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Private vs Public Transport: Which Should Bangladeshi Expats Use in Germany?

25 Mar 2024

Did you know that Berlin, Germany’s capital, has 99.4% of positive testimonials for public transport from the general population? 

There is no doubt that Germany has become the epicenter of expatriates. More than 20,000 Bangladeshi expatriates earn in Germany to support their loved ones back home through regular money transfers from Germany to Bangladesh. One common confusion that every Bangladeshi expat experiences is the choice between private and public transport. The dilemma between opting for private or public transport is a matter of convenience and experiencing the German way of life. Let’s see which mode of transport suits Bangladeshi expats the best.    

Understanding the Public Transport Network 

Germany is renowned for its punctuality and efficiency, and nowhere is this more evident than in its public transportation system. For Bangladeshi expats, understanding and utilizing this system can be helpful to both urban and rural explorations.     

The Urban Exploration Through U-Bahn & S-Bahn

Germany's cities boast a comprehensive network of U-Bahn (subway) and S-Bahn (suburban train) systems. Here, convenience and speed are king. Whether you’re rushing for a morning meeting in Berlin’s bustling business district or exploring the historical marvels of Munich, these trains ensure you’re not a minute late. An added plus? You get to avoid the worst city traffic.  

The Green Buses and Trams   

In sync with Germany’s push for sustainability, buses and trams serve as green innovations connecting the centers of cities to their serene outskirts. For Bangladeshi expats living away from the hustle and bustle, buses and trams offer a reliable means to get into the city without a carbon footprint. These buses are so comfortable that you can even send money to Bangladesh from Germany while traveling.        

The Charm of Inter-City Journeys Through Regional and ICE Trains

You can travel from Frankfurt to Bavaria on Germany's Regionalbahn or high-speed ICE trains. These trains connect you to Germany's diverse terrains and cultural experiences. They offer a comfortable journey across the country. The Regionalbahn and ICE trains enable convenient daily travel between Frankfurt and Bavaria. There are multiple departures each day, and passengers have the flexibility to plan their journey.

Understanding the Private Transport  

While public transport is great in terms of efficiency, private transportation provides a different convenience and ease to those seeking flexibility and solitude.

The Freedom of Four Wheels by Renting a Car  

Choosing a car rental allows Bangladeshi expats the freedom to curate their journey. You can easily go to the beaten path or escape to a quiet riverside without the constraints of a train schedule. Renting a car allows you to explore Germany’s hidden gems at your own pace. However, remember to brace yourself for the Autobahn, and be mindful of parking conundrums in crowded city centers.

Two-Wheel Adventures Through Biking in a Bicycle-Friendly Nation

Germany embraces cyclists with open arms, offering dedicated bicycle lanes and rental services in major cities. Cycling through Germany’s picturesque lanes can be of utmost joy for Bangladeshi expats seeking to blend exercise with exploration. It’s eco-friendly, keeps you fit, and lets you inhale the clean European air. This option is especially for the environmentally-conscious expat. But remember, cycling requires your complete attention.

How to Make the Choice?      

The decision between public and private transport in Germany comes down to your lifestyle, preferences, and the nature of your stay.

Convenience VS Flexibility        

With its punctuality and broad network, public transport offers a hassle-free way to travel the German urban city. It’s ideal for daily commutes, eco-friendly trips, and those eager to plunge into the local culture. On the flip side, private transport literally puts you in the driver’s seat. It allows for spontaneous trips and in-depth exploration of the countryside.

Considering the Cost Factor

Budget is the most important thing when deciding on a choice. Public transportation, with various ticket options and discounts, can be cost-effective, especially for longer stays. Conversely, although renting a car or a bike offers unmatched freedom, it can pinch the pocketbook. Remember that it has costs, including rental fees, gas prices, and parking costs. This decision is important because you can use the saved-up funds to send money online to Bangladesh from Nigeria

The Role of ACE Money Transfer

For Bangladeshi expats, managing finances between two countries can add another layer of complexity to this decision. ACE Money Transfer enables connection through its reliable, speedy, and safe remittance services. Whether you want to send funds back home or invest in a local business, ACE Money Transfer ensures your resources are where they need to be without hassle. You can also save further through the reward offers at ACE.                     

Choosing between private and public transport in Germany is not just about picking one. It’s about finding the right balance that complements your lifestyle, budget, and thirst for discovery. Bangladeshi expats have the luxury of choosing from a palette of efficient, clean, and user-friendly transportation options emblematic of Germany’s core values. Remember, each journey, each choice, leads to a new adventure.     

Whether swiping your ticket at a Berlin U-Bahn station or going through the quaint country roads of Bavaria, each option will give you a new sense of adventure. You should always be happy about your decision as it will help you explore Germany better.  Sign up on ACE Money Transfer today and enjoy your first free online money transfer from Germany to Bangladesh.


Do I need to speak German to use public transport in Germany? 

No, most signage in public transport systems is also available in English, and staff often speak English.

Is there any tourist-friendly pass for expats wanting to explore Germany extensively?

Yes, the German Rail Pass offers unlimited travel across the country on most trains for tourists, including expats who meet the criteria.

Can Bangladeshi expats get discounts on public transport in Germany?

Expats can offer discounts with monthly or annual passes through specific programs for students, seniors, and large groups.

How accessible is public transport in Germany for people with disabilities?

Germany's public transport is increasingly becoming more accessible, with many stations with ramps, lifts, and tactile guides.

Is having an International Driving Permit to drive a rented car as a Bangladeshi expat in Germany necessary?

Yes, an International Driving Permit is often required to rent and drive a car alongside your Bangladeshi driving license.

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