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Nurturing Savings ACE's Tips for Maximising Your Remittance Returns while Living in the UK as a Nigerian.png

Nurturing Savings ACE's Tips for Maximising Your Remittance Returns while Living in the UK as a Nigerian.png

19 Oct 2023

Do you work hard as a Nigerian living in the UK and dilig­ently send money to Nigeria to support your loved ones? ACE Money Transfer understands the dedication and love that drive individuals like yourself to regularly send remittances. Rest assured, ACE is here to assist you in maximizing your efforts by providing invaluable tips on how to make the most of your remittance returns while residing in the UK.

Whether you are a student, professional, or family member sending financial support, this blog serves as your ultimate guide to nurturing your savings and ensuring the utmost value for every pound sent to Nigeria. Let's explore ACE's expert advice together and transform your remittance journey into a truly rewarding experience!

Tips for Maximising Your Remittance Returns as A Nigerian

Choose the Right Remittance Service

Choosing the right remit­tance service is crucial for optim­izing your returns. It's important to look for services that offer compe­titive exchange rates and low transfer fees. A great option for Nigerians in the UK is ACE Money Transfer, which provides excellent rates and minimal charges.

Set Clear Financial Goals

Before you begin your money transfer to Nigeria, it's important to establish clear financial goals. Are you saving for education, health expenses, or investments? Having specific objectives in mind will help you allocate your remittances more effectively.

Create a Budget

After setting your financial goals, it's important to create a budget. Start by listing all of your monthly expenses and prioritize them based on their importance. Then, allocate a portion of your income towards savings in alignment with your goals.

Automate Your Savings

Setting up automated savings provides both consi­stency and elimi­nates the tempt­ation to impul­sively spend your earnings. By autom­ating trans­fers, you can effort­lessly allocate a portion of your income directly into your savings account, creating a stres­s-free and efficient method for building a financial safety net.

By integ­rating this disci­plined approach into your financial routine, you can improve your readiness to achieve long-term goals while living in the UK as a Nigerian.

Embrace Smart Saving Strategies

Adopt these wise saving methods to increase your remittance returns:

Emergency Fund

To start, it's important to create an emergency fund that can cover any unexpected expenses. Aim to save around three to six months' worth of living expenses. Having this financial safety net in place will give you peace of mind during unforeseen circumstances like medical emergencies or sudden job loss, ensuring that you and your loved ones remain financially stable.

High-Interest Savings Account

It's critical to find a savings account with a high-interest rate if you desire to speed up the growth of your savings over time. Finding the best selection might be facilitated by comparing the products of several banks. By choosing a high-interest savings account, you have the chance to generate passive income in addition to protecting your wealth. As a result, it is an essential instrument for reaching your long-term financial objectives.

Invest Wisely

Think about putting some of your assets into low-risk, high-yield investments like bonds or mutual funds. To make wise investing choices, seek the advice of a financial counselor. Your financial future can be further protected by diversifying your investments, and professional advice will help you negotiate the complicated world of investments and make sure that your money is working efficiently for you.

Minimise Currency Exchange Costs

Currency exchange rates can affect the amount your family receives when sending money to Nigeria. To cut expenses:

Monitor Exchange Rates

Track the currency rate and only send money when it is advantageous. For your convenience, ACE Money Transfer provides real-time currency rate data. 

You can potentially increase the value of your remittances by being watchful and taking advantage of advantageous rates, making sure that your loved ones get the most out of your hard-earned money. You may strategically plan when and how to send money to Nigeria by regularly monitoring rates and taking advantage of changes in the currency market.

Use a Forward Contract

Forward contracts are a feature of several remittance services that let you reserve a good exchange rate for future transactions. You can protect your remittances from currency volatility by doing this. By using a forward contract, you may protect your remittances from potential devaluation or market turbulence while gaining financial stability and predictability. 

With this clever financial instrument, you can secure your international money transfers and enjoy more financial security for yourself and your loved ones back home.

Take Advantage of Loyalty Programs

Numerous remittance firms, including ACE Money Transfer, provide loyalty programs that give savings and bonuses to regular users. Enroll in these programs to receive additional transfer fee discounts.

Educate Your Family

Participate in your family in Nigeria in the planning of your finances. Inform them about the value of prudent saving and spending. Encourage them to use the remittances when you send money to Nigeria to make sensible financial decisions.

Monitor and Adjust Your Strategy

Review your spending plan and savings strategy frequently to make sure you're on track to reach your objectives. Be prepared to modify your strategy as necessary because life circumstances can change. By keeping a close eye on your financial development, you may spot possible areas for improvement and make adjustments for unforeseen events, ensuring that your financial goals are still attainable. 

Seek Financial Advice

Think about speaking with a financial advisor who focuses on global financial planning. They can offer you individualized advice based on your particular condition and objectives. An expert financial advisor may assist you in negotiating the complexity of cross-border money, propose investment options, and offer insights into how to optimize your remittance plan. 

Their knowledge will enable you to take well-informed actions that support your goals and advance your financial well-being.

Bottom Line

Nigerians living in the UK can increase their remittance returns with careful preparation and astute money management. You can make sure that your hard-earned money goes further by selecting the appropriate remittance service, setting specific goals, developing a budget, and implementing smart saving techniques. 

With affordable prices and helpful services, ACE Money Transfer is here to support you as you travel down your financial path and send money to Nigeria from UK, enabling you to grow your savings and realize your long-term goals.



Can I save money on transfer fees when sending remittances from the UK to Nigeria?

If you use a remittance service like ACE Money Transfer, you'll get competitive rates and loyalty discounts, so you'll save on transfer fees.

How do I track my remittances to ensure they reach my family in Nigeria?

ACE Money Transfer and most other reputable remittance services offer tracking. To check the status of your transfer, use the transaction reference number.

What should I do if I need to send money urgently to Nigeria in case of an emergency?

There are lots of remittance services that offer expedited transfers in case of an emergency. Find out what your provider's fastest service is.

What are some low-risk, high-yield investment options I can explore in the UK?

For low-risk, high-yield investments, consider government bonds, fixed-income securities, or diversified mutual funds.

How do I find a reliable financial advisor specializing in international financial planning in the UK?

For recommendations, ask your friends, check online reviews, or contact professional associations like the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI). Before hiring an advisor, make sure they have experience and credentials.

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