections. It serves as a means of providing financial support to family members back home. Money transactions can have many purposes, which keep Nigerians connected with the people of their culture. 

Mostly, Nigerian expats have to send money from Italy to Nigeria to their relatives on occasions to support them in celebrating festivals or as a gift for events. This financial support ensures that traditional ceremonies are carried out even when family members are physically distant.

Emergency Assistance

In case of emergency, sending money to Nigeria becomes crucial for expats to adhere to cultural norms of support and assistance. So, money transfer plays a vital role in crisis management. Emergencies like medical or financial crises may occur for which expatriates need to send money to ensure their loved ones receive timely and adequate healthcare.

Economic Support

As a Nigerian expat, you may also need to send money to Nigeria online from Italy for economic purposes. Most remittances aim to provide financial aid to loved ones at home. The money sent by expatriates drives economic activities in their local communities. So, money transfer empowers economic growth and contributes to the community's well-being.

Preservation of Cultural Cuisine

Expats must also send money to their homelands to buy essentials to adhere to their culture. Money transfers may also be directed toward purchasing specific spices, ingredients, or traditional foods. These essentials help maintain the authenticity of Nigerian cuisine. Also, it contributes to the preservation of cultural identity through culinary practices.

Extended Network

Money transfers to Nigeria can help you increase your network. You can stay connected to your people in Nigeria by providing them with financial assistance to support their education and business. Investing in the educational and business sectors will help you extend your network and stay connected with the people of your cultural heritage. 

Maximising Savings through Money Transfers: A Strategic Approach for Financial Growth

Italy is a place of cultural diversity and a home for millions of expats. According to research, in 2021, almost 1.1 million foreigners live in Lombardy, Italy. In 2021, 119,435 immigrants from Nigeria were living in Italy.

Italy offers high job opportunities with good salaries and benefits such as low taxes and rents for expats. Furthermore, it provides expats with the least expensive health assistance and low-cost transportation. The following are some benefits of money transfer through which you can maximize your savings:

Choose a Compatible Money Transfer Service

You can maximize your savings by making money transfers to Nigeria by choosing a compatible company such as ACE Money Transfer. ACE is one of the most reputable remittance transfer services that offers many benefits for both sender and receivers. It provides a reasonable currency exchange rate that positively creates more savings. Choosing a compatible service is significant because the excellent exchange rates will make you save more.

Choose a Company with a Low Transfer Fee

To send money online from Italy to Nigeria, choosing a country with a low transfer fee is mandatory. Due to the considerable distance between Italy and Nigeria, most companies charge high transfer rates, which worries expats who have to make gradual money transfers. So, choose a company wisely, compare transaction rates, and select a company with a low transfer fee. Companies like ACE Money Transfer offer low transfer fees with first-free transactions. Moreover, there are no transfer limits; you can enjoy the perks of transferring money throughout the year.

Reduce Transactions to Minimize Transfer Fee

Plan your money transfer efficiently. Try to reduce transactions to minimize transfer fees. Try to send money only once or twice, and do not transfer it in chunks. If you make transactions again and again, you need to pay the transfer rate every time. Read more essential tips for Nigerian expatriate workers to make your living easy.

Also, avoid sending massive amounts at once because this may cause a high currency exchange rate, affecting your savings. ACE Money Transfer is one of the trusted ways to send money to Nigeria. It costs low transaction rates, so you can make as many transactions as you want by saving more.

Money transfer significantly promotes cultural values, maintains ethnicity, or spends a worry-less life overseas. You can stay connected to your roots and preserve and practice your culture by sending remittance to your loved ones.

 By sending money to Nigeria, you can extend your network, invest in business, and get things from your homeland. You can preserve the taste of your cultural food and celebrate your events despite being at a considerable distance. The best way to save money is to choose a reputable money transfer service to protect yourself from substantial transfer costs.

Bottom Line

Nigerian expats have to make money transfers to Italy for various purposes. Sending money back to your homeland can bring you many things. It is not like sending money to your loved ones, but brings you closer to your culture. Tour presence becomes worthy, and you can become a part of cultural celebrations in Nigeria by making online money transfers from Italy to Nigeria. You can become the support of your family and become their helping hand while living in Italy.

So, you can be a responsible native of Nigeria and maximize your savings by making money transfers. Money transfers allow strategic budgeting that ensures that a portion of your income is consistently directed towards savings goals, promoting cultural values and maintaining financial discipline.


How does ACE Money Transfer promote cultural norms?

ACE is a money transfer company that helps expats stay connected with their loved ones by sending remittances. Moreover, it promotes cultural values by actively assisting people in cultural celebrations, festivals, and events.

How can reducing transactions enhance savings?

Minimizing the number of transactions and planning transactions efficiently can reduce transfer fees, gradually enhancing your savings. 

What are the benefits of choosing a compatible money transfer service?

Choosing a compatible money transfer service like ACE Money Transfer provides benefits, like reasonable currency exchange rates and low transfer fees that positively impact savings.

How do you choose a reputed money transfer service?

You can choose a compatible money transfer service by comparing different companies. Look for a company with no hidden charges, fewer transfer fees, and reasonable currency exchange rates.

How can a Nigerian expat stay connected with their roots while living in Italy?

Nigerian expat can stay connected to their roots by practicing their norms in Italy, exploring the Nigerian community, and experiencing traditional foods in Italy. You can also stay connected with your loved ones in Nigeria by sending money to Nigeria.

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