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Nights in the UK - Everything that Sri Lankan Expats Must Know

Nights in the UK - Everything that Sri Lankan Expats Must Know

04 Dec 2023

If you were to draw a comparison between the economies of Sri Lanka and the UK, you would realize that both act like two magnets pulling each other. The in-tatters Sri Lankan economy pushes millions out of the country whom the robust UK economy pulls and offers jobs to them. Adding fuel to the fire, the recent economic crisis in Sri Lanka forced many people to travel to the UK to find a job, earn a living, and send money to Sir Lanka from UK to offer financial support to their families.


But developed countries like the UK have many benefits to offer you when you go there. Do you know one of the many benefits you can have while living in the UK? 


Well, it is about the opportunities to entertain yourself and enjoy the alluring nights in the UK and also explore the rich and diverse culture of the country.


This blog will walk you through the culture of the UK and how you can enjoy joy-filled UK nights. But do not you think you should know why you need to entertain yourself in the first place?


Why Seeking Entertainment is Essential for Sri Lankan Migrants in the UK?

Entertainment has been an inseparable part of human life since antiquity. It breathes oxygen into life when it appears bleak due to different burdens, including hectic routines and responsibilities that, at times, seem too tough to fulfill.


As a Sri Lankan migrant in the UK, you will testify to the fact that earning a living on foreign soil, and that too when you have to send money from UK to Sri Lanka to offer financial support back home, comes with a cost.


This cost affects your health both physically and psychologically, thus hampering your growth and creativity for countering which entertainment is the best therapy.


Let’s look at some of the benefits of seeking entertainment.


Relieves Stress

It distracts you from the factors that cause stress. While you entertain yourself, your body releases a hormone called Endorphins, which reduces stress and pain and elevates your mood. Entertainment, therefore, can bring happiness to your life.


Promotes Creativity

Your brain needs refreshment as much as your body does. If you do not provide relaxation to your brain, its creativity will erode. 


And whether you are a student or an employee abroad, your creativity is your driving force. Think about it!


Distracts from a Monotonous Routine

It is the best way to distract yourself from a monotonous routine. And let’s face it. Your routine in a foreign country is extremely monotonous because you have to manage everything alone, including work, study, family time, navigating the foreign country, and so on. 


More Energy and Productivity

Taking a break from your hectic routine will fill you with more energy, leading to more productivity. Otherwise, how much more productive can you be with low energy or depleting energy reserves? Well, your answer is as good as it gets!

Let’s now understand the nights in the UK.


Understanding Nights in the UK

Remember that every country reflects its culture in many diverse ways. You might get a glimpse of the UK culture by taking part in its nightlife after your busy days at work in which you earn a living and ensure optimal financial support back home in your every money transfer from UK to Sri Lanka.


In some countries, you might understand the country's culture while working in an office or studying at an educational institute.


Therefore, you cannot apply the same technique to understand the culture of different countries.


That being said, let’s look at the UK nights. But remember that the UK cities offer asymmetrical night experiences. 

Enjoying nights in the UK comes after you have begun to earn a living there. Won’t you agree? So, learn here all about making a living in the UK as an expatriate. Take a look below.



The city is famous for its many clubs and electrifying nightlife. The city's popular spots are filled with thrilling clubs, bars, and restaurants. In addition to this, the Newcastle and Northumbria universities are perpetually crowned as the UK’s top party universities.



This city is known for its crazy and diverse nightlife. It is the second-largest UK city with a rising population. This population in the city is bringing with it cultural diversity, which is adding more colors to the nightlife in the UK.



Your experience of enjoying the best nightlife in London is unparalleled. You cannot compare London’s nightlife with any other UK city. The city offers you the best entertainment venues, excellent cocktail bars, and the world’s best theatres.



The city houses some of the best nightclubs and bars, allowing you to entertain yourself all night long. The Kazowned and Cream are the twin clubs that are famous for exciting and enthralling music and excellent food.



What sets this city apart from the rest of the UK cities is the amazing atmosphere of the city. In addition, several bars and nightclubs are located at the beach, offering you an opportunity to enjoy an excellent night finely blended with an awesome beach experience.



The best part of the city’s nightlife is that it has venues where you can enjoy live music. It also has several nightclubs and bars that can offer you all it takes to entertain yourself from the night till the wee hours of the day.

Let’s now see what drives the nightlife in the UK.


Nightlife in the UK – the Driving Factors at a Glance

The basic factor is to entertain yourself after attending to the core purpose of coming to the UK from Sri Lanka, which is to offer financial aid back home through different ways to send money to Sri Lanka from UK, but a few other driving factors are also at play. Take a look below.


Meeting New People

The first factor is to spend time with your friends and also meet new people and make new friends. It helps you expand your social circle and build connections.


Relieve the Stress of the Preceding Week

Another driving factor is to relieve the stress of the preceding week. But enjoying nights in the UK is not confined to the weekends alone. You can party every night!


Find a Partner

Many lonely people go to nightclubs and bars in the UK to spend their nights out in a bid to find a romantic partner. Your chances of doing so are open, too!


Enjoying New Music

Nightclubs and bars are the best places to enjoy new music before it spreads out and becomes popular on different digital and social media platforms.


Wrapping Up the Discussion

As a Sri Lankan migrant in the UK, one of the challenges you face is about sending money back home due to the costs and risks involved. And it is a real challenge aggravated by the presence of unscrupulous elements in the remittance industry. But if you choose ACE Money Transfer to send money to Sri Lanka online from UK you will have a pleasant experience blended finely with low fees, safety, speed, live and market-competitive exchange rates, and a lot more from one stop.


Why do Sri Lankans travel abroad?

With a flailing economy and the most recent economic crunch, Sri Lanka has suffered are the major factors driving millions out of the country to earn a living and support their families back home financially.


Why do I have to seek entertainment as a Sri Lankan migrant in the UK?

You have to entertain yourself in the UK as a Sri Lankan migrant because it boosts your energy and productivity, makes you more creative, distracts you from the stresses of life, and breaks your monotonous routine.


What are the UK’s nights like?

Nights in the UK are filled with exciting experiences, live and new music, bars, and nightclubs offering you several opportunities to enjoy your entire night until morning in absolute enjoyment and entertainment.


Which are the best cities in the UK to enjoy the nights?

The best cities in the UK to enjoy the nights are London, Brighton, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Bath, Cambridge, and Harrogate.


What are the main factors that drive the UK’s nightlife?

The main factors driving the UK’s nights are entertainment, relieving stress, meeting new people, expanding network, finding a romantic partner, enjoying new and live music, and enjoying the diverse culture.

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