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Request to Add Your Country - How to Benefit from the New Feature from ACE Money Transfer

15 Aug 2023

Do you often send money internationally to your loved ones but face restrictions or inadequate services due to your beneficiaries' or your location? ACE Money Transfer, a trusted service in the international money transfer arena, recognises this hurdle. Global money transfers have become indispensable in today’s globalised world. Whether you're supporting family overseas through an online money transfer, sending money home for savings or investments, or buying a product, having a reliable platform is paramount. With ACE Money Transfer, you have the facility to request to add your country if you don’t find it already listed. Keep reading to learn how to benefit from this new feature making your expat life easier.

The New Feature: “Request to Add Your Country”

Ever felt like your country was being left out of major platforms? ACE Money Transfer is changing the game with its innovative feature: "Request to Add Your Country". It’s a move to make money transfers more inclusive and client-centric.

Why did ACE introduce it? Simple. They acknowledge the vast diversity of their user base and understand that each country has its unique financial needs and challenges.

Benefits of Using “Request to Add Your Country”

Tailored Services

By allowing users to request to add their country, ACE is opening the door to tailor-made solutions for specific regions. It's not just about adding a country; it's about understanding its financial landscape.

Enhanced Customer Experience

No longer do users have to feel left out. This feature fosters a feeling of inclusivity and prioritisation, enhancing overall user satisfaction. Especially for those already willing to use ACE Money Transfer but didn’t join it for not seeing their country on the list, the new feature is a clear indication of a warm welcome from the company.

Boost in Reliability

ACE is effectively saying, "Delivering Your Promises". This boosts trust and reliance on the platform. The company remains steadfast and committed to serving its customers with the best and up-to-date services they need.


ACE Money Transfer has been serving customers worldwide since 2002. It ensures recipients receive their payments timely and smoothly. Expatriate workers, diasporas, and international students with part-time jobs can instantly send money abroad to their loved ones at the lowest costs and competitive exchange rates using its services.

How to Make Use of This New Feature

Navigating this feature is a breeze.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Log into your ACE account.
  • Navigate to the "Transfer Calculator".
  • In the Sending or Receiving countries drop-down list, choose "Request to Add Your Country".
  • Fill in the required details and submit.

What Happens After Requesting?: 

Once done, ACE’s team reviews the request, assesses the feasibility, and, if viable, integrates the necessary changes. You'll be notified of the progress every step of the way.

Comparison with Other Services

While many money transfer services provide a fixed list of supported countries, ACE's new feature sets them apart. It’s not just about expanding their service area; it’s a commitment to adaptability and user-centric design.

It is easy to transfer money to other countries with ACE Money Transfer as the firm provides a hassle-free method. You can make a transfer by following these simple steps:

  • Choose a country.
  • Add your amount.
  • Include your recipient's information.
  • Send it.

Why Choose ACE Money Transfer?

ACE Money Transfer has always worked for their customers' needs and provides you with a bundle of benefits. You can use this service and get many benefits. For Example, you get promotions just by sending and receiving money. You can even invite your international friends to use ACE Money Transfer; the firm will give you enticing rewards in return. The firm also considers your needs by making remittance easy for you. Their newest feature, "request to add your country," is also user-friendly. 

Here are a few essential elements that make ACE Money Transfer the best choice for expatriate workers and diasporas to make a quick, economical, and secure global money transfer.

Customers Need 

ACE Money Transfer is constantly changing its ways to customers. The firm constantly uses advanced, faster, and more secure ways to assist you professionally. ACE Money Transfer offers appropriate financial solutions and access to diverse people worldwide. ACE Money Transfer makes overseas transfers easier. You may count on ACE Money Transfer to move or receive money securely and on time.


ACE Money Transfers' main goal is to keep its customers happy. The firm is always available for you to fix your problems. ACE Money Transfer is so loyal to its customers that it provides weekend services.    

Invite Friends and Earn 

Earning money just by sharing the firm with your loved one sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Then, you should start doing it just now. Use this feature for your benefit. Invite your friends to join the firm and get paid in return.

Assurance of Safety 

ACE Money Transfer gathers personal information about its customers. The firm obtains your personal information directly from you. When you are introduced to a broker, they also obtain some information about you indirectly from them. 

The firm also gathers information from other sources, such as Fraud Prevention Agencies, other organisations, and police and law enforcement agencies. They do this to protect you and others from scams. ACE prosecutes all types of criminal conduct, including money laundering, terrorism financing, and fraud.

The Way Forward

In a world where customer-centric solutions are the key to business success, ACE Money Transfer is leading the way with its "Request to Add Your Country" feature. This is more than just a new tool—it’s a step towards a more inclusive, global community. Remember, in the world of finance, being heard is half the battle.

With ACE Money Transfers' new feature, you can easily send money online to any country. If the country is unavailable on the list, you can request the firm add it to your list by filling out a form. This will save you time and effort and provide your precious loved ones money anywhere in the World. So, do not forget to use this feature and enjoy remittances with ACE Money Transfer. 


What is the "Request to Add Your Country" feature?

It's a new feature from ACE Money Transfer that allows users to request the addition of their country to ACE's service list.

How long does it take for my country to be added after making a request?

The timeline varies. ACE will review the request and assess its feasibility before making any decisions.

Is there any fee associated with making such a request?

No, requesting to add a country is free of charge. Besides, you also benefit from the Free first transfer on your first sign-up on ACE’s mobile app or website.

How will I be notified once my country is added?

Users will receive notifications via their registered email or mobile number.

Are there any countries that can't be added?

ACE will review each request individually. However, some countries might not be added due to regulatory or other constraints.


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