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Night Life in Sydney - Everything to Know for Nigerian Expats

16 Feb 2024

Owing to the poor-performing Nigerian economy, about 1.3 million Nigerians worked abroad in 2020, a report by Statista revealed. Many of these Nigerian migrants live in Australia, work, earn a living and send money to Nigeria from Australia to offer financial support back home.    

Getting jobs and sustainable work opportunities in Australia is not a big challenge, as the country had a nominal GDP of $1.69 trillion in 2022. Their GDP per capita income was $64,693 in the same year, showing an upward trajectory.               

However, it takes more than a strong economy to thrive as a migrant. Do you know what that is?

Well, it is through understanding the culture of your host country and the nightlife of major cities in your host country.   

This blog will shed light on the Australian culture and walk you through Sydney's thriving and happening nightlife.       

Understanding Australian Culture – The Core Concepts

The culture of your country is critically important for you to understand and accept. Because of it, your professional progress depends, which you must not lose sight of, as you have come to Australia to earn a living and support your family financially.  

So, if you are unaware of life and culture in Australia as a Nigerian migrant, you might not be able to fit in properly and mix with the locals – an important element for excelling on foreign soil.   

Australians are Egalitarian    

One of the core concepts of Australian culture is that every Australian believes that everyone should be given an equal opportunity. They believe it and have manifested it in their publicly funded healthcare and education systems. It is one of the reasons that while working in Australia, you can earn a relatively better income as a Nigerian migrant. This helps increase your financial support back home when you send money online to Nigeria from Australia.

Australia is Diverse

Thanks to the unceasing waves of migration to Australia in the past couple of centuries, the culture of Australia is diverse. You cannot find one ethnic group or a specific culture standing out. A fine blend of innumerable cultures makes Australian culture truly diverse.

Oldest Surviving Civilisation on Earth   

Several surveys have proved that Australia is the oldest surviving civilization on earth. Torres Strait Islander people and Aboriginals inhabited the continent for 60,000 years, and even today, about 650,000 indigenous people live in Australia, forming roughly 2.8% of the total population.

Diverse Cuisine     

Australian cuisine is equally diverse, with so many nationalities living and working in Australia. You can find every food type in Australia that is unique to a certain country or region. However, the strange part is that Australians love to eat their national symbol – Kangaroo!

Prosperous Country 

Australia is considered one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Many people working in Australia believe that their circumstances improved when they landed here and started working. As a Nigerian, you can also try to change your and your family’s circumstances for the better through every money transfer from Australia to Nigeria.

Australians Love to Drink

Australia grabs the third position on the list of WHO with people who love to drink alcohol. It has the 19th position overall on the alcohol drinking index. On average, Australians drink somewhere around 12.2 liters of alcohol per capita every year.

Obsession for Sports

Normally, Australians do not take themselves too seriously. However, when it comes to sports, Australians are serious and passionate about them. Many big sporting names come from Australia due to their obsession with different sports.

Australians are Tolerant

Several studies have proved that the people of Australia are extremely tolerant. They are the most open-minded people on earth. What may surely cause frowning in most liberal parts of the world may be accepted in Australia as a routine matter.

Australians are Affable and Helping   

Most Australians are affable and cooperative. They would welcome you as a migrant when you land in Australia and love to help you. They will even go beyond their call to help you when needed.

Nightlife in Sydney – The Unique Experience and Exposure

Sydney is a massive city. It is the capital of New South Wales and has a population of 5.3 million people. You will meet people from almost every country in the world. Its diverse population alone can help you enjoy your time in Sydney.           

Apart from this, the following places are suitable to enjoy the nightlife in Sydney.

The Abercrombie: Chippendale

Abercrombie is the underground club, bar and beer garden. It offers you all you seek to enjoy your nightlife in Sydney. The food, the drinks, the staff and the services of this area will unquestionably add to your night's fun.  While making new friends and enjoying your life, you should save your money and manage your finances efficiently.

The Bearded Tit: Redfern

No! Do not get confused!   

It is an area located on Regent Street's residential section, with bars and clubs. If you walk inside it, you will meet a fun-loving crowd, have some amazing drinks, and get a chance to enjoy jaw-dropping art exhibits.     

Le Foote: The Rocks

Visit this recently reborn historic George Street, and you will find a lot to enjoy your night. Its multi-structure layout will provide you with several points to sit and enjoy good company with a cocktail. You will find several bars around here to enjoy your time.

The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel: Millers Point

This iconic pub in Sydney was established in 1841 and has since served the purpose for which it was established – to offer you the best time to enjoy. It offers you an old-school vibe, and its architecture is undoubtedly awe-inspiring.

Maybe Sammy: The Rock

is one of Australia's most famous cocktail bars. It even won certain awards for offering amazing services. It also keeps visitors and locals on their toes for various services and amazing food and drinks.

Cantina OK: Central Business District    

This bar started in March 2019. It has become one of the most famous bars in the world. Its services grab the attention of both the visitors and locals like nothing else can. In 2023, this bar came in at 41 on the list of the world’s 50 best bars! Your nightlife experience here will be unique and amazing.

Lazybones Lounge: Marrickville

This jazz club is located in the Inner Wales suburbs. It is perfect to enjoy Sydney’s nightlife. Lazybones Lounge is ideal for date nights, with delicious cocktails, snacks, and amazing services that add to your fun and enjoyment.

Goros: Surry Hills

It is a neon-lit Surry Hills and perfect for nightlife fun. After you come here, you will enjoy amazing and delicious food. Furthermore, this bar has the unique feature of several Karaoke booths where you can enjoy singing for 80 minutes.         

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What are the core concepts of Australian culture?

The Australian culture is rich and diverse. Its core concepts are its diversity, ancient history, diverse cuisine, love for drinks, obsession for sports, friendly and helpful people, and that the country is prosperous where fortunes change for the better.

How can I excel in Australia as a Nigerian migrant?

You can easily excel in Australia as a Nigerian migrant if you completely understand the culture, accept it as you find it, gel with the locals, follow the cultural norms and values, and are open to learning and constant adjusting.

What are the best places to enjoy nightlife in Sydney?

Some of the best places to enjoy the nightlife in Sydney are the Bearded Tit, Le Foote, the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel, Maybe Sammy, Cantina OK, the Abercrombie, Lazybones Lounge, the Imperial Erskineville, Home, and Goros.

Why is working in Australia beneficial for me?

Working in Australia benefits you because the country has a robust economy and a thriving job market. It offers relatively higher wages to the workers, and you can find multiple employment opportunities.

How can I get the best online money transfer service?

You can get the best online money transfer service by finding a credible and reputable service provider like ACE Money Transfer that offers you live and market-competitive exchange rates, speed, safety, and much more for low fees from just one stop.


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