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Navigating Cultural Differences while Working Abroad in 2023 as an Overseas Pakistani

06 Jun 2023

When considering working abroad, it is important to be aware of the various cultural differences that may arise in a multicultural work environment. If you are planning to move abroad to earn and send money to Pakistan, you must learn about the different cultural differences that you’ll experience. In addition to the everyday challenges, such as sending money to loved ones and adjusting to new cultures, foods, and weather, working in a multicultural foreign country can lead to culture clashes, language barriers, and different work styles and practices. However, it's important to remember that these issues are normal and should not discourage you from pursuing your dream of working abroad. 

To prepare for and navigate cultural differences in the workplace as an overseas Pakistani, it's important to do thorough research on the desired country before beginning your work abroad. Following guidelines can help you navigate through these cultural differences while working abroad.

How to Face Your Fears? – Navigating Cultural Differences

Navigating cultural differences when working abroad can be challenging, but several steps can be taken to make the process easier. These steps are necessary for Pakistani expats to take because they might get stuck and face cultural shock due to many reasons. There may be cultural differences in the way money transfer is made for Pakistani expats, depending on the country they are living and working in. They need to research and be aware of the specific options and regulations in their country of residence to ensure a smooth and efficient process. 

Here is a guide on handling cultural diversity in the workplace- read on and make sure to take notes.

Conduct a Thorough Research

Conduct thorough research if you are planning to work abroad, just as you would research a company before an interview. This will provide you with an overall understanding of what to expect and what to be aware of when you arrive. This will provide you with a general understanding of what to anticipate and be aware of upon arrival.

Researching the people you will be working with by using LinkedIn to check the company is a good idea. This will give you an understanding of who works there and where they are from. By doing this research, you will be able to learn about potential cultural differences and use that information to build strong working relationships, which can make the workday more enjoyable. You can also find trusted methods for a quick and secure money transfer to Pakistan from overseas during research, which will be your primary goal of settling abroad.

Open-mindedness is the Key

It's essential to have an open-minded attitude when it comes to working abroad. Having a negative mindset and expecting difficulties can lead to conflicts. Be patient, remain composed, and allow yourself to adjust to the different cultures and communication styles of your colleagues. For example, German speakers place high importance on punctuality, so they ensure that deadlines are met. Dutch speakers may be direct in their communication style but appreciate the straightforwardness. 

Keeping an open mind will help you to recognise these cultural differences and prevent any potential conflicts. Pakistani expats face difficulty in speaking English or a different language even when they know it. It is essential to be confident even if you have to go up to someone to ask for instructions for the best money transfer service or for any other typical day-to-day needs. 

Recognising Your Cultural Norms 

Being aware of your cultural norms is essential when dealing with culture shock at a workplace for Pakistani expatriates. This means understanding and recognising how your own cultural beliefs, values, and behaviours may be perceived by others and how they may differ from the cultural norms of the country you are working in. This self-awareness can help Pakistani expats to avoid cultural misunderstandings and conflicts in the workplace. 

For example, in Pakistani culture, it is common to show respect and deference to elders and authority figures, which may be perceived as overly formal or submissive in other cultures. Being aware of these cultural differences, Pakistani expats can adapt their communication style accordingly and avoid misunderstandings. Additionally, Pakistani expats may face culture shock in terms of work style, expectations, and work-life balance, as Pakistani culture is more hierarchical and may have different expectations of punctuality and work hours. By being aware of these cultural norms, Pakistani expats can better adjust to the work environment and avoid conflicts.

Connecting with fellow expat workers to learn about how to handle different needs in a foreign country is recommended. Besides learning several things from these expats, you’ll also get to know why most Pakistanis send money to Pakistan online from abroad these days.

Good Communication is an Asset.

Communicating effectively is key when navigating cultural differences. It is important to understand that different cultures may have different ways of handling money transfers, businesses or many other things. It is important for all parties involved to openly communicate their preferences and any concerns they may have about the process.

Misunderstandings or conflicts may arise if expectations or rules are not communicated. It's important to approach any conflicts or misunderstandings with a calm and composed attitude and to be open to understanding the perspectives of others. For example, if one faces a conflict with their banking services when making money transfers, communicating the problem in the language may require you to have good communication skills.

Embracing the Differences

Embracing cultural differences is an essential aspect of working abroad, especially for Pakistani expats. It's important to approach cultural differences as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than as a source of conflict or frustration. By embracing the differences, you can gain a deeper understanding of different cultures, ways of thinking, and ways of doing things. This can broaden your perspective and help you to become more adaptable and open-minded. 

Additionally, embracing cultural differences can also lead to personal growth, as it allows individuals to step out of their comfort zone and challenge their own beliefs and values. It can also help to develop cross-cultural skills that are valuable in today's globalised world. Overall, embracing cultural differences can make the experience of working abroad more meaningful and fulfilling. 

The Way Forward

Working abroad can be a great opportunity for personal growth and professional development, but it can also come with its own set of challenges. Navigating cultural differences in a multicultural work environment can be particularly challenging. However, with the right preparation and mindset, it is possible to overcome these challenges and make the most of the experience. By following these tips, Pakistani expats can prepare themselves for the cultural differences they may face while working abroad and navigate them with more ease and confidence. Also, once you get settled abroad and start earning, it’s recommended to choose a trusted remittance provider like ACE Money Transfer to make an instant, economic, and secure online money transfer to Pakistan whenever your family needs financial support.


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