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Should You Have a Bank Account to Send Money to Zambia from Overseas?

Should You Have a Bank Account to Send Money to Zambia from Overseas?

20 Jan 2023

International money transfers have notably increased during the last few years. People from developing countries move abroad to live better lifestyles and fulfil their financial needs. Similarly, there are several reasons why Zambians prefer to move to foreign countries to earn and send money to Zambia. Each person may have distinct objectives, while supporting the financial needs of the family remains common.

The primary challenge for these immigrants is finding the best money transfer service for international payments. If you are one of those foreigners, you can find important information concerning your remittance needs below.

Everything to Know about Money Transfer to Zambia

A considerable sum of money is undoubtedly transferred back home as remittances from overseas. Have you ever thought about how you would manage a financial transaction in Zambia? Here are a few popular ways to defuse the tension about sending money to Zambia  from abroad:

  • Money transfer service providers
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash pickup

Bank transfers are the least effective way to manage regular payments from abroad. The costs and limitations of using bank transfers to move money abroad are downsides. You might not be the first to receive preferential exchange rates and minimal transaction fees from the banking sector.

The list of restrictions imposed by compliance processes is also infinite. Inconvenient cash pickups may result from a lack of reliable network coverage. Cash pickups and wallets are helpful if you are connected to the right remittance partner.

What Factors to Look Up for a Money Transfer to Zambia

It's crucial to consider the total cost of your transfer when looking for the most economical method for your fund's transfer. Among many available ways, the most efficient, cost-effective, and secure one is to send money to Zambia online through credible services like ACE Money Transfer. Let’s discuss a few factors that influence your money transfers from overseas:

Transfer Fees

Some money transfer firms charge a flat or percentage-based fee for making your transfer, albeit this is still less expensive than informal methods like the Kerb Market. Those using informal channels for transferring funds end up paying hefty sums in terms of hidden charges and processing fees.

You can ensure your recipients get more money if you choose an operator offering reasonable transfer costs. For instance, several expat workers trust ACE Money Transfer since it offers ZERO fees on the first transaction, while customers can make global money transfers at the lowest costs afterwards.

Exchange Rates

Increasing the mid-market USD/ZMW exchange rate with a margin is another way money transfer companies' profit.

Some suppliers may impose surcharges on top of the mid-market cost they charge. Others might charge relatively little yet mark up the currency rate. This calls for a careful comparison of the precise amount of Zambian kwachas your recipient will get.

Why Send Money to Zambia via ACE Money Transfer?

International remittance service providers are organisations that offer services to assist expats in sending money abroad—making use of trusted and reliable remittance transfers through providers like ACE Money Transfer.

ACE Money Transfer lets you quickly make a secure and economical money transfer to Zambia with a regulated and reliable channel. ACE strives to provide its customers with the most secure and fast experience of money transfers as a trusted remittance service for your financial needs.

How to Transfer Money to Zambia via ACE’s Services?

ACE Money Transfer provides its services through various transfer alternatives based on customers' requirements and the beneficiaries' convenience. For money transfers to Zambia at the best rates and quickly fulfil your commitments, use one of the ways listed below.

Send Money Online via ACE’s Website

You can send money to Zambia through the online portal of ACE Money Transfer at any time from the comfort of your home or anywhere else by using your preferred device like a laptop, desktop, PC, mobile or tablet. This allows you to avoid the hassle and manage foreign remittances from the convenience of your home.

Send Money with ACE Money Transfer Mobile App

Another benefit of using ACE Money Transfer, adding to the long list of benefits, is a user-friendly and interactive ACE Mobile app. The app is available for both iOS and Android users. Most people prefer to use mobile applications, considering the convenience, tracking facilities, and security.

You can follow the few steps mentioned below for a convenient and hassle-free online money transfer:

  • Sign Up or create your account with the ACE Money Transfer website. It is a straightforward, quick and secure process.
  • Add beneficiary's details. 
  • Securely complete your transfer from your Debit or Credit Card or Bank Account, press the send button, and enjoy remittance services.

Isn't that amazing? The most striking feature is that you can complete this without moving from your existing house.

How to Receive Money in Zambia?

Mobile Wallet:

ACE Money Transfer values your hard-earned money and assures you of a secure transfer at any cost. All you need to provide is the beneficiary's bank account details and select the amount you would like to transfer to the beneficiary’s mobile wallet.

ACE Money Transfer offers competitive exchange rates with the most secure, swift, and reliable transfers. The sum will instantly and directly deposit into the beneficiary's account without an extra delay.

You can do so quickly, flexibly, and confidently while making an online money transfer to Zambia using ACE Money Transfer for cash pick up or a bank transfer. If you need further help, ACE will always be around, just a tap away.

Airtime Top Up

Supporting a family member in Zambia on an ongoing basis is now feasible. Thanks to ACE Money Transfer, you can now top up your family members' accounts in Zambia.

ACE Money Transfer, a reputable remittance service, serves millions of foreign citizens residing abroad. To effectively help international employees, ACE has established worthwhile goals over the years. Through its extensive network of more than 375,000 payout locations, ACE provides remittance services in over 100 different countries.

Bottom Line!

Leading service provider ACE Money Transfer provides excellent remittance options. They are well known for offering secure and trustworthy money transfers, and they have a large number of delighted consumers worldwide.

Suppose you are also a Zambian expat living anywhere across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, or Switzerland, worried about learning how to send money to Zambia. In that case, ACE Money Transfer is your solution. The firm is, without a doubt, the best alternative to sending money, no matter where you are sending it in Zambia.


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