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Networking Overseas: Building Meaningful Professional Relationships in the UK as a Pakistani Migrant Worker

Networking Overseas: Building Meaningful Professional Relationships in the UK as a Pakistani Migrant Worker

26 Oct 2023

According to the Census of 2021, Pakistanis in England enumerated 1,587,819, making up 2.7% of the total population. It means that a large number of Pakistanis work in the UK and send money to Pakistan to support their families.


Building strong relationships in offices is an integral part of your career, whether you are starting a new job or working with an old one. When you are working abroad, co-workers feel more like family because they are the only people you spend most of your time with. Building good relations at the place you work also makes your expat life easier and better. 


Productive workplace relationships can increase the overall productivity of workers and can also make your workplace more fun. It may seem difficult to build good relationships with co-workers, but this article covers all the tips and strategies to foster positive connections with your colleagues.

Steps to Build Positive and Professional Relationships at Work

Here are important steps to build positive and professional relationships at work.

Evaluate Yourself

Knowing and evaluating yourself is very important for building good relationships at the workplace. It involves identifying your weaknesses and strengths. You can see the area in which you are perfect and conclude what good you can bring to the work. Your co-workers can get a chance to learn from you. That might be your chance to build a good relationship.


In another case, you can ask your co-workers to help you with your weaknesses at work. This overall collaborative environment helps in building strong work relations. 


Introduce Yourself to the Workers

If you are joining a new company or office in the UK, it is best to introduce yourself to everyone in the first week. It will show your openness to learning about a new culture. It will also give you a chance to engage with everyone.

Ask Questions from Your Co-workers

Asking questions from your co-workers is the best way to have conversations and start knowing about them. You can ask them about their lives and families, and if they are having any problems that they would like to communicate, etc. Active listening while they are talking is very important for the follow-up questions, and the conversation goes to a meaningful end.


Suppose you have any Pakistani co-workers; it's a plus point for you. You can learn from them by asking questions like how to send money to Pakistan from UK. Their experiences might also help you in easing your expat life. 


Offer Your Help to the Co-workers 

The best way to build strong, healthy and professional relationships with your co-workers is by offering them help. Taking the burden off when they are struggling with a task is a great way to build work relationships. If you notice that someone from your team seems overworked, make sure to ask them about it and let them know you're there to help.


Even if you think that you are not qualified enough to do their work, you can still offer them help and be there for them for assistance. This will put you in a very good position at work.

Ask for the Help When Needed

A healthy relationship involves both offering help and taking help when needed. If you are struggling with something at work, feel free to ask for help. You can consult your senior or your team member. This will give you more time to spend together.


Moreover, it will give a sense to your co-worker that you trust their skill and ability. And that is why you are seeking help from them. You should also listen to them carefully and act as advised to overcome difficulties. They can also tell you about the hot trends and best ways of professional growth. In this regard, you must know the benefits of travel jobs for Pakistanis in 2023.

Show Gratitude 

Showing gratitude to your co-workers is a sign of respecting them. The strongest relationships start from respecting each other. There are many ways by which you can show your gratitude towards the team members. It may be in the form of a quick thank you via email if they have helped you with something at work.


If there is a new worker from Pakistan, you can tell him the ways to send money to Pakistan from Uk. In other cases, you can bring them a symbolic gift at birthdays or promotions, etc.


Essential Elements of a Good Work Relationship

Trust, acceptance, teamwork and open communication are the key elements to building any good relationships at work. It is best if the employees can rely on each other for day-to-day emergencies or situations. If you handle all the work hurdles and obstacles as a team by trusting and accepting each other, that will become a gateway to a great relationship. Accepting your co-workers as they are and not pointing them out for every other thing also helps in building relations.


Moreover, if you can communicate openly with your co-workers about any issue, you will be able to resolve it quickly before the situation gets worse.

Bottom Line

ACE Money Transfer has always been in the top fields to cater for its users. Following the tradition, it has made money transfers very easy and feasible for Pakistani expatriates living in the UK. They can send money to Pakistan in a single time at the best exchange rates and lowest costs.


People from all over the world work in developed countries so that they can grow professionally and help their families at home. Similarly, Pakistani expatriates work very hard in the UK and send money to Pakistan from UK. Building healthy relationships with your co-workers is extremely important for better work dynamics, networking, moral support, and increased comfort during work hours. Expat life is not easy, and you can make it better by building a good connection with people.



How do I build positive and effective professional relationships?

You can build positive and effective professional relationships by knowing what you need from your colleagues and what your ideal team look like, practising active listening, making time for your coworkers, following through on your commitments, knowing when to ask for help, skipping the gossip, and by showing gratitude.

How professional relationships are built and maintained between individuals?

A mutual respect between individuals should underpin all working relationships. Demonstrating respect is fundamental to gaining trust and will form the foundations of a relationship in which ideas and opinions can be shared openly.

What makes professional relationships effective?

Trust, diversity, mindfulness, interrelatedness, respect, varied interaction and effective communication may seem like simple concepts, but they are critical. When these characteristics are modelled, developed and nurtured, the practice has a better chance of operating successfully.

What are the stages of a professional relationship?

The following five stages of a working relationship are explored: identifying goals and values, positioning and connecting, establishing your working relationship, workplace navigation, and ending your professional relationship.

What is the best way to build a relationship?

Strong communication skills are important for building positive relationships with anyone. Try to choose the words you use carefully and listen to the opinions of others. Empathy, active listening and non-verbal communication are all important things you can practice, making you a better communicator.



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