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Send money to Sri Lanka with ACE Money Transfer & get an extra LKR 2 for every US dollar sent!

Maximize Your Transfer Value to Sri Lanka: ACE Offers LKR 2 Extra Per USD Sent!

23 Sep 2021

A great opportunity that you can benefit from.

The Central bank of Sri Lanka has launched an exciting campaign to encourage Sri Lankan expatriates who are sending in remittances back home and help grow its economy.

Now, you can send money to Sri Lanka in any currency, depending on the country you reside in, to any commercial bank operating across the country and get an additional LKR 2 for every US dollar sent.

Given that currency conversion is tricky due to continuous fluctuations, we will explain how it will all work with deeper insights.

During this campaign, if you perform money transfer to Sri Lanka in any currency, it will be converted into US dollars by using the ‘Middle USD/LKR Exchange Rate (rounded off to its two decimal places) published by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka* on that particular day; and you will get 2 LKR for every dollar that you get after this conversion.

To put things into perspective:

For example, if you send 730 British pounds to Sri Lanka during this campaign through ACE, these will be converted into US dollars at the given conversion rates. Now, suppose if, in line with the conversion rates applied by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, these GBP 730 will amount to an approximate USD 1,000 after conversion, and you will get an additional LKR 2,000 against these USD 1,000 when collecting the funds.  

We exemplify it loosely below.

730 x 1.37 (USD to GBP conversion rate on the concerned day) = USD 1,000

1,000 x LKR2 = LKR2,000/-

Isn’t this exciting!

So, what are you waiting for? Just open ACE Money Transfer’s app on your smartphone or visit our official website to become a part of this excitingly rewarding campaign NOW.

*Reference: Notification published by Central Bank of Sri Lanka.



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