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Retirement Planning for Pakistani Expatriates Living in Ireland

15 Feb 2024

Are you looking for ways to send money to Pakistan from Ireland to plan a bright retirement future? As a Pakistani expat, living and making money in Ireland might be a long and hectic journey. On the one hand, retirement can be a happy moment when you finally have time for yourself. On the other hand, it might make you worried about contemplating financial worries.      

Many people enjoy the period of retirement as a happy part of life. It is away from hectic job schedules full of deadlines and tons of work. After retirement, you get plenty of time to do the things that you may have missed in the busy parts of life. But one important thing to consider is to plan your financial future after retirement.    

Plan your retirement productively while utilizing your money to allow you to spend the remaining life peacefully and without worries. Save as much as you can to live a quality life. Avoid spending money on extra luxurious things. Plan your every step wisely. This article will teach you how to plan your life after retirement.  

Tips to Maintain Your Financial Health After Retirement  

Most Pakistani expats decide to live the rest of their lives in their homeland. If you are planning to move back to your place, it is better to start making money transfers to Pakistan gradually. So you can prevent the hustle of managing your accounts and credit. The following tips to familiarize yourself with retirement investments: 

Navigating the Pension System

Pension is the amount of money an individual receives after retirement. Every month, the state or the company sends you a specific amount of money as a reward for your services. It contributes to your financial security during non-working years.  

Familiarize yourself with both the Irish and Pakistani pension systems. In Ireland, many pension schemes exist for employees to live the rest of their lives peacefully. The state offers pensions to the employees who complete their work while staying with the company for years.   

Secure A Retirement Fund

It is crucial to note that other than a pension, you also get a retirement fund at your retirement. You get all the retirement funds at once. Usually, a large amount of money is paid to the retiree for his/her security and to tackle emerging issues during non-working hours.   

Secure your retirement funds for the future and avoid spending a considerable amount of retirement funds all at once. Secure these lump sum funds for the future by exploring investment options that align with your long-term goals.  

Cross-Border Tax Implications

Understand the tax implications on your pension income in both countries. There is a tax treaty in Ireland and Pakistan to avoid double taxation. While transferring your money from Ireland to Pakistan, opt for the cheapest way to send money online to Pakistan from Ireland to avoid extra charges. Remittance transfer companies like ACE Money Transfer secure your funds without applying heavy service charges.          

Currency Exchange Rates   

Carefully consider the currency exchange rates. Most remittance transfer companies charge you a high currency exchange rate, which worsens your amount. Fluctuations in exchange rates can impact your lifestyle.     

Stay updated about the changes in pension laws, tax regulations, and economic conditions in both Ireland and Pakistan to get reasonable exchange rates. Moreover, renowned companies like ACE offer reasonable exchange rates.         

Tips to Plan Your Life After Retirement

Out of 7.6 million Pakistani expatriates, almost 15 thousand Pakistani expats live in Ireland. Most of them are at renowned designations. If you are looking for ways to make a better plan for your retirement, this article is for you.   

Make a to-do List  

Make a list and give your things an order—Pen down all the things you want to accomplish in your upcoming life. Divide your money into portions and set a specific amount for every item you want to achieve.    

Emergency Funds For Any Crisis

Prioritize fixing a considerable amount of money for emergencies. As you no longer have a monthly source of income, always stay prepared for upcoming financial emergencies. You can also save your money in your Pakistani accounts by making an online money transfer from Ireland to Pakistan.

Healthcare Planning Can Save Up!

Utilize some money in planning your healthcare. Get health insurance to save a lot of money from spending it on hospitals. Get yourself monitored monthly for diseases to prevent any severe issues and diagnose the problems early.   

Socialise More for Self-Fulfillment

Avoid staying at home all day long. Try to connect with your relationships. As an expat, you can visit your family members whom you may have missed on your journey to Ireland. It will keep you away from boredom, and you can have a sense of relationships. Read more to learn about how overseas Pakistanis can create a retirement plan for their finances.    

Purchasing Properties

One of the best ways to secure your money and future is to purchase a part of land or properties. It will shelter you and secure your money for the future safely.   


One of the major things you need to consider is "investment." It plays a significant role in driving your life smoothly. Invest in small or extensive businesses. You can invest your money in Ireland or Pakistan by making an instant money transfer to Pakistan from Ireland.  

Explore the World

Retirement, which allows you to live your life to the fullest. After securing your money at the right places and making profitable investments, try to fulfill your dreams and explore the world. Visit different places and countries and enjoy the rest of your life.

Retirement is a moment full of diverse emotions. From newfound freedom to worry about the future, it is a journey to rediscover yourself. Retirement is not an ending period but the beginning of a new journey. As a Pakistani expat, you can overcome the distance that caused you to live away from your family. Moreover, you get a chance to get lump sum money and a pension to plan your financial life. You can make investments in business properties and help your loved one by supporting them financially. It is essential to consider the currency exchange rates to minimize the amount of loss as you have to convert your Euros into rupees.   

Empower Your Retirement through Smart Planning

Retirement planning for Pakistani expatriates living in Ireland is a journey that involves careful consideration of financial, healthcare, and lifestyle aspects. Plan each step of your life wisely. Remember to live your life to the fullest because retirement gives you freedom from daily business chores. Explore the world and visit your favorite places with your family, as you are no longer restricted by place or money.  

Moreover, strategically plan your finances. Set your goals and consider the priority. Set a specific amount for everything and divide your money into portions for investment insurance for daily expenses. You can also help your family members and relatives overcome financial issues and support their needs. You can send money online to Pakistan from Ireland to support them.

Be careful before making any money transfer. Keep yourself updated about retirement taxes, funds, and exchange rates. Choose a reputed money transfer company like ACE Money Transfer because it ensures a safe transaction. Do not risk your transactions by trusting any online fake organization. Set a healthy schedule to make your time productive.  


How does ACE Money Transfer support retirement?

ACE supports retirement by providing retirees with an efficient way of transferring money to Pakistan. It offers competitive service charges and reasonable exchange rates to facilitate the individual.   

How do you plan retirement effectively?

Set your goals and prioritize investments in business and purchasing properties. Specify some money for tackling emergencies and to deal with health concerns. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Accomplish all your goals and live your life to the fullest.   

What is a retirement fund?

The lump sum money you get after retirement other than a pension is a retirement fund. Its purpose is to provide you with security and help you secure your career.  

What is the retirement age in Ireland?

In Ireland, the standard retirement age is 66. Individuals may have the option to retire earlier depending upon individual choices.

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