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Mother’s Day: Remitting Unconditional Love, Support & Joy at Zero Fee

Mother’s Day: Remitting Unconditional Love, Support & Joy at Zero Fee

08 May 2021

What is this world without the word of love? And what is the word ‘love’ without naming the embodiment of this wholesome word, and that is a Mother. Mothers are those superheroes that don’t let homes fall apart emotionally, financially or even nutritionally. How do mums do all this and still smile at you when you come back from school or work?

All that mothers do for their kids deserve to be celebrated each day throughout the year but having one special day for her, i.e., Mother’s Day, is an ideal way of expressing love. While many people can make sure their mothers have an awesome Mother’s Day full of love and merriment, a few can’t make it. 

When people live far from home and have that long-distance relationship with their families, it gets hard on special days. You don’t get to treat your mother with that warm hug, but the next best thing is to let her buy anything she wants using gift money sent by you. How can you shrink these distances by using the safest and securest method to send money? ACE Money Transfer is here at your service. 

This Mother’s Day, Avail Unlimited Free Transfers, use the code “ACEMOM21”.

The offer is valid on 9th May.

Make this Mother’s Day special with ACE Money Transfer. Send remittances this Mother’s Day at absolutely 0 fees through ACE Money Transfer. Just login to your ACE app and then add the coupon code “ACEMOM21”. With the unlimited number of transfers, choose ACE Money Transfer as your trusted partner for money remittances this Mother’s Day.

When you are sending a package of love, you don’t deserve to be concerned about safety; this is why ACE Money Transfer allows you the freedom to enjoy a safe delivery of money to your loved ones. 

Mums are the centre of focus for the whole house, or is it the other way round? Nonetheless, Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to let your heartfelt feelings reach your mum’s heart and make her feel special. Just a day to let her rest and receive gifts from the whole household and remittances from you if you live somewhere far away from home.

ACE Money Transfer is here as your partner in sending love and happiness to your family back home. Moments of joy and happiness are around the brim, and if you can, relish your time with your mother and don’t let her miss this Mother’s Day in the kitchen. Send her your love in the shape of remitted money and let ACE Money Transfer be your helping hand. 


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