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Send Money to IMEPAY Wallet in Nepal via ACE Money Transfer and Get an Additional Bonus of 100 Rupees

Send Money to IMEPAY Wallet in Nepal via ACE Money Transfer and Get an Additional Bonus of 100 Rupees

14 Dec 2022

Nepal is one of the low-to-middle-income countries in South Asia, and just like other developing countries, its economy depends largely on remittances. 5 million Nepalese diasporas live abroad, most of whom send money to Nepal to support their households. They’ve helped significantly increase remittance inflows to Nepal, making up more than 20% of its GDP. ACE Money Transfer always provides top-notch services to Nepalese expatriates alongside exceptional rewards to foster the growth of remittances.

So, to provide comfort and motivation to the more than 5 million strong diasporas of Nepal, ACE Money Transfer and GME Remittance have brought forward a special bonus of 100 Nepali rupees on every remittance transaction. Let us inform you in detail what this special incentive is and how to avail of it.

Your Recipient Gets Rs 100 Bonus from ACE Money Transfer and GME Remittance

ACE Money Transfer and  GME Remittance have been working tirelessly day in and day out to provide the best experience possible for the diaspora of Nepal. These Nepalese living abroad must be excited to learn that both the partnering institutions have launched an incentive/bonus campaign to promote Mobile Wallet transactions, which could help to change customer conduct.

The campaign focuses on shifting the trends from illegal and traditional receiving methods like the Kerb Market, Agents/shops or banks to converting them into mobile wallets/digital mediums. Now, your receiver can get NPR 100 as a bonus in the IMEPAY account along with the payment if you send money online via ACE Money Transfer to IMEPAY Mobile Wallet.

Behind The Scenes Of The Offer

The uptake of digital modes of transactions could increase the share of remittances being sent through formal and legal mediums, and by improving the environment for the payout at the domestic level in Nepal by promoting digital wallets/payments, international remittances can further be boosted. Having said that, this initiative is a step taken in this direction by ACE Money Transfer and GME Remittance. They have started providing an additional bonus amounting to NPR 100 on top of the amount being sent directly to the IME Pay mobile wallet through every online money transfer to Nepal via ACE Money Transfer. This announcement has been made indefinitely.

Trend Shift Towards Digitization

A large number of diaspora used to send money to Nepal by either electronic fund transfers such as by SWIFT or by demand draft in the late 90s. By the 2000s, many banks and Money Transfer Operators were offering international money transfers. This has grown into a huge business, especially when discussing online money transfers to Nepal. Instant processing of payments, reliable systems, funds tracking features, and better incentives (such as this one by ACE Money Transfer and GME Remittance) are reasons you are seeing a trend shift towards digitisation. People now trust using a digital solution for international money transfers such as ACE Money Transfer more than ever, using their website and mobile app frequently.

Discouragement Of Illegal Channels

Nepalese living abroad have been using illegal mediums of money transfer to Nepal for quite a few reasons. One reason is a better exchange rate than traditional banks. They even take the risk of losing their hard-earned money by using such mediums just for a few extra pennies for their receivers.

But GME Remittance and ACE Money Transfer have decided to step up for the Nepalese diaspora and are now offering this incentive of NPR 100 extra for their Nepalese customers that are sending money to the IMEPAY Mobile Wallet.

You can benefit from the speed, security, reliability and additional bonus for your beloved ones back in Nepal. For them, even an extra 10 rupees are a gift. Plus point, if it's your first time sending money to Nepal via ACE Money Transfer, you will not be charged a single penny and will also get the best online exchange rates.

Why Send To IMEPAY Mobile Wallet?

Active 24/7:

Unlike illegal channels that operate on a tight schedule, you can send money to Nepal online to friends & family anytime, anywhere, even on public holidays. It’s quick, and a mobile number is all your receiver needs for you to send money to them.

Find Receivers Easily:

Unlike online bank transfers, where you have to share complete details of your recipient and create their profile, in this scenario, you just have to add the IMEPAY Mobile number of your recipient and send money online to them within seconds.

Be Informed:

You blindly trust the illegal mediums of money transfer when you send money to Nepal through them. You have no record and cannot track, claim, or justify your own money. On the other hand, you will be informed every step of the way if you send money to IMEPAY Mobile Wallet via ACE Money Transfer. You will receive emails and in-app messages for your peace of mind. You will also get confirmation when the payment gets processed successfully.

Bottom Line - Why Switch to ACE Money Transfer?

To sum up, this is an excellent offer for all the Nepalese diaspora and is indefinite. Nepalese living abroad must benefit from this offer. They should send money online to Nepal via ACE Money Transfer within seconds in IMEPAY Mobile Wallet for their loved ones to have an extra NPR 100 alongside the amount being sent. No other service offers such a high cashback amount for the people of Nepal. There is no cost as well because both the accounts of ACE Money Transfer and IMEPAY Mobile Wallet are completely free to create.
So download the ACE Money Transfer app or signup to their website now to make a secure, swift, and economical money transfer to Nepal in your receivers' IMEPAY Mobile Wallet; it's fee-free, hapless, safe, instant, with a bonus NPR 100 for your recipient.

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