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Safety First: Staying Healthy and Secure while Working Abroad as a Nigerian in Germany

05 Jun 2024

Do you know that most Nigerian expats forget about their health and keep on struggling to earn and send money to Nigeria from Germany? An expat goes through various experiences and challenges in a single day. They try to make ends meet, help their families financially, and make their survival possible in Germany. While managing all these things, they often need to pay more attention to their health. Your health is of utmost importance. Only a healthy person can enjoy a better quality of life in Germany.

Over 17 million Nigerians live abroad to live a better life and are connected with their people through remittances. But, think of a moment when you will no longer be able to work and unable to send your hard-earned money to your families in Nigeria. More than 80,000 Nigerians are working in Gemrnay to earn for their families. However, there are other ways to fulfill one's purpose than earning money. You must only work with taking a break or skipping your meals. Set a proper schedule and follow it. The below points will help you maintain your security and health while earning in Germany:

Ways to Live a Healthy and Secure Life in Germany

As a Nigerian, you may feel a slight change in Germany’s environment. You have to adapt to it. Avoid overwhelming yourself with work and look for the cheapest way to send money online to Nigeria from Germany.

Secure Health Insurance

Your health should be your top priority because only healthy individuals can succeed. Understand Germany's health insurance policy and get your health insurance. It will save you from many struggles. If you ever fall ill, your insurance institution will be responsible for paying all the hospital bills, and your family will be free of the burden of arranging money. 

Set a Routine Schedule

Plan your daily routine carefully. Create a schedule with flexible deadlines. Avoid spending too much time on a single activity. Add exercise, such as walking and running, to your routine. Only work for hours. Continuous work without breaks can make you sick, so take a short break or nap every two hours. Schedule some time for friends, outings, and other activities. 

Develop Healthy Habits

It is necessary to develop healthy habits, including eating nutritious food. Avoid consuming excessive junk food and drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will also keep you active all day long—practice indoor exercises like Yoga. Maintain the cleanliness of your living area and disinfect your house every year to prevent diseases.

Spare Self Time

Often, expats indulge themselves so much in work that they forge their personal lives. Earnings have become the sole way of living, and they are looking for ways to send money to Nigeria from Germany to help their families overcome financial hardships and challenges. However, sparing self-time is vital for staying mentally healthy and active.

Focus on Mental Health

Only a few people are aware of mental issues, but they are a severe concern. Avoid burdening yourself with stuff to prevent stress. You may face many challenges in your work life, but put yourself at ease and look for solutions instead of getting anxious. Focus on your mental health, sleep properly at night, and take extra naps whenever you feel.

Follow Safety Protocols

Germans are known for their commitment and security. So, to live a secure life, you must follow their safety protocols. Stay vigilant and cautious when visiting new places. Understand local laws and the contact information of higher authorities to deal with emergencies. Also, choose a secure neighborhood and install locks on doors and windows.

Protect Your Essentials

Take care of your essentials. Make sure to leave your things unattended. Keep your essential documents and passports secure in lockers. Be careful when using local transport, and stay vigilant.

Ensure Personal Security

Personal security means taking measures to keep yourself away from thieves. Avoid visiting dark places and walking alone at night. Do not share your personal information with anyone, and discuss your life with strangers less.

Use Secure Finance Management Services

Along with health, you also have to focus on living securely in Germany. Open your account and secure your money in banks. Use secure remittance services to make money transfers from Germany to Nigeria. Use legal services and secure your electronic devices with strong passwords, biometrics, and fraudulent filters.

Maintain Road Security

Follow road security rules while driving. Use a driving seat and carry essential driving documents with you. Car insurance is also a good option as it can save you from challenges and hard times. Also, keep your speed slow in rushy areas or populated areas.

Workplace Security Measures

Germans ensure high security at workplaces regulated by federal and regional governments. The German Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbSchG) provides the health and security of employees by overseeing matters and training staff and organizations.

Things to Consider While Working Abroad

As a Nigerian expat, you must understand Germany's rules and living requirements. While working, you need to focus on the following things to maintain peace in your life:

  • Follow road security rules. Drive safely and stay vigilant while crossing roads.
  • Secure your essentials like mobile phones, laptops and credit cards. Use strong passwords and smart lock
  • Use banks to handle money
  • Set high saving goals to make money transfers
  • Work on your hobbies
  • Join social clubs and events
  • Actively participate in sports and game
  • Make flexible time schedules and take a proper nap
  • Do not disturb your sleeping routine
  • Look for safe ways to send remittance
  • Explore the country
  • Celebrate German culture and traditions
  • Try to be flexible and adaptive
  • Make friends
  • Look for ways to increase your income

Moreover, read how to stay Healthy and Happy while Living in a Foreign Land.

Leaving your homeland and starting a life in one takes work. People abroad often become so busy with work that they don't get time to miss their families and Nigerian lifestyle. Escaping the problem is not the solution. Take advantage of the time and live your life to the fullest. 

Working for a long time can make you sick, so what will you do in such a miserable condition? Therefore, maintaining a healthy life is essential. You can adequately plan your working days and off days. Make a flexible schedule and add exciting activities like exploring, playing, joining the GYM, visiting malls or fulfilling your cravings.

Stay Secure and Healthy in Germany

Health and security are essential components of life. Whether you live in any part of the country, you have the right to live a healthy and secure life. A part of it depends upon the policies of the country’s government, but it begins with you! You must take steps to maintain your health and security to live a proper life. You will find many security protocols in Germany, such as those of insurance and welfare organizations. So, you must respect all the protocols to ensure your security.

The first thing is to plan your life effectively and productively. Don't stick to a single task for an extended period. Plan regular doctor checkups and visit hospitals for emergencies. Make outdoor plans to cheer your mood. Plan days out with your colleagues and make long-lasting connections and memories. Prioritize your financial security and choose remittance services with great care so you can make an online money transfer from Germany to Nigeria on time. Lastly, the best way is to get insurance for different purposes such as health and essential things so you can feel less burdened.


How to stay secure in Germany?

You can stay secure by ensuring your accommodation is safe, keeping your essentials secure, and not carrying cash. Also, avoid sharing your personal information, phone, or WiFi with strangers.

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Adopt healthy habits like exercising, walking, outdoor plans, gaming, making new friends, and spending time on hobbies. Plan an easy and effective routine with proper sleeping and resting time. Engaging yourself in mental health activities can also help.

What are the ways to maintain financial security?

You can maintain financial security by depositing all your money in banks and paying with cards and digital apps. Also, ensuring legal services is crucial.

What healthcare options are available for Nigerians working in Germany?

Public and private health insurance, European Health Card and employer health policies. Getting public or private insurance is better to deal with an emergency health crisis.

What are the ways to make secure transfers to Nigeria from Germany?

Digital banks, mobile wallets and online remittance services are safe—research properly before trusting any service by checking reviews. ACE Money Transfer is a secure way to send money to Germany from Nigeria.

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