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Sending Money Overseas: 5 Essential Tips for Pakistani Expats in France

14 Feb 2024

As per the statistics of 2019, around 22,417 Pakistanis live in France. The prime reason for their stay could be to enjoy a better lifestyle through employment opportunities, educational facilities, health services and cultural integration. A report by the State Bank of Pakistan (2023) revealed that Pakistan received 42 million US dollars from France in the name of remittances. This depicts that Pakistani expats do money transfers regularly in larger amounts.   

Money transfers may seem difficult to Pakistani expats, particularly those living in France. Considering the presence of online scams, it has become more important than ever to have money transfer options that are reliable, economical, and efficient. Let’s discover the important factors that every Pakistani expat living in France needs to understand while making a money transfer from France to Pakistan. Sending money home is a major problem for Pakistani expats in France, amongst many other challenges of living abroad. Thus, the procedure needs to be easy, safe, and economical.         

A Guide To Make Money Transfers From Overseas    

Importance of online safety when transferring money to Pakistan from overseas can never be undermined. Considering the need of Pakistani expats, following are the essentials for Pakistani ex-pats in France for money transfers. 

Recognizing Money Transfer Options

Your hard-earned money may be transferred worldwide through several methods. The two methods most people normally choose while sending money from anywhere globally are bank transfers and online money transfers. Even while bank transfers are still widely used, most Pakistani migrants in this day and age prefer to send their money online to Pakistan. Following are the money transfer options available:    


Traditional Methods of Transfer 

Conventional techniques such as bank transfers or physical remittance services were commonplace in the past. But as technology advances, internet money transfers have become the preferred method for foreigners living abroad.  


Online Transfers' Convenience

The ease of online money transfers is unmatched. The ability to start transfers from home frees expats from going to actual places. It's a well-liked option due to its accessibility and ease of usage.


Selecting the Right Service

Consider fees before selecting a money transfer provider. Certain providers may have inexpensive transfer costs but partially compensate for it with poor exchange rates.

Fluctuations in exchange rates associated with making an online money transfer from France to Pakistan affect the beneficiary's ultimate payment amount.   

Therefore, choose a service that offers clear and advantageous exchange rates to maximize the money transferred. Efficiency is important. Select a service that offers dependable service, quick transaction times, and minimal costs. This guarantees that money gets to the right person on time.    

Educating Yourself on Safety Procedures

There are risks in the digital world. Selecting a provider with strong security protocols guarantees that online transactions are safe and protected from external threats.

Educating oneself about typical frauds and risks associated with online money transfers from France to Pakistan is essential. The first line of protection against possible financial losses is awareness.   

Legalities and Documentation

Documentation specifics are frequently required for international money transfers. Ensure you have every document you need to meet all the legal requirements. Remember, every document that you provide verifies your authenticity, thus protecting you and your family from any unnecessary legal proceedings.  

Currency Exchange Issues  

The fluctuating currency conversion rates might greatly impact the amount that is ultimately received. Keep up with currency developments and think about risk-reduction tactics. The amount transmitted may be maximized, and currency exchange can be optimized using certain techniques like limited orders and forward contracts. Certain online money transfer services could include unstated fees that aren't immediately noticeable. Examine the terms and conditions carefully to identify any extra expenses.  Reduce unforeseen expenses and guarantee a cost-efficient transfer by knowing the price schedule and selecting providers with upfront pricing.           

Future Budget Planning 

Include transfer costs when online money transfers and any currency rate fluctuations in your spending plan. By being proactive, financial pressures at the last minute are avoided.

When sending money internationally, timing is important. More favorable rates can be obtained by carefully scheduling transfers and considering time zones and market circumstances.  

Overcoming Challenges Regarding Transfers 

Proactive problem-solving is necessary to handle everyday obstacles like delays or technical malfunctions. Be ready to troubleshoot and ask for help when required. Smoother money transfer experiences may be achieved by implementing these suggestions into your routine, which range from double-checking recipient data to setting up transaction notifications.

Utilizing Modern Technology

In the money transfer sector, technology is always changing. Accept innovations and new features that improve transaction security and efficiency. Keep up with emerging trends, including transfers based on blockchain or improved mobile features, to ensure you're using the most creative and efficient solutions.

ACE Money Transfers for Seamless Online Transfers

The following are general procedures you might use to send money online:

Establish an Account

Go to the ACE Money Transfer website.


Verification of Identity Documents 

Fulfill all verification requirements, which can involve presenting identity documents.


Put Transfer Information

Enter the recipient's information, such as their name, phone number, and Pakistani bank account details.


Indicate the Amount in Currency

Choose the currency and enter the amount you wish to send money to Pakistan from France.


Review and Verification 

Check the accuracy of the transfer information by going over them again.


Payment Methods 

Use one of the various payment methods, such as a credit/debit card, bank transfer, or another alternative.


Tracking Through Reference Number 

Using the tracking or reference number that was supplied, follow the progress of your transfer.


Transfer to Recipient

The monies will be sent to the recipient's Pakistani bank account based on the selected delivery method to send money to Pakistan from France.

ACE Money Transfers Security Measures

The following are some regular safety measures that online money transfer companies usually use:   

Encryption Techniques for Transfers 

To protect the transfer of sensitive data, ACE Money Transfers, like other respectable financial institutions, probably use encryption techniques. This guarantees the security of your financial and personal information while it is being sent.  

Multi-Factor Authentication 

To confirm users' identities, multi-factor authentication (MFA) may be implemented. Passwords, PINs, and one-time codes texted to your registered mobile device may be combined. The industry-standard security technique, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), creates an encrypted connection between a web server and a browser. Examine the web URL for the "https://" symbol, which denotes a secure connection. 

Anti-Fraud Measures

ACE Money Transfers may use advanced algorithms to identify and stop fraudulent activity. This might entail looking for odd transaction patterns or changes from your typical transactional behavior.  

Detailed Privacy Policies 

It's crucial to have an open and thorough privacy policy. This describes how ACE Money Transfers gathers, utilizes, and safeguards your data.

Email or SMS Alerts

You may remain current on account activities by receiving notifications for every transaction or update. To ensure that you receive these alerts, make sure your contact information is updated.

24/7 Customer Service 

Having timely access to helpful customer service is essential. 

Mastering the Art of Online Money Transfers From France To Pakistan  

To send money online to Pakistan from France requires managing some factors for Pakistani expats living in France. Every step is important, from selecting the appropriate platform to comprehending currency rates and using technology. 


Can I trust online money transfer companies with my financial data?

Trustworthy providers safeguard your information throughout transactions by utilizing cutting-edge security techniques.


How can I ensure my money transfers have the greatest exchange rates possible?

Keep up with currency actions, think about using limit orders, and pick providers who have open exchange rate guidelines.


Is there anything extra I should know about while transferring money abroad? 

To find out about any potential hidden fees, it's important to read the terms and conditions of money transfer services carefully.


What should I do in case a money transfer goes wrong?

Get in quick contact with the service's customer care. Select platforms that have a track record of providing prompt support.


How can I keep up with the most recent developments in international money transfers? 

To be informed about new trends, keep up with industry news, sign up for newsletters, and maintain connections with reliable financial sources.


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